1. cd says

    Kathy you cougar, trap him, drag him back to the igloo, he’s cute, wellspoken and polite, three things your ex husband never was so grab him, he even offered to beat up Billy Ray Cyrus for you. You’ve done worse.

  2. paul c says

    Everything about him was a turn-on except for the hunting and “chew” references. The best part was when he said he’d take Billy Ray Cyrus for her.

    You have to wonder what his life is like when he doesn’t know who 99% of the people on the pictures are…it’s probably a good thing.

  3. Duh says

    Who IS this person?! I mean the one with the red hair.
    This twat will do anything for publicity. And the fact that Levi Johnson is showing up with Griffin to an awards show and then winding up on Larry King is just more proof that anyone can be a celebrity today—as long as you’re an attention-starved trainwreck and you don’t mind dating one.
    As to “Why do all the gays love us?” Umm…let’s not be presumptuous. Not all of us worship plastic and fakery.

  4. mikeyj says

    Levi is cute (and a good sport). Kathy is a hoot. Joan? Well, Joan is outrageous! And, no! Not every gay likes Barbra Streisand. Personally, Bab’s voice, to me, is like fingernails on a blackboard. Wretched. Period. End of discussion.

  5. says

    MIKEYJ! You do realize that I have to call San Fran and talk to them about your continued possession of a “Gay” card. Your disloyalty is an affront to every homosexual on the face of the planet! And the memory of Judy too!

    What next? You don’t care about Madonna? You have no opinion on Lacroix? Mixed drinks not your thing? Never seen a Joan Crawford movie?

    Someone get me my smelling salts! I’ve got the vapors!

  6. says

    Mikey J:” Not every gay likes Barbra Streisand. Personally, Bab’s voice, to me, is like fingernails on a blackboard. Wretched.”

    I’m SO calling San Fran about you!

    What next? No interest in Anna Wintour? Not interested in the life of Madonna? Wearing pleated pants? Knowing the difference between a 5.o and a Shelby? WATCHING HOCKEY?!?!

    Someone get me my smelling salts! I’ve got the vapors!

  7. Attmay says

    Barbra I can live with, at least in the early years. It’s that no-talent gap-toothed ho-bag Madonna I have the problems with. And she’s just the tip of the gay iceberg.

    Seriously, that “roast” was a train wreck until Joan showed up. And speaking of an affront to the memory of Judy, that awful Mario Cantone makes me homophobic. Tom Arnold makes me feel sorry for Roseanne. Those are two things I almost never feel. Carl Reiner degraded himself with his staggeringly unfunny monologue that was unworthy of his comic genius. Just saying dirty words is not enough. Robin Quivers reinforces so many offensive stereotypes that she’s the Mario Cantone of black people. And is the reason they don’t make racist jokes at Gilbert Gottfried’s expense that no one can figure out what race he is? Brad Garrett? They couldn’t get Mrs. Garrett?

    Those losers totally got the rebuttal they deserved. You go, Joan. This makes up in a huge way for 10 years of crap.

  8. jr says


    By what standard? He does nothing for me, in any way. Total douche with a box of rocks for brains. Ick. And Kathy used him in ways he’s too stupid to understand.

  9. John B says

    There is a something positively sublime about Kathy Griffin’s hooking up with Levi Johnston. A fantasy scenario coming true! It just works on so many levels. I mean, it is a continual reminder of abstinence-preaching and “family values” hypocrisy. It keeps the preposterous Sarah Palin in the news in a way that isn’t good for the “traditional values” crowd. Kathy knows what she’s doing. Levi doesn’t know what he’s doing (like Sarah), or what’s being done to him, and may never know. But he’s game, and I sense genuine mutual attraction between them, and must wonder if they have in fact boinked. (Look at how he didn’t disguise his arousal when Kathy mentioned that her pants were coming down!) Oh, life is good! Also, we know Kathy won’t tolerate any homophobia in Levi, and so he’s either going to get educated or he’s going to get the boot. What other public figure but Kathy Griffin would have the nerve to make Levi Johnston her boy toy? Kathy Griffin, in a subtle way, is a national treasure. She is advancing the culture. Seriously. Yes, she’s a gossip, but her gossip almost always serves as a satire of bad values (arrogance, narcissism, pettiness, crass commercialism, etc.). Kathy Griffin is both hilarious and *helpful.* I profoundly love her. And, let’s face it, Levi is one gorgeous fool. If he hangs with Kathy, he’ll be campaigning for marriage equality before too long. The angels sing.

  10. Nora Coffey says

    Kudos to Joan Rivers for being honest about the effects of hysterectomy! In the new book about hysterectomy, THE H WORD, Chapter 48 is titled “Joan Rivers”Liars: hysterectomy didn’t improve sex life.” You can read about how hysterectomy ruins sex at

  11. Jim says

    There is something utterly disgusting about all the attention being lavished on Levi. Actors and performers work their tails off for years to get the slightest degree of notoriety and success, and this dumb hick, who happens to be somewhat cute, is an instant star with a goddam manager who is “fielding offers.” One Hollywood type casting person said “He has the quiet authority of a young Sam Shepard or Gary Cooper.” Give me a freaking break. The guy cam barely speak. What a shallow, stupid country we live in.

  12. latebrosus says

    @John B: Agreed. Even spending a little time with Kathy Griffin might get Levi to overcome or at least address his homophobia (as documented in GQ).

  13. rick says

    barbara streisand sucks ass, and not in the good way. every time i hear that woman sing i wish i could go deaf. every time i see her on tv, i want to gauge my eyes out. as a gay guy, i think that cunt needs to die.

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