1. Bosie says

    BRAVO! I’m half roma-Spaniard AND I’m gay too…so I support her comments because I have seen how hard is to be treated differently because you are gypsy or gay…I have 2 things going against me LOL

    Thank You Madonna.

  2. Steven says


  3. rayy says

    Hate & discrimination are entrenched in many places (and sometimes sanctioned & reinforced by church, government, political parties), and you’re not going to eliminate them in some comments before a song, but good of her to at least speak out!

  4. Rad says

    Interesting, considering a fair majority of gay, bare-back porn comes out of that region. I wonder how many of the boys booing have cashed a paycheck funded by gays?

  5. Jack says

    Who don’t know how is to live with gypsies aren’t able to speak about that. Many romanians hate gypsies and want them to die. And they have right. We need another Hitler to kill the gypsies.

  6. Donovan says

    Well, thanks, Jack. That’s such a great counter-argument. Really made me re-evaluate the situation. So… Romanians hate Gypsies, therefore the Gypsies deserve to die? Astonishing! I suppose the same argument would apply to us gays too, or any rival football team, but thanks for trying to make the world a happier place, Jack, you braindead Nazi scumbag.

  7. says

    Romania is alas one of the most homophobic and anti-Roma countries in Europe. The only reason they decriminalized homosexuality was because of EU pressure.

    “Jack” sounds like the typical central european neo-nazi.

    Oh, and Rad: there are lots of Romanian boys in porn and doing prostitution because Romania is also one of the poorest countries in Europe. A boy’s gotta make a living!

  8. atlas says

    I was there and actually she was booed only for the gypsy part. she was applauded for the gay part. Romania is one of the poorest contries in EU not in Europe. Have you heard of Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania?

  9. Freddy says

    If a foreign singer came to the USA and started preaching about a local social problem, I’m sure she’d get a few boos from the local crowd — just for being a sanctimonious pain in the ass.

    PS Madonna needs to withdraw from public life for a couple of years, have a few chocolate sundaes, love her young children, and write some actually decent music again. Right now she’s a fatless ghoul who has traded her humanity for $$$.

  10. Attmay says

    Madonna is like any other Democrat: Utter a few platitudes, take our money and run. Plus she’s a mediocre singer who’s made only 3 or 4 tolerable motion pictures, produced no hits of lasting value (unlike Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall/Thriller/Bad era hits, does anyone anywhere still listen to any of Madonna’s early hits?), and where she was only shocking to prudes, she is now boring to everyone. She’s basically just a whore who’s smart enough to be her own pimp. She’s the Paris Hilton of Pop. Plus, she made the awful Britney Spears possible.

  11. Mate says

    I cant believe how many negative reactions i’ve read here!? U guys ask to be accepted but refuse to give the same to others?! Gypsies need to be educated not killed! This is not about Madonna is about being different and not being accepted… so stop this negativity and say something nice about anyone who is doing the same!

  12. jfandrews says

    Hmm. before Michael Jackson’s death, nobody listened to him for 20 years. His career went into the toilet after the 1980s after he sodomized children. Madonna’s career still has legs and she didn’t need to kill herself with drugs in order to do it. As for speaking out about prejudice, good for her.

  13. LeoInDC says

    @ATTMAY: I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve been disenchanted with Hagonna for years. Queens really should be original in their selections of music as opposed to following the same old “I’m gay and I simply love Madonna just because I’m a silly queen” stereotype. There is so much GOOD music out there. And this hag isn’t it. She’s had a good run but hang up the cameltoe leotard Madonna. It’s tired. See: Cut/Copy, MGMT, Junior Boys, Ladytron……

  14. Jake says

    At first, fans politely applauded the Roma performers sharing a stage with Madonna. Then the pop star condemned widespread discrimination against Roma, or Gypsies and the cheers gave way to jeers.

    She never mention the word gay…she is not a friend of our community!She need to show us the money to bring equality to a community that supported her career for so many years! Since Prop 8- I have decided not to purchase any of her music anymore!

