Michael Medved: ‘There’s Not a Seething, Bubbling Hunger to See Straight Stars Impersonating Homosexuals’


The NY Post today resurrected a February rumor from tabloid News of the World that Guy Ritchie has put a gay spin (that they warn could possibly backfire) on the relationship between Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock) and Jude Law (Watson) in his update of Sherlock Holmes.

Medved While everything so far shows a stronger physicality in Downey's portrayal as well as some Odd Couple style co-habitation dialogue ("When do I complain about you practicing the violin at 3 in the morning.
Or your mess? Or your general lack of hygiene, or the fact that you
steal my clothes?")

So there's nothing really new here except a weigh-in from former Post movie critic Michael Medved (whose discomfort with gays is certainly nothing new) saying audiences just wouldn't want to see that:

"There's not a seething, bubbling hunger to see straight stars
impersonating homosexuals. I think they're just
trying to generate controversy . . . They know that making Holmes and
Watson homosexual will take away two-thirds of their box office. Who is
going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don't think it
would be appealing to women. Straight men don't want to see it."

In the NBA Locker Room with Michael Medved [tr


  1. JohnInManhattan says

    p.s. via http://www.campusprogress.org/tools/1681/know-your-right-wing-speakers-michael-medved?type=printer:

    “Where most movie viewers saw “Happy Feet” as a cute film about a dancing penguin, Medved saw “the darkest, most disturbing feature length animated film ever offered by a major studio.” He derided the film as “pro-environmental” propaganda with “a bizarre anti-religious bias” and “a subtext that appears to plead for endorsement of gay identity.”

    And it’s not just animated penguins that are turning America into a godless nation, according to Medved. EVERY FEW MONTHS OR SO HE PICKS A NEW FILM TO CONDEMN AS THE LEFT’S NEXT ATTEMPT TO DESTROY AMERICAN VALUES. Along with “the usual gang of ayatollahs,” as New York Times columnist Frank Rich characterizes Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, Medved charged that “Million Dollar Baby” was an unacceptable, subversive endorsement of euthanasia.”

  2. Bill says

    Stop using the “he must be gay if he rejects homosexuality” to discredit someone. It’s anti-gay and wrong. Almost all anti-gay bigots are HETEROSEXUAL.

    I don’t watch movies where a gay character is played by a heterosexual. Until gay actors reach the top tier of money making that won’t change. Openly gay actors are discriminated against all the time and I will not support a system that discriminates against gay people.

  3. crispy says

    I don’t watch movies where a Jew is played by a Gentile. Or a fighter pilot is played by a Scientologist. Or a cop is played by a gangster. Or a wizard is played by a muggle. Or a vampire is played by a human. Or a teenager is played by Ali Larter.

    Should I go on?

  4. Acronym Jim says

    Bill, I agree the closeted and bigoted meme is overused, but, well….just LOOK at him! He looks like the epitome of the overly grabby/intoxicated sad sack you find at any gay venue.

  5. David D. says

    As usual, Medved is squealing so that he can hear the sound of his own voice. All we’ve seen so far is that Holmes/Watson have had the same gay spin put on them as, oh, The Odd Couple.

    As for the female population flocking to a movie where guys are hot for each other–they have the Twilight sequel New Moon to look forward to.

  6. Nick says

    Mikey needs to go to his “C” Street bible study. He is obnoxious, arrogant, smug and sanctimonious. Keep your piece of fiction and its ideology to yourself.

  7. says

    Isn’t Medved gay? Or maybe once was?

    Has anyone looked deeply into his closet to see where all this anti-homosexuality comes from?

    Like the woman who ran Venus magazine and is now a born-again, it’s always seems to be people most uncomfortable about their own sexuality that are the biggest critics, fear-mongers, haters and homophobes.

    I think it’s time to do a little dirt digging. :-)

  8. ButchSF says

    The adjectives that squirt up from Medved’s subconscious like “a seething, bubbling hunger …” are so revealing. Don’t die wondering buddy. Only one stall shoe tap away.

  9. JeffRob says

    His quote is completely non-sensical. Why would they be “just trying to generate controversy”, if “They know that making Holmes and Watson homosexual will take away two-thirds of their box office”? Who’s trying to generate controversy?

    If he means the tabloid, he’s right about that part.

  10. DaveB says

    “Stop using the “he must be gay if he rejects homosexuality” to discredit someone. It’s anti-gay and wrong. Almost all anti-gay bigots are HETEROSEXUAL.”

    Honestly, Bill, I agree with you, but have you not seen Michael Medved before? Jeez, the man comes across as the campiest queen on the planet.

  11. Darren says

    HAH! Quite frankly I’m tired of the supposition of “he doesn’t like gays so he must be a self-loathing closet case” as well.. but… when the shoe fits.

    Just because he doesn’t like gays does not mean he has to vilify (see gay words like “seething” and “livid”) them in a commentary about a movie that’s not even out yet. While he doesn’t come out (pun intended) and say it here.. what audience is left for this movie once he’s dismissed women and straight men? Hmmmm?

