1. Donovan says

    … and then she was chased from the screen by a Japanese whaling vessel – the Nisshin Maru – amid a hail of harpoons…

  2. says

    I don’t think Lou ripped anyone, but was merely acting as an arbiter between the two people arguing for and against gay marriage. Frankly, it’s hard to say where he really stands on anything these days. I always thought he was pretty balanced when it came to attacking the left and the right for their political nonsense. However, when you give credence to the birther movement by allowing a wingnut to go on your show and not contest a single thing they say, then you lose all credibility with me; and based on how his ratings tanked right after, with a lot of his viewers as well.

  3. Rad says

    I have to side with Keith; this was nothing more than showmanship, as is much of cable entertainment-in-the-name-of-news. It’s “Maury Povich” for the cable news crowd.

    Even the commercial news like ABC and NBC are going for sensationalism. “Let’s lead off our top story of ALL these PEOPLE holding up ‘Obama-as-Hitler” posters” (and not contest it). In reality, that is the (Linden) LaRouche foundation. Ring any bells? Talk about right wing nut from decades past! Let’s give these… idiots… traction.

    Olbermann, Maddow, O’Reiley, even Jon Stewart is growing long in the tooth.

    I watched C-Span last evening for the ENTIRE Barny Frank town hall meeting in Dartmouth MA. He’s such a strong person, and he gets it. These meetings are not attended by the majority of his constituents, nor is the audience made up of a fair cross section of them. These are the yellers; the “Joe the Plumbers” in it for their 15 minutes of fame for spouting off parroted rhetorical garbage with no interest in facts or truth. He really put those people in their places throughout his forum.

    I can only wish, some day, that broadcast news will come back to as much honesty and dedication to presenting the facts, and not just video for entertainment sake.

  4. RONTEX says

    Looks like Maggie has been stress eating…I think the pressure of the tide turning is showing.

  5. eliminador says

    I’m not finding Tobias Wolff very effective here. He is an apologist for the administration, as far as I can see.

  6. Rucka says

    I know it’s mean, but this fight has certainly taken its toll physically on Mags. She’s put on many, many pounds over the past few years.

    Maybe it’s her God’s way of saying she’s wrong and punishing her in the most visible way.

  7. Disgusted American says

    Looks like ol’ Maggie is GAINING weight…dipping her fingers in her NOM contributions?

  8. qjersey says

    I saw this last night. That women just keeps repeating her “sound bites” over and over and refuses to even address the questions put to her.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    “Defends” Marriage. Yeah Yeah, should Gay Americans be allowed to marry, they will tear it to shreds. Rip it apart. Burn it, grind it, pulverize it. Totally, once and for all destroy it. After that No one, ever, will be able to get married. Never again. See how awful full marriage equality is. The same thing was said and the exact same thing happened when White kids and Black kids were allowed to sit in the same class room.

    As Lou said, Blame the Gays.

    The Marriage Culture? What’s that?

  10. AERES says

    @ RUCKA perhaps she believes that God punishes sinners by summoning the winds (i.e. tornadoes and hurricanes) and is in the process of better anchoring herself to terra firma.

  11. says

    Yes, and what about the children of gay couples? No one seemed to worry about them?

    Though I have to say, Dobbs’s point that opposite-sex marriage is under threat from everything BUT ‘mos was the most effective point.

  12. Gabriel says

    Lou Dobbs used to be a reasonable conservative, until he realized he could make much more money by turning into a wingnut.

  13. Patrick says

    And I’m tired of her repeating that “gay marriage will be taught in public schools.” SO WHAT? Divorce/remarriage is also taught in public schools as valid and legal, although it is contrary to many religious traditions, including Maggie’s. In fact, millions of public school children are taught every day that their divorced and remarried parents have valid marriages, even though those (second) marriages would be invalid in certain faith traditions. Maggie can countenance this, but not afford equal treatment to the child of married gay parents? What, I must wonder, does she want in public schools? To be able to teach that Johnny’s parents have a valid marriage even though it is a fifth marriage for each of them and they met last week in Vegas, but Jane’s parents have an invalid marriage because they are two women who have shared their lives for 30 years?
    This dichotomy has NEVER been addressed to my satisfaction.

  14. bobbyjoe says

    Let’s see… Stress eating, obsessing about other people’s sexuality…

    All signs that Maggie Gallagher is extremely sexually frustrated. Maybe those Adam Lambert fans need to save those dildos and throw ’em at Maggie. From the looks of things, she sure could use one.