  15. Jake says

    If you are going to try to use spanish…why don’t you try using it correclty! Mucho pronto? ask for your money back if you actually pay for spanish classes! OKKKKKKKK

  16. Attmay says

    Michael Jackson was acquitted. Twice. I’m not one of the hysterical fanatics, and I’m not blind to his faults, but I can accept that he was not proven guilty. Can you?

    Only one person here called for killing gypsies, and he was roundly and rightly condemned.

    Agreed. I actually listen to Judy Garland, not because I’m gay, but because she was a fantastic singer and actress. I also listen to Billy Joel. Does that make me any less gay? (My boyfriend also sang loudly to “For the Longest Time” when we were out recently).

  17. Paul R says

    I can’t believe that there have been this many comments and no corrections, though there have been a few mentions of the preferred term. They are not Gypsies, they are Roma.

    And yes, they are widely reviled in many parts of Europe. I saw a muscly shop owner punch an old Roma grandmother in the face in the Netherlands (one of the least violent places in the world), knocking her to the ground, because she was trying to distract him while her grandkids shoplifted items from his store. It was brutal.

    So yes, discrimination is wrong and calling them Gypsies is outdated (it’s the source of the expression “I got gypped on this purchase”), but they are of another era, spread far and wide, and very difficult to assimilate.

  18. says

    Seems like a lot of trolls or very angry folks have invaded Towleroad lately.

    I could care less about Madonna, but, I do know before her being gay or bi wasn’t considered cool at all. She helped change that.

    As far as her lack of support during Prop 8, maybe she , like many others, had issues with how it was being run?

    I would like someone to ask her about her relationship with Gays in a real interview, not a fluff piece.

    Mucho Pronto.

  19. Paul R says

    OK, let’s say that Madonna had been a vocal advocate, decrying Prop 8 and donating $100K or $1 million or whatever.

    What difference would it have made? She’s a pop singer who has always put sex at the center of her performance and appearance.

    I couldn’t care less about the woman, but she would have had no effect on the debate. It’s not like there are a ton of voters older than 60 who would have thought, Oh wow, Madonna The Most Liberal Living Singer (at least among those I’ve heard of) supports marriage equality? Well then I better rethink my stance!

    It would have been a nice pat on the back, but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Brad Pitt’s contribution, on the other hand, was *slightly* less expected and may have convinced more young people to vote against it—but how many outside the gay community even knew about his donation?

    Celebrity views on social issues have very little impact. Again, I have no desire to defend Madonna because I just don’t care…but this ongoing claim that she betrayed the gay community and lost the fight for us is absurd. You don’t think the robo-calls from Bill Clinton were a hell of a lot more influential?? Or, more important, the fact that so many gays didn’t even vote??? Look inward instead of attacking tangential influences.

  20. PMCCOY says

    Madonna needs to learn from Michael Jackson about caring for all kinds of individuals. She also needs to learn from Mariah Carey how to sing. Otherwise, if she was murdered I’d laugh.

  21. says

    Atlas, dear, what part of “one of” the poorest do you not understand?

    Yes, I have heard of Serbia, Bosnia, et al. I have even lived in Serbia and Bosnia and speak the language. The fact remains that there are many more (or at least used to be) male prostitutes from Romania than from Serbia and Bulgaria. And not because they just love the sex.

  22. michael says

    First and foremost, read the court documents pertaining to Michael’s case. Much of it was organized here: – the more you read, the harder it is to believe that there were trials in the first place…

    As for Madonna – I don’t personally get the “shut up, you’re a pop-star…” – so she shouldn’t be allowed to use her stardom as a platform to speak out against hate and atrocities?

    Secondly, she’s always been generous to numerous charities and helped to start some for causes she cares about.

    @Jake – if you listen, she clearly says homosexuals. And she also spoke out about prop 8 during her concerts last year. I attended the one at Dodger Stadium (immediately after the election) and she spoke about it. A few people booed then too (seems odd considering they were at a Madonna concert)

    @Freddy, your logic isn’t very sound. She isn’t just a ‘foreign popstar.’ She’s singer/performer who’s been at the top of her game for MOST of her career, is well-known for being out-spoken, and oh-yeah, she played to a crowd of at least 12,000 (i’d guess), who all came to see her.

