Towleroad Guide to the Tube #523

LAURA LING AND EUNA LEE: Journalists freed from North Korea thank their supporters.

SHEILA JACKSON LEE: Explains town hall phone call to CNN's Rick Sanchez.

RISE UP AND SHOUT: Gay youth org's new equality song and video.

DAMON WEAVER: Student reporter interviews Obama on education.

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  1. 2nd Class Citizen Class says

    Big deal. That wasn’t news, it was rude. Lee was ordering Chinese take out and probably drives around the city while on her phone putting on make up.

  2. RB says

    Whatever! I really doubt that they are “friends”. Total crap. If my kids were on the phone in a similar situation I would have removed their phone. Rude….don’t interupt!

  3. paul c says

    I think Sheila Jackson Lee should have spent the month of August in a mental ward.

    And then stayed there.

    Referring to herself in the third person was just the cherry on top of her psycho sundae.

  4. 207guy says

    She comes from a safe district. I’ve found that both Republicans and Democrats that generally have no competition have a fearlessness that borders on arrogance.

  5. says

    Rick Sanchez is an ass. People in the media have a responsibility to adequately cover the health care debate–the prospects the problems. Instead, this fool wants to talk about why she was on the phone in her town hall. Could he come not come up with one compelling question that actually related to the issue being talked in every corner of our country.

    Shitty reporting should be called what it is. I respect Sheila Jackson Lee for not getting caught up in this childish debate.

  6. JauntyJohn says

    “Rise up and Shout” — an exciting song, lyrics with merit, great photos… but … the slow disolve slide-show did nothing to create any visual energy, and seemed weirdly dull in contrast to the vibe of the song. I suppose it gave the images a “serious” treatment…
    Ah well, great effort overall, and kudos to those who put it together.

  7. ahem says

    I’m not surprised that the Log Cabinettes aren’t interested in the truth.

    Sheila Jackson Lee explains why she did that and that it was to answer the question. Rick Sanchez is an ass. My question for him: How polite is it to kill somebody with your car while drunk?

  8. Name: says

    Umm…. gay youth? I saw maybe 2 people that looked old enough to be called youth. For a group looking for support, they sure used a lot of 30 y/o people that spend a lot of time in the clubs. They don’t look like they represent the average American youth.

  9. Jason says

    I don’t care if this was a Dem or a Republican the use of cell phones whether texting or talking is unacceptable in a meeting that your are a participant. In my first sales job I had a boss that found it un-acceptable to even look at your watch while meeting with a client or customer. At that time we were using beepers and that thing got turned off during the meeting. A senator/congressman in NY will likely lose his seat b/c he texted while meeting with his biggest contributor. Good. I personally don’t text and will likely turn that feature off as I don’t even want them as I would imagine I am expected to return them. There is nothing that requires minute by minute communication on the plate of 99.9% of Americans. This constant need to text, tweet etc is a sense of overblown importance.

    If she really needed up to date info she could have put one of her assistants on that. Say, “Give me a minute, I am going to have someone on my staff check into that and we will come back to that question, next question please”.

  10. gwyneth cornrow says

    Most of you, like Rick Sanchez, did not listen to what the congresswoman was saying. A constituent had asked her a question. She did not know the answer to the question off the top of her head and called a congressional hotline to ask the question so she could respond to the constituent. Sheila Jackson Lee is right: the media should stick to the issue at hand, which is how to repair America’s broken health care system. And Rick Sanchez, nobody cares about how you teach your children. It is patronizing and, frankly, racist of you to correlate an older congresswoman to one of your children.