    Now, do I like the idea of a gay Sherlock/Watson pairing? Not really. But Transformers 2 made a ton of moolah and it was IMO crapola.

    When straight folks stop using stereotypes for us, then I will return the favor. 😉

  12. woodroad34 says

    Boy! Talk about someone who’s incredibly tuned into Hoyay! Geez, what’s his problem and why the fixation? Besides does anyone really listen to him for film advice? Sounds to me like his POV is really skewed and not all that reliable.

  13. AG says

    “I’m sorry, were you saying something right-wing, Mr. Medved? I keep getting distracted by your gay moustache.

    “Dang, now I’m picturing you in a mullet, and I’m getting really confused.”

    Sorry, I just can’t take him seriously.

    (Heh heh: mullet)

  14. Rocky says

    Oh and for the record,I have never used that “If he hates gays so much,he must be a self-loathing closeted gay himself”

    Because,I know that homophobia is mainly sparked by the bigoted heterosexuals and their “heterosexual agenda” to use their terms

    By the way “Self-loathing or “self-hating” how ever some of you use it,is another way too overused.To put in terms for the bitter queens to understand

    “It is more ludicrously used and played out,than some corny Lady Gaga or Rhianna song played on the radio”

  15. MoroccoMole says

    If nothing else, Medved is showing how completely out of touch he is with pop culture. Straight women made up half the audience of Showtime’s Queer as Folk, and they — along with the many women who went gaga over Brokeback Mountain — very much enjoy watching straight actors (and, horrors, even gay actors!) playing gay.

  16. crispy says

    Wait, Rocky. You’re complaining about overused phrases… and within the same paragraph, you call everyone “bitter queens.”

    Are you really that oblivious to irony?

  17. Jerry says

    Medved has had a long, tedious (yet continuing) career of being, as Nick put it so well, “obnoxious, arrogant, smug and sanctimonious.” He has enormous confidence in his own opinions, and presents them as though everyone must share them.

  18. No says

    who doesn’t want to see robert downey jr. and jude law make out?

    really, the feigned disgust/fear of men kissing is so obviously based on a repressed attraction to it.

    and who the hell would you rather see them kiss?

  19. says

    And Michael, darling, there’s not a seething, bubbling hunger to see closeted gay men impersonating–poorly!–openly straight ones.

    You’re correct, Bill, “almost all anti-gay bigots are HETEROSEXUAL” (though are they really all all-cap heterosexuals?). But, really, have you ever seen or heard Michael Medved? If he doesn’t set off your gaydar you need to get a complete tune-up at the gaydar repair shop asap.

  20. Matt says

    Medved is a POS…what a heterosexist supporter of the patriarchy. Any display of affection in a film just has to be arousing to a heterosexual male, or else no one wants to see it.

    I think films reflect a lot of what’s going on in the culture that produces them. Look at how films made during the cold war era were addressing the tension of the political climate whether they were directly dealing with international relations or other things.

  21. luca says

    first off, there is nothing to suggest that they make out in the movie. second, i have two brothers that are not gay, are not making out etc but did room together and did have fights like the one referenced. even to the point that yes the younger used to ‘borrow’ clothes from our big brother. so maybe what you are taking to be ‘gaying up’ the characters is just a play on the notion that they are such good friends they are like family, with all the quips and squabbles that come with.
    also, for the record, if someone is believable in a role I really don’t give a hoot if he’s really gay playing straight or straight playing gay. cause i am smart enough to understand that the character is not the actor. which is probably why I’m not fainting every time I see a photo of Robert Pattinson and thinking he’s just like Edward.

  22. Matthew says

    Women aren’t going to want to see Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law make out? What world is this guy living in? Every woman I know wants to see that.

  23. says

    You know, he’s probably not gay–he just got beat up a lot as a kid for being such a wimp and everyone called him a “fag” that he spends his life proving he’s not.

    As a gay man, all I can think of when I see/hear Michael Medved is “what a fag.”

    The boy has to get attention somehow, no one pays a damn bit of attention to his film reviews…

  24. Stupid gay activicts says

    ALL of you are OUT OF TOUCH with young people

    Young people are SICK of left wingers and right wingers

    I’m equally disgusted with The Blind Side and Sherlock Holmes

    It’s Complicated looks like a great movie

    There is NOT a seething hunger to see male relationships turned into homosexual pairings

    Why can’t there be a platonic close relationship between people of the same gender huh ???

    Plus why is relationships between heterosexuals so sexualized and there is no pure , mature compassionate love ?

    Instead it’s all fake , soulless and nothing ?

    Brokeback Mountain was SHIT

    I’m tired of homosexual activists and their right wing loons

    I’m a moderate conservative independent

  25. George T SLC says

    What I don’t want to see is Holmes & Watson portrayed as a gay couple. It’s not that I don’t want to see gay couples on screen, it’s that Conan Doyle’s portrayal of their relationship makes sense as two str8 guys, and there’s no POINT in playing camp w/ that!

    New insights into the classics, yes. Silly satires of the classics, heck yes! Silly tweaks in allegedly serious takes on the classics, NO, please!

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