1. peterparker says

    The civil rights of a minority group should NEVER be subject to popular vote. Therefore, as much as I want equality for all of us immediately, I believe a ballot measure to overturn Prop 8 (and other anti-marriage equality laws throughout the country) should be used only after we have exhausted every other avenue.

  2. ricardo says

    implosion failure — no sex in the park — it all sounds like blue balls to me — hey, for the most boring era that seems like a good match.

    considering all of these technological advancements — why should that not come as a surprise….after all, we’re dealing with parts of a culture that are truly passing on the MOST stupid things that i’ve ever seen in entire life.

    thanks for the humor.

  3. says

    Ricardo, it’s quite the opposite of “no sex in the park,” since Iowa apparently has reasonable laws and sensible law enforcement officials.

    We should applaud the fact that they’re using condoms, though perhaps the authorities could be thoughtful and install trash receptacles for them.

  4. willie says

    President McCain … America dodged a bullet with that asshat.

    Yes to Palin for VP
    No to Sotomayer for Justice

    Arizona full of aging wealthy greedy white boomers will keep electing this man.

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