Levi Johnston Gets Offer to Pose Naked in Magazine


Following a statement on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live that he'd consider posing nude for the right amount of money, Levi Johnston has received just such an offer from Unzipped magazine (warning: site nsfw)

Says the magazine's executive editor Rick Andreoli:
“As the top-selling nude men’s magazine, Levi will receive a level of quality in his shoot that can’t be found anywhere else,” Andreoli says. “Likewise, as evidenced by our May 2009 cover story featuring a nude Beau Breedlove discussing his affair with Portland, Oregon mayor Sam Adams, we also offer models a unique opportunity to share their side of the story. This could clearly be a win-win for all involved.”

There are no details on the amount of pay Johnston would receive should he accept the offer.


  1. cd says

    you gotta do it, Levi, but before that, grow a pornstache. As smooth as you are, that’ll take months so you can workout in the meantime and then marry Andy Cohen.

  2. Willie says

    So Andy Cohen was a jerk to ask the question in the first place … but then he is an Elitism Queen who thinks he is funny. NOT.

    That this keeps getting reported on is lame.

    And enough Andy Cohen… enough Manhantten based Elitism.

  3. Dback says

    Yes, but the Breedlove issue didn’t go full-frontal. Would Levi?

    The boy is already an outdoorsman and hockey player–give him 3 weeks on a lean-protein diet and 2-3 hours a day in the gym, and he’ll be studmuffin city.

  4. Philip Wester says

    Kathy Griffin is either over the moon over putting her foot down saying “No boyfriend of mine is gonna pose nude!”. Or possibly both. You just know that this’ll end up in her act, though.

  5. christopher says

    Lord. What a cruel, cruel world we live in if the consensus is that this beautiful young man isn’t camera-ready. I look at that sweet, sexy, tight straight male body and thank God he sees no need to ‘roid out and look like a porn star

  6. Rad says

    When I think of “Unzipped”, I don’t necessarily think of High Class… but I do think a lot about “Gay for Pay” (why I don’t subscribe).

    Now if Cosmopolitan or Playgirl were to approach him…

    I agree, though, I would look, but I would not pay to look.

  7. says

    Thank you, Christopher!

    I highly doubt half the people who criticized the kid have a body nearly as nice as him. I, for one, am a little tired of ‘ripped.’ A nicely toned, masculine guy who’s in great shape and cute in a boy-next-door kind of way is just as attractive (at least to me) as a gym bunny, or even swimmer’s build.

  8. Donovan says

    Ryan: that’s hardly relevant, especially if your definition of “nice body” loosely correlates with the words fatty, homophobic, Republican, and fame-whore. He’s not attractive – he just looks dumb and easy and he plugs into a strangely American “gay bashers are sexy” kink. Get some self-esteem. The zeitgeist deserves better.

  9. says

    Donovan: what exactly does a “gay basher” look like? you’re a fucking moron.

    Levi is hot and sexy and his attitude seems to be friendly and not afraid at poking fun at himself. His body is already sexy and i for one would love to see this magazine!

    looks like a gay basher… shut the fuck up.

  10. Liberace's Love Child says

    Bodies like Levi’s are a dime a dozen, it’s nothing t ofaint over (though, sure, I’d look too, for free). I don’t get how people are getting that’s he’s “sweet” and “funny” from these interviews? He’s barely articulate, from what I can see. But he is smart enough to know how to string the gays with the blue collar, rough trade fantasy along, I guess, so he can avoid actually having to work for a living.

  11. JT says

    “..plugs into a ‘gay bashers are sexy’ look.. “? In none of the most recent high-profile gay-bashings did the assailant look anywhere near like a Levi.

  12. Liberace's Love Child says

    Levi’s not going to let you look at his johnson, unless you pay. But remember, some of your money will go to child support to support Bristol Palin’s love child, Trick or Trapp or Trek or Trigonometry or whatever it’s called, so it’s all for a good cause! Don’t ever say gays aren’t generous (not to mention ingenuous).

  13. Chitown Kev says

    I mean, I am just not going to be mad at Levi for doing what he has to do to get his coin on. He can define his own limits and his face is quite cute; with a lot of work, hew could well be a model.

    But that would take a lot work!

  14. Steve says

    Levi’s hot. Just because he knocked up a Republican’s daughter doesn’t make him a hate monger. For those of you who think he has the “gaybasher homophobe” look, you obviously have never lived in a rural area. If you had, you’d know that that “look” is shared by every guy, gay or straight.

    What morons our community is when it judges everyone by the stereotype they may fit. What are we, Christian Fundamentalists?

  15. Elijah Bluenote says

    It has nothing to do with who Levi knocked up or didn’t knock up. He’s obviously on the outs with the Palins since they reneged on the deal to let him marry his cash cow baby momma Bristol and provide him his meal ticket for the rest of his life. Whatever, who cares.

    But trying to be objective about the thing, I just don’t see what is admirable or even all that hot about him. He knocked up a governor’s daughter and is now trying to cash in on the infamy of that. Sure he’s young and he was a high school jock before he dropped out, but he looks like he’s packing in too much beer and pork rinds. Guys like that always run to seed fast in my experience.

    As for the red state insults, count me out of that. I’m sure Alaska has lots of sweet, smart, admirable straight guys. I just see no reason to think Levi is one of them.

  16. zinc alloy says

    Levi, this is the voice of reason speaking: You’re a nice, simple, small-town redneck kid. You’re obviously never going to be comfortable being interviewed, nor do you have much of interest to say. You’re a handsome guy, but so are 1,000,000 other 19-year olds.

    Fire your handler/manager, go back to Wasilla, get your GED (if you haven’t already) and live a nice, quiet life of hockey, beer, and hunting with your buds. From this point forward, boink only the daughters of low-profile Wasillians.

    I say these things without a trace of irony or mockery.

  17. paul c says

    Zinc Alloy, how does any of that stuff make him different from every single guy and girl on the CW or MTV? Don’t tell me that you find Chace Crawford and Brody Jenner incredibly witty and electrifyingly interesting.

  18. says

    Donovan: I wasn’t speaking about Levi in particular. I agree with you on that front. I was referring to generic body image. All too many consider anything less than perfect to be “fat” or “unattractive.” People should merely try to be the best they can be and hopefully not slam others for not having the body of Michael Phelps.

  19. Elijah Bluenote says

    There’s a difference between saying he’s unattractive and saying he’s not someone you drool over. Levi’s not unattractive, but he’s just not that eminently fuckable and he’s getting less so every day.

  20. Mike says

    I think it’s great. He’ll make some good money and unzipped will sell alot of magazines. He’s a decent looking guy, but more importantly he had repudiated the right wing base and called them out on their nonsense. He might not be an Einstein, but seems like a decent guy. Good for him, might as well capitalize on the notoriety before it fades.

  21. Johninsf says

    Levi is our enemy’s enemy and thus a potential friend. He should absolutely NOT pose, as that would cost him credibility we may need in fighting Palin and her mini right-wing cabal at some future date.

  22. Elijah Bluenote says

    Levi is a weak reed, girlfriends. I wouldn’t depend on him to advance the agenda. He might as well make some cash out of this now, cause I think he’s got a long life ahead of him drinking beer and sitting in front of the TV.

  23. Bill says

    As a Gay person, this is offensive. And couldn’t come at a worse time.

    Hey Gay guys, put your cocks on hold for a few minutes and work towards being a full citizen with full rights.

    The stroke mags will still be there waiting for you when you’ve put in your time working towards equality.

    I wonder where Heteros get the idea that Gay men are all a bunch of sex crazed queens?

    Well, I wondered until reading this embarassment.

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