1. cd says

    seems like another Jim McGreevey, claiming gay makes him innocent when in fact, it just makes him gay and guilty. Rich needs a all over makeover, personality and face.

  2. kujhawker says

    He was sent to prison becase he evaded his taxes.

    I will rise up and help defend anyone who is persecuted becase they are gay. But this aint the case, so Dick need to stop it with the act.

  3. Jerry says

    But do gay convicts attract the same kind of ridiculous erotic obsessions that prisoners like Scott Peterson has? I hate to think that some witless gay man has been longing for Hatch the whole time he’s been in the big house…

  4. Michael C. says

    And the sad queens come out to judge. Christ, any of you could be thrown in the clink for something you’ve done, and gay people ARE still very much discriminated against. Give the guy some benefit of the doubt at least.

  5. says

    …..and Perez Hilton is persecuted because he is a Gay leader….and Rupert Everett is overlooked for leading roles because he is an outspoken Gay actor…and I’m chubby because my Super Big Gulp Cokes won’t stay out my Gay mouth.

  6. Yeek says

    I did give Hatch the benefit of the doubt, even after he was charged with throttling his own son in public. The evidence against him was huge.

    Richard, asserting the truth is not the same as proving it. You’ve paid your dues. We don’t believe you. You can live with that and so can we. Now go find some peace if you can.

  7. Jason says

    They should make a Lifetime Channel movie about his life–a man living with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They could call it, “Inglorious “Bast@rd–and yes–spelled correctly.

  8. Gary Bing says

    An arrogant bastard and a thief. And he wants wants us to have sympathy by playing the “gay” card. That may have worked a few times playing the race card, but it’s now considered a tired defense. Women frequently get off on murder all the time. I give as an example as a sentence frittered away with the statement, “I was confused in my suicide attempt, and killed him instead of me.” (I kid you not, this is real and she got off. Apparently in more ways than one.)

  9. jesse says

    Rick i praid for evrything come clean , you are nice man ,in dosent matter you gay or not , bee you self in God wlays with you in people who care for you to.
    \\God bless you ….

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