  15. Austin says

    That was the first time I’ve ever heard Maggie defend her position without descending into total blather. While I disagree with her, this one time she stated her position well;
    actually both sides states their positions well.

  16. Scott says

    Really boys? Fat jokes? I think Mags is about as ridiculous as you all do, but can’t we be civil? Its not like she didn’t say 20 things that we could mock her over, we don’t have to fall back to fat jokes like a bunch of bitch circuit queens.

  17. Pete says

    Is all that weight gain from food or from booze? Mighty hypocritical for this woman to be going on about man-woman marriage as the only way to raise a child when she was an unmarried mother for the first ten years of her kid’s life.

  18. Boris says

    Couldn’t she find something better to do with her time than this? Why is this so important to her? She is this generation’s Anita Bryant.

  19. says

    Maggie deliberately fails to understand the simple reason why DOMA is discriminatory. In the states which have marriage equality, where there is no distinction between gay and straight couples under the law, gay couples still receive no federal benefits, thus they are discriminated against. DOMA interferes with a state’s ability to determine their own marriage laws. Everything else is blather. I do credit Lou for calling her on the bullshit that gay couples marrying somehow damages het couples. Whatever damage has been done within marriage, they’ve done themselves. Yeah, she’s a fat cow, but that’s the least of what’s objectionable about her. She accuses the Obama administration of being disingenuous, but she’s the one who’s pretending not to understand why DOMA is discriminatory from a purely legal standpoint.

  20. Lee says

    When your best comeback to Maggie is to make fun of her weight it makes the lot of you look ignorant, childish and petty. Please shut up and quit making the rest of us look bad.

  21. AERES says

    Right – lets be civil to a woman whose stated goal is to legally render gays & lesbians second class citizens.

    Though I do agree with the posters that say civil debate is the better and more effective means of expressing disagreement, particularly when you’re trying to win over converts to your point of view.

    However, considering the present forum and its audience, I don’t think that these message boards must necessarily be limited to such higher civil discord…

    Lighten up already – she’s a terrible fat person.

  22. says

    Ok, let me understand her position. If Gays are allowed marriage then all the straights will have a new reason to get divorced. Ok, so, does that mean that 90% of America is actually Gay and just waiting for a chance to switch teams?

    If so, I would like to put in my bids for LL Cool J, Rick Fox and McSteamy.

  23. GM says

    What a sad, sad woman. Imagine having as your sole reason for waking in the morning be your vain attempts to keep equal rights from American citizens. That can’t be good for your psyche.

  24. JMan says

    Actually isn’t gluttony mentioned in the Bible? So yes, Maggie being a bloated neckless bag of discrimination is up for discussion, ’cause, y’know, she wants to stamp the Bible on the U.S. Code.

  25. Paul says

    She’s just a bitch!! she needs to get with the times…she won’t just say it, but she doesn’t like gay people…brought the fact that tax payers don’t want this…but, hello gays and lesbians are tax payers too!! fuck this dumb bitch…she needs to get on Jenny Craig!!

  26. IkeBen says

    I feel sorry for this woman. She sounded exhausted to me — she is clearly on the losing side of history, and must be aware that she will be remembered for advocating hatred and fear.

    On the other hand, Tobias is a total hottie!

  27. princely54 says

    She has no legal leg to stand on, just her (so-called) moral leg. She can’t argue on facts, just the twisted/spun ‘argument’ she keeps repeating like a parrot. Unfortunately, that broken record spew is what gets through because people hear it over and over again.

  28. Ian says

    Lou Dobbs is a racist, xenophobic, hater who has made homophobic comments in the past. He has a radio show where he bashes immigrants, blacks and gays on a regular basis.

    He is no ally.

  29. Donald says

    Wolff is worse than an apologist. He’s a blamer. He said, the repeal of DOMA is being held up by Congress, not a flip flopping President. They got our votes and our money and have moved along to other things.

  30. Donald says

    And Maggie should realize that you “rebuild a marriage culture” by tightening up divorce laws, not by keeping others from enjoining in the institution you are trying to save. Why doesn’t anyone bring up this point?

  31. Yuki says

    Gallagher seems like a friendly person aside from the whole “OMG TEH GHEYZ!!!”. But I’m laughing how she doesn’t let them talk as well, she just keeps going…