  23. Jack says

    Ok. I’ve just read the comments after my post.
    Very nice :)
    If you live in Romania to see what happens, the gypsies can beat you, kill you, steal you without police to make something you’ll have another opinion. It’s easy to talk. Gypsies can go to school but they don’t want. They were given better living conditions but they do not want to work, they want to steal. I have nothing with them, for being gypsies but I have with their behavior. We accepted them, but they don’t want to change. Of course not need a new Hitler, but must be taken some measures. Nobody does anything.

  24. Roxana says

    i agree with everybody who’s saying that what happened at the concert in bucharest is not ok. But the booing happened only when she mentioned the gypsies.

    I DO NOT agree with any discrimination AND i can understand your opinions as well as the reaction of the people at the concert. Since all of you above do not live in romania it is very hard for you to understand.

    First of all, whenever i go abroad i feel embarrassed to mention the country i’m coming from. And you know why? because the second i say it people start looking at me in a weird way and hold on to their purses or guard the products in the store. everybody associates romanians with gypsies and with the terrible things that they do everywhere they go.

    Second, you have no idea what it is like to live among the gypsies. it is not very pleasant. they do not follow the rules like everyone. they do whatever they feel like. such as driving a car at 11, or stealing your purse or walking into your house while you are still in it. my 14 year old cousin just went through this. she was home alone and 3 gypsies robbed her house while she was pretending to sleep with a knife to her head. and the problem is not the fact that they do it, it’s that they rarely get punished. the police won’t interfere.

    I am not saying that all of them are this way. Some who are very religious are really decent people. But how do you explain the fact that none of them work and they have luxurious cars ( some gypsies who live 5 streets away from me have a rolls royce brand new) but none of them has a job??? or how do you think that they got their drivers license (those who have it) when they can’t read or write???

    I don’t think that they should be booed or discriminated. BUT i do think that the law should be the same for them too. And that we should not be judged that harsh when we do boo them. Because you all might not know it but there has been some tension around here for years. And pressure. BUT NOT ON THEM! ON US…

    I don’t want to be mean but since everybody is defending them so passionately without knowing the accurate details why don’t you come visit bucharest and take a stroll after 11 pm, any area you wish, and then maybe you’ll change your opinions just a bit.

    I did not mean to be racist or anything but someone has to defend us too… not just blame us.

    oh, and regarding they gays… i do not agree with you. i have a lot of gay friends and they have had the same problems here as when they went to paris or rome… the gay community here has terrific parties and really cool events where most people enjoy and go to. the only problem was at the gay parade…

    Some girl from Romania with an opinion which might not be that well received.

  25. says

    Ah yes, they’re lazy, they’re unintelligent, they’re dirty, they rob and steal, but they’re great musicians. And how do they afford those Cadillacs? oops, I mean Rolls Royces?

    Gosh this all sounds so familiar… where have I heard that before? Some vague memories of my childhood in New Orleans… Nope, can’t remember.

    Roxana: you seem to suggest that there has been pressure on non-Roma Romanians and that the police does nothing. If that’s true, these are very new phenomena. The Roma have not had it good under any regime in the past two centuries. Not the Austro-Hungarians, not the Fascists, who put them in camps, not the Communists, who didn’t like that they failed to respect borders and in general moved around too much. I’m not sure when they were considered a privileged people in the area of today’s Romania, with non-Roma Romanians lower in status or privilege.

    The situation is admittedly bad, but it’s also one that can be caused by systematic oppression and being locked out of power and access to education.

    As to gays in Romania having the same problems as when they went to Paris or Rome, I can’t say, as I haven’t been there in a while. Paris has had gay partnerships (PACS) for ten years now. They also have an openly gay mayor. When Bucureşti has an openly gay mayor, then maybe we could compare.

  26. Roxana says

    😀 😀 😀

    i did not say that the are not intelligent. they are very intelligent! since they do not have to work or justify their actions 😀
    how can they afford the cars? and the big houses? well, hmmm… let me see…. how do you think?? 😀

    I understand your oh so poetical opinion :) but i can only say this:
    please do come to bucharest! you are welcome in my friend’s apartment which has been broken into twice 😀 and maybe then we can discuss about systematic oppression while having a delightful walk at sunset around our block. it will most surely get your mind off those history books 😉 and since you compare Bucuresti to Paris i can only say that you’ve just browsed those history books… don’t get me wrong but how can you compare???

    here is a link for you to unwind on:

    you can see there a small village of “opressed romas” called Buzescu. Enjoy!

