Poachers Kill, Skin Sumatran Tiger After-Hours in Indonesian Zoo


Barbaric poachers, perhaps signaling a new trend in illegal wildlife trade, allegedly climbed a fence at the Taman Rimbo Zoo in Jambi, Indonesia over the weekend before taking  their prize:

"Sheila, who had been the only Sumatran tiger remaining
at the zoo, was killed and skinned on zoo grounds after being drugged
by poachers early on Saturday, leaving virtually nothing behind except
the innards and a few ribs of the animal, which is critically
endangered in the wild. 'There is no doubt that the killers
were professionals because they did their job very cleanly, taking off
the skin in the enclosure rather than dragging the 100-kilogram animal
out, which could have attracted attention,' said Didy Wurdjanto, the
head of the Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Center."

There is discussion that the poaching could have been an inside job. There are  believed to be between 100 and 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Now the ones in zoos apparently have to worry as well.


  1. LD says

    I generally do not condone an eye for an eye, but if they catch these poachers, even that would be too generous.

  2. Drew says

    I fucking hate poachers. And they killed a beautiful, endangered tiger in the zoo, probably so they can ‘be fertile’ or ‘cure mosquito bites,’ the usual… Here’s to Karma getting them good!

  3. gregorybrown says

    Now this is certainly a proper subject for cloning. Success wouldn’t diminish the ugliness of what the killers did.

  4. gayalltheway says

    How can people do such an horrendous thing to a beautiful animal like that? I just don’t understand .. honestly, sometimes I really despise my own kind. Humans must be the only living being that is capable of committing such an ugly, repulsive and evil act.
    I think when they catch these poachers, they should be put in a cage with a few live and hungry tigers. I’d love to see that. Sorry I’m only human.

  5. buster says

    Dozens of examples everyday — the sooner our species is wiped out, the better off for every other living thing on this planet. We breed like cockroaches, kill more (and for less reason) than the ebola virus, HIV and the plague and pollute the world more than all other life forms put together. Although we appear to be the only animal that actually understands the concept of ecological balance, we are the one animal that seems incapable of living that way. Homo sapiens – a big mistake. Bring back the dinosaurs. For that matter bring back the carrier pigeon, the Irish elk, the European ibex, the auk, the dodo, the Tasmania tiger, the American cheetah, the black rhino, etc etc etc etc.

  6. Steve says

    Wow… Such beautiful and noble animals. The scum that did this don’t even deserve to be called animals. I hope they get what’s coming to them in spades.

  7. JC says

    I am outraged by this! The Indonesian Govt needs to go all out sparing no resource to hunt down these poachers and have a public lynching! That was a beautiful animal that has been taken away from everyone to enjoy and appreciate all for a few hundred dollars or whatever they sold the parts.

  8. john says

    Poachers do these things because there is a market for it, some Butt-Munch out there in the world, someone very wealthy, wanted the skin of a very endangered and beautiful animal. Calls are made to see who can aquire the prize, money is spent tracking and someone at the zoo is paid not to do their job in security that night. What we need to do is aggressively track down the buyers, the ones keeping poachers, who only value feeding themselves and their families over protecting wildlife, employed.
    Very few countries go after the rich buyers because it’s these people who are running the show. I hate most people for reasons like this, taking what they want without thinking of other living beings. tragic.

  9. says

    I agree with John– the people who paid for this are more guilty than the poachers. I am not an animal rights activist, but I the murder of the member of an endangered species for sport or spoils should be a death penalty crime for all involved. The poachers should die. The security people should die. The buyers should die. It is one of the greatest possible crimes.

  10. Paul R says

    Among the many despicable aspects of this story is that whatever rich jerk bought the pelt will claim he was out hunting and brought down one of these tigers, which would be cowardly enough. But instead he hired people to slaughter an animal in an enclosure.

    Zoos in other countries, not just developing but many developed, simply don’t have the protections and security (meaning, money) of US zoos. Perhaps it’s improved since I saw it about 20 years ago, but the zoo outside Munich was one of the most depressing places I’ve ever been.

  11. kc says

    Reading this has pretty much ruined my day. Poor Sheila.

    Can you imagine what that must feel like, to be trapped in this enclosed space and being unable to call for help and just KNOWING you’re going to die? Ugh. SO AWFUL. I hope those scumbags die equally horrifying deaths SOON.

  12. cmh says

    Yeah it has ruined my day too. I would actually have had no problem popping these people off if I had been the guard on duty.

  13. Gabe R L says

    These despicable people should be skinned themselves! They have a lot of fucking nerve.

  14. David B. 2 says

    overpopulation has humans killing alot for food, etc in other parts of the world. This is just senseless nonsense.

  15. says

    This is sad. Very sad. Also sad is the pathetic Malaysian Tiger we have sitting in a cage at our “Zoo” here in Las Vegas. Poor thing sits in the sun all day looking like it just wants to die. I hope there is a way to save these animals without locking them up where people can abuse them, but, that’s probably a pipe dream.