Judge Penny Brown: Black Church Should Be at Forefront of HIV/AIDS


On CNN's "Reclaiming the Dream" special, during a discussion of HIV/AIDS in the Black community, Judge Penny Brown is asked how to get people involved.

Said Brown:

"We need to remove the shame. And the self-worth issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. Because to say in the Black church, the foundation of our community, that somehow homosexuality, when all of our people who are musicians are homosexuals and even some of the pastors are homosexuals, that this is not an issue, that, we're just burying our head in the sand. The Black church should be at the forefront of this, just like we are with civil rights issues."

In another portion of the segment, Roland Martin said:

"From a public policy standpoint, for so many years, dollars have been going for white gay male organizations. We know there are virtually no new dollars. How do we from a public policy standpoint, shift the dollars now to the need where largely black women are the face of HIV/AIDS?"

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