  27. TruthBeTold says

    Sorry, but after knowing people in every country in Europe over the last 20 years, I think Cher’s song had Gypsies pegged much more accurately than Madonna. I don’t believe in persecution, but personally I wouldn’t trust the Roma as far as I could throw them.

  28. TruthBeTold says

    Roxana , The trouble with too many gay men, and some straight people, is that they will comment on people and situations without really knowing what they’re talking about. They don’t live where there is any trouble from any ethnic group, so they don’t understand. In NYC there has been a growing problem with African-American youth causing trouble for the residents of the West Village. When Towleroad covered the subject, every post from people actually living in the West Village stated that the situation was, indeed, terrible. Only those far away from NYC were posting that “anyone complaining is a terrible racist!” I understand what you’re saying completely, Roxana.

  29. says

    The point is that if a minority is systematically excluded from power they may have no choice but to turn to crime to make their lives better. If they can’t do it legally, then it will happen illegally, with everything connected to that.

    When drugs are illegal, the drug industry becomes criminal and is associated with crime. When homosexuality was illegal, it was the mafia that ran our gay bars.

    Roxana & Truthbetold: you seem to want to divorce these two things, but they are connected by a causal relationship.

    I grew up in New Orleans. Yes, there is a lot of black crime and places you don’t feel safe at night. But that doesn’t mean that racism has nothing to do with it and is therefore justified. Au contraire.

    And I have spent many years in Central Europe, mostly ex-Yugoslavia and Hungary, where there are many Roma. And I have visited Romania. I in fact study Eastern Europe, so it’s rather a stretch to suggest that I “don’t know what I’m talking about.”

  30. andrew says

    Jack, completely agree with you. I left Romania just because I was sick& tired of the problems gypsies cause. Those who never lived with neighbors gypsies (or RROMANIÍ, for me they are the same)should never speak. Ppl who commented here obviously don’t know what is to be robbed continously and not because absentmindness. Mobiles, purses, jewelry, money, travelling bags etc. They live from crime and if you don’t belive me, visit zona 0 in sector 2, but don’t take any valuable things with you. For much education they receive BLOOD remains the same…
    Also I’m sorry to say it but IN MY OPINION gays are abnormal, handicapped who can’t have a normal relationship with the opposite sex, but once again “gustos hay miles” or di gustibus non discuten.

  31. zombie says

    I think all the western Europe had enough with Roma people.They can’t be educated and in Romania,they are not at all discriminated.That is a huge lie.We tolerate even too much at them.We leave them to steal,to rape ,to kill innocent people.Why does the largest population of Roma people live in Romania?This is not their country but thei decided to live here,why?Because they are discriminated????Madonna should document herself better next time,otherwise she should mind her own business.She hasn’t proved she knew what she was speaking about.We invite her to take the Roma people with her and she will sonn see what kind of people they are!France and Uk are fed up with them,that is why they pay them to go home,ere in Romania!!This truth tells a lot about them!

  32. TruthBeTold says

    Kevinvt, So what?? You must be a left-wing troll from somewhere definitely other than Romania. Let’s see you go live amongst the Roma. Just because you’ve visited European countries means nothing. Go live with them and then see how long your patience lasts, just because you can excuse their behavior by finding certain historical and sociological theories for people behaving the way they do and the cyclical nature of it and the like.

  33. says

    OK, “truth” (bad nick, btw). Are you anti-gay like the trolls above? No doubt anti-black, too. Probably also anti-semitic. But it’s all justified because “you’ve lived among these people and know what they really are.”

  34. Mohammed kazim says

    Madonna is a brave woman i love her very much love her music and personality. In her song she said:( you don’t have the luxury of time You have got to say what’s on your mind )and that’s what she did, she said whats on her mind. I love you Madonna

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