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    I’d like to wish New York the best of luck in their struggle for marriage equality. I am very lucky to live in Canada where we have had to right to marry since 2005.

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    I was there in Amsterdam on Saturday. It was so moving! It is amazing to think about how far the world has come since the very first marriages in Amsterdam… and on the other hand angering and emboldening when you think about how much further we have to go!

  3. John says

    Thank you for covering this item! As a proud Dutchman I’d like to make one small point, not only did Mayor Cohen perform the first Dutch gay marriages, I think he also performed the first ever gay marriages in the world! (Civil partnerships were available before that date, but he was the first to officiate at an actual gay wedding.)

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    I take exception to New York being the “most liberal.. most hip” state in our union. Outside of pockets of NYC, New York is rather conservative. You encounter no greater disparity in ideals than in the urban/suburban difference found in New York state.

    Vermont and Massacheussetts most likely deserve the title of “most liberal” in our union.

    California can give NY a run for “most hip,” considering a great majority of popular culture (excluding fashion) derives from the Hollywood machine.

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    Massachusetts is more progressive than New York, but the fact that most gay people in our state were born here rather than immigrants like NYC, SF, LA is why gay marriage prevailed here. I remember hearing some family discussions during the period before the Legislature voted down the ballot question. New Englanders are unique, as are for that matter the people in Amsterdam. This video really brought back memories. If you can swing it, go at least once.