1. Paul R says

    Can they just stop holding these inane town hall meetings? They contribute nothing to the debate, and the GOP has made it clear that they’ll oppose any health care reform, no matter what. Obama needs to remind all the Dems that he’s the president, and they need to fall in line and ram something through once they’re back in session.

    The GOP didn’t even pretend to be bipartisan under Bush, so why should Dems bother trying to work with them? All they do is crap like this. It’s pointless.

  2. says

    At this point, I have to agree with Paul, the dems need to walk this through reconcilation and shove it down the Republicans throats, plain and simple. This whole debate about paying for illegals is ludicrous. I’ve got news for these nimrods, we already do. In fact, we pay for everyone that doesn’t have health care in this country everytime they go to the emergency room or are treated for serious illnesses. The insurance companies just pass on the charges to the consumer in higher premiums. I think once health care reform is passed, all this bullshit will subside. Then it will be onto the next great white scare, gay marriage and equal rights. Granted, it’s already here, but expect it to get even nastier as the mid-term elections get near next year.

  3. john says

    I am so disappointed with Obama for doing this, it’s just cruel to whip people like that. And Rachel, some people don’t read the blogs as much as you do, this is the first I’m hearing of it. Now if all blogs existed to service you then maybe they would have called you for your approval on running this at such a late date, but since they don’t, and since there are other people out there who might have missed this, shut the fuck up.

  4. Let'sFaceIt says

    Hey, if you want to be President you have to deal with some nasty portrayals of yourself. Obama hasn’t gone through half of what G. W. Bush went through, yet. But, still, let’s hope we don’t present such grotesque portrayals ourselves when we march on DC in October. (I can just see an Obama masked character smacking gays around). It trivializes the issues.

  5. John says

    Obama has already given the protestors everything they want.

    He has stripped the patients consultations from the legislation. The provision allowing funding for contraception and abortion is gone. The president has said he’ll keep Bush’s pro-pharmaceutical prescription drug program. You know, the one that forbids the federal government from asking the drug companies for a discount or accepting bids from foreign producers. Hell, Obama even dropped the public option. He has caved into them on each and every demand. Every major element of the outline approved by the House of Representatives has been malformed, gutted, or modified by the Senate and White House in some way.

    Why are these people protesting him?

    Other than the fact that he’s black. Which is what I suspect this is really about. The right already has everything they supposedly want because – as usual – the Democrats are cowardly losers who are afraid of their own shadows.

  6. says

    I love the guy shouting, “Get rid of everybody, get rid of em!” That about sums up the level of debate: morons who barely know what they’re protesting and have nothing constructive to offer. And, of course, who should be inside but good old fame-whore gay-hating leader-of-the-imbecile-pack Randall Terry!

  7. says

    If the left leaning crowd stopped disturbing conservative speakers at the universities, then the conservatives will leave the left leaning congress critters alone during their events.

    Until then, both sides should have the freedom to behave like loons.

  8. JT says

    It’s true, Matt from California. If this display was against a rightwing and/or Republican president, the Left would absolute love it and would be quoting the Founding Fathers to show why this is a good thing. And it’s just as predictable when it’s the other way around. Or whenever, however, it’s the “other” side. I guarantee you that some will be calling the October Equality March participants “nazis” and “racists.”

  9. RB says

    “The GOP didn’t even pretend to be bipartisan under Bush, so why should Dems bother trying to work with them”. You are absolutely right Paul R. However, the dems don’t have the balls! There I said it. They don’t have game and never will. They are 100% in control, like never before and yet we, the LGBT community stand at the door begging for crumbs and a little recognition. Spineless!

    When will we wake up and see the democratic party for what it is; a party of one issue voters that have no cohesiveness and can’t pull it together so save their lives! Angry, hell yes I am angry. I have listened to every whiny ass gay on this blog for years spout off about how much better they are for us and now, the most power in history and Rahm Emanuel plays the cards. We are/were pawns to the glory of the dems! What a freakin joke!!!

  10. Clay says

    White right-wing rednecks are obsessed with the reversing the slavery dynamic, the way “straight” evangelicals are obsessed with the most graphic details of gay sex. It’s a pathology. The myth of their own racial oppression, obviously, is a beloved excuse to give their own racism free rein.

  11. jimmyboyo says


    I’ll agree with you on the dems not having any balls

    a herd of cats without balls

    BUT they are better for america at this point in time than the CURRENT repub party on a litany of issues

  12. says

    “If the left leaning crowd stopped disturbing conservative speakers at the universities, then the conservatives will leave the left leaning congress critters alone during their events.”

