1. James says

    Oh Marky Mark! You got me through middle/high school with your sex tape, I mean workout tape. Often times, I wouldn’t make it past the first five minutes where Marky (as I like to call him) would wake up from bed in nothing but his Calvins. Oh the shame I felt when Mom or my sister would find the workout tape in my hidden spot and they’d wonder why I wasn’t getting as buff as Marky was from my “workouts.”

  2. Craig R. says

    That boy has no respect for anyone gay- why do we always want the “boy” who means us no good. He was, is and will always be a thug with limited acting ability and even less brain power. That is why teenage girls fall for these dumbbells. Aren’t we a smarter race of people than teenage girls.

  3. Donovan says

    Great body, but look at his piggy little pin-eyes. Such a narrow little asshole. He may not want it, but having sex with a guy is just what he needs to cure him of his idiotic belligerency. Too late for the Asian shopkeeper Wahlberg murdered, though. And he hasn’t changed – just gotten better at being polite for the media – he’s still a fascist thug.

  4. Ron says

    Thanks for posting the smoking gun account of his criminal activities. What freakin douche bag. I had always heard about his “trying” to prove he was tough and gangsta and this just proves it. It’s sicking to know that he has now “made it” it Hollywood and is now a rich douche bag. Did he have a hot bod at one time? Hell Yes! Was he hot? Hell no and still isnt!

  5. mike says

    My, my! Amazing how many here are stuck, I mean, STUCK, in the past. Therapy might help all of you work your way to the present. Mark Wahlberg, as he is now known, has moved on in his life. He has owned up and pretty much repudiated his younger, from-the-Boston-projects self, has spoken positively about gays and lesbians, has worked privately and without fanfare on mentoring programs and education programs, has married, has a family, and all-in-all, has made a good life for himself. What I see here are a bunch of embittered, nothing-happening-go-nowhere queens who only WISH they were having the success that the former Marky-Mark is having. For Ms. Ricki the Dark, Mark Wahlberg was not racist and had a pretty diverse entourgage back in the day when he was a young, white rapper. He always paid his respects to those black artists who inspired him to do the rap game himself. Sure, he wasn’t the greatest rapper there was, but at least he tried. And, he grew up and moved beyond. He’s a decent actor, he’s doing well and he’s at peace with himself. Too bad some of the tired, tweaked-out queens who’ve left their usual, condescending drivel here haven’t moved on as well. As the very old saying goes, “Girlfriends, GET A LIFE!”

  6. Tom says

    What a long comment you burped up, Mike, and yet you avoid addressing the specific crime cited above. Instead you call names, speciously impugn other commentors, make up straw-man arguments, and get quite nasty. And quite weasel-ey of you not to address the eye-gouging incident (where eye-witnesses described racial epithets being hurled at the victim by MW)! Which, by the way, Marky Mark or Mr. Wahlberg as you no doubt call him in your dreams, has never publicly done with any sincere remorse.

  7. AJ says

    Wait, Marky is a Christian now? How is he ever going to explain Boogie Nights to Jesus?

    I can forget about whatever he does in his private life and enjoy his talent. I really liked him in Boogie Nights and The Departed. Lots of people listen to Elton John without caring for his lifestyle, so I’ll happily watch Mark Wahlberg the same way.

    If I stopped seeing certain actors in movies or on TV because of their personal lives, I’d be stuck watching… nothing.

  8. says

    I always like Mark movies and respected his acting talent but after seeing this video, I think that he is one of the most coolest people ever.

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  9. markedward says

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