Obama-Hating Pastor: Every Homosexual is a Deviant, Evil Predator

On his radio show, Alan Colmes hosted Pastor Steven Anderson, who recently gave a sermon at Faithful Word Baptist Church in which he said, "When I go to bed at night Steven L. Anderson will pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell."

Anderson Colmes asked the pastor about his views on gays, in particular a ranting sermon in which he attacks Congressman Barney Frank, confusing him with the late Congressman Gerry Studds.

Says Anderson: "I believe that every homosexual in the world is a deviant, is evil, and is a predator that is out to recruit others through molestation, through rape. It's in the news...I would keep my kids away from them. They're deviants. They're not normal. I am saying that [Barney Frank]'s perverted, and he's sick, and I would put him in the category of other homosexuals. Do I think that homosexuality should be against the law? Well, it's against God's law."


Anderson then goes on to quote Leviticus. He was challenged by a caller later in the show, according to the Phoenix New Times: "It really got rockin' towards the end when a gay fella called up and asked the pastor about the part in Leviticus that says you can kill your children if they "curse" you. Anderson had to admit this was true, and he seemed to sign on to this bit of dark, religious insanity as well. Ditto on the whole stoning adulterers thing, BTW. Though he thinks the government should do the stoning. You know, like they used to in Afghanistan n'stuff."

In related news, an armed protestor at a Phoenix Obama town hall event has been confirmed to be a parishioner of Anderson's. How long before one of these violence worshipers picks up his gun and uses it?

Listen to Anderson's interview and an interview with the gun-toting Baptist, AFTER THE JUMP...