    They will, really? You think the wingnuts with loaded weapons at the town meetings really know or care what’s going on at universities? Left or right, people should indeed have the right to protest, even if they’re misinformed and simply venting anger rather than making a constructive point. The difference between the left “loons” and the right is that the lefties don’t generally view us–that means you, gay boy–as a plague on society and the righties generally do. So when you’re defending the right, keep in mind that they think you’re a pervert and a pedophile and that your family doesn’t exist.

    I agree, JimmyBoyo–if you’re gonna do the mask thing, at least get a mask that actually looks the part, tho I suppose to the wearer a black guy is a black guy.

  13. Paul R says

    @RB: I don’t disagree with a word you said. I’m angry and frustrated too, because as a pragmatist the Democrats are really the only party I can count on to care remotely about me. (At least they acknowledge gays and don’t demonize them…and yes, I know that’s crumbs, but crumbs are better than starving.) If they don’t pass some major legislation in the next 18 months, it’s not going to look good for them. But the GOP hasn’t been doing itself any favors either—obstructionism and scare tactics aren’t leadership.

    I don’t think a third party is going to be viable any time soon, but if this mess continues, one may be in 10-20 years.

  14. RB says

    You are correct Jimmyboyo. The CURRENT repub party is the reason I left the party. I want the right wing Christian stranglehold of the repub party broken and for us to get back to running the country with solid viable options! We need a plan and a leader. One that doesn’t give a damn what I do with my body in my bedroom but has real fiscal policies, strong defense, lower taxes etc.

    However, all we have on the right is a group of people that want to worry about my sex life and on the left a group of people that want to spend more money than we could possibly “print”! We are in the most partisan of times and there has to be a break soon or this country will collapse under its own debt!

    And again, to the right wing, if you are not sitting in my lap stop worrying about what I do with my dick!!!!

    Paul R, there has to be a third party option soon because I am sick of both of my options now! The dems are NOT better for us and the repubs have lost their way. Sickening and I never thought I would be so angry!

  15. says

    To those of you who mentioned the Equality march: I am sure there will people there (maybe even trolls) who will be disrespectful towards the President, that’s their right. So be it. It’s America.

    There will be some from the radical left who will say that it’s a racist attack against the first Black President. So be it. However, I am the head of Diversity and Outreach for the March and am a very proud supporter of the President (though I will hold his feet to the fire until I have equal rights) AND I am a Black man who knows and is proud of my peoples contribution to this country. At no point in my day am I not Black or Gay. So, those who want to throw that canard into the fray, need to back up and take another route.

  16. John says

    If you don’t want the media to portray your march as racist, then don’t encourage the protestors to behave in a racist manner.

    I would like to think the issue won’t rear its ugly head. But after the disgraceful displays of raw, uninhibited racism we saw in the aftermath of Prop. 8, lets just say my confidence in the ability of gay people to run a “clean” protest isn’t what it used to be.

    We don’t need CNN and FOX filming a group of aggressive muscle men yelling “barbarian” and “monkey” at random Washingtonians. That sort of behavior didn’t help the cause in West Hollywood. And it would not help the cause here. If you’re one of the folks in charge of this, please – for the love of whatever God you believe in – keep the extremists away from the TV cameras. Because if they do what they do in front of Wolf Blitzer, the Obama administration will have an excuse to change the subject. Whether you choose to hide behind the first amendment or not, the damage is done. It is simply bad politics. We’ll end up talking about race instead of what we wanted to talk about:

    The lack of change in DC since the Democrats took over. Change we can believe in?

    Like the Yeti or Bigfoot, it is much discussed and never seen.

  17. JT says

    John : Unfortunately we can’t control the behavior of everyone at the march, but we can hope for the best. I’m trying to put away my differences and stand side-by-side with certain gay scumbags I despise to try for a common goal. I think, hope, the majority are willing to do the same. Unfortunately there are some who might try to drag their own separate agendas into it : anti-war, anti-black, anti-white, anti-Catholic, anti-religion, anti-Irish, anti-Israel, anti-capitalist, anti-American, all the usual suspects. But we can hope for the best.

  18. says

    John, I just had to stand in front of the board of a national organization to ask for their support for the march. I was told that many of them were worried that the “crazies” would be what the media focused on.

    I will tell you what I told them, “did Barney Frank stay home because he knew birthers would show up at his town hall?”

    I stood right next to American hero Lt. Dan Choi and pointed to him and explained that dozens of heroes just like him would be standing in full dress uniform as the National Anthem was being played.

    That is also an image the media will show.

    I’ll put that image up against any idiot, straight or Gay any day.

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