1. Lee says

    I missed Chad. It’s great to see him back! He never went away, that I know. But I haven’t seen pictures of him in months. With said that, it seems like they put this together to give Chad some publicity because he was disappearing. Look at all the shots Kerry got.

    This is TOO gay for me.

  2. Contrarian says

    As I said back in May on the subject of male models (see the Armani shoot with Degman), the line between porn and legitimate modeling work was smashed long ago. With this piece of soft-core porn, I rest my case. I mean, can anyone even name the brand or product being promoted here? If you knew the world of advertising back in the day as I do, this is not a happy development. After all, the net is already a sausage factory–do we need more schlongs and butt on view?

  3. will says

    i hate these pix!…the one with chad holding his dick…this is porn. not art. seems like chads carreer is going down oh so quick.
    kerry on the otherhand is doing well. the younger version of chad is taking his place. i think