1. Henry Holland says

    The narration of that clip is really annoying –right, got it, it’s awe-inspiring, now shut up and lay some science on me– but that’s still very cool. Can’t wait for the Webb telescope to launch in 2014, that’s really going to redefine our knowledge of the early universe.

    Thanks for being a science geek Andy.

  2. Disgusted American says

    this is what I tell buy-bull beaters/and those against LGBT people:
    In OUR Galaxy with 100’s of Billions of Stars/Suns/ a Universe with 100’s of Billions of Galaxies,and Billions of Light yrs across….It really cracks me up that therer ARE Buy-Bull Beaters who actually live by some Man-made book/written BY MEN NOT GOD & think there is some mysterious SKY God up in the clouds judging what humans do with thier hoo-hoos and pee-pees….WHY don’t you ALL try educating yourself..chk out Hubble Deep Field .. watch that and tell me – that some God cares what we lil’ know nothing humans specs do with our penis and vaginas…GROW UP and Educate yourselves!

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