‘Traditional Marriage’ and Prop 8 Defender Doug Manchester Divorcing

Doug Manchester, owner of the San Diego Grand Hyatt, defender of "traditional marriage", and Proposition 8 supporter, is in the middle of a contentious divorce with his wife of 43 years:

Manchester "On July 25, Doug ran out of patience. He sent an 'angry e-mail' to
Elizabeth that said he 'wish[es] to pursue all rights to protect all of
[his] separate property and wish[es] also to litigate vigorously any
and all spousal support.' (Brackets quoted from the petition). That
day, Doug wired $100,000 out of the ac-count the couple shared, leaving
a $17,000 balance. Elizabeth argues in her petition that the account
balance will be negative when outstanding checks come due. She also
learned that day that Doug had spent the previous six months taking
$9.3 million out of their joint bank accounts and putting it into his
separate account. Elizabeth writes that she believes all of
these tactics—the mail, the financial restrictions, submitting bills to
Doug’s office—are attempts to 'squeeze' her. 'Respondent was
attempting to compel me to settle on his terms by impeding my access to
funds for living expenses,' she writes in her petition."

San Diego Activists Target Manchester Grand Hyatt's Anti-Gay Owner [tr]


  1. Beef and Fur says

    He spent the day moving 9.3 mil? What a coincedence! And just the other day I was I late for work because I had to recount the two million cash that I keep in a shoebox in the linen closet next to the gift wrapping room.

  2. Patrick says

    Now is the time for him to consider a written thank you from him to all gay Californians, since even though he is a homphobic and selfish asshole, we still permit him access to our divorce laws and our divorce courts to undo his marriage. I wonder how he would feel if that right were suddenly taken away from him.

  3. Coco says

    Beef and Fur,
    Sorry to be nit-picky but if you had correctly read the article is said he spent the previous six months taking $9.3 million out of their joint bank accounts, not over the course of one day.

  4. says

    i thought that California had some of the strictest divorce laws in the country? isn’t it supposed to be a 50/50 split in assets there?

    does anyone know the cause of the split? i mean, 43 years is no small feat in marriage longevity, especially since the U.S. average marriage length is 8 years.

  5. Nathan says

    She will certainly get more than 17K after the divorce is settled. Lots of lawyers will ‘vigorously debate’ for her to get access to that booty after the dust has settled.

  6. Zephyr says

    It is well known to “Papa Doug’s” close friends this man has several addictions, not the least of which is sexual. This should be a fun divorce to watch when the skeletons all come out of this asshole’s closet.

  7. Lysana says

    Mike, I have a strong suspicion Manchester’s new executive assistant is hot. But that’s me guessing at what would take a 43-year marriage and send it that far down the shit chute. As someone who’s kept a relationship going for 23 years now, it’d take more than a roving eye for me to do what they’re doing.

  8. David says

    Break-ups suck and I don’t wish them on anyone, even people I don’t know. HOWEVER, perhaps a little dose of relationship reality will help to humanize what sounds like a very troubled and jaded human. Compassion and karma my freind, makes the world go around. Is there really anything anyone could do to you after a 43 year relationship that would create such hatred for the ex? If such treatment is an example of your religion, I am glad to stay an atheist. Relationships with other humans come and go, be civil and fair.

  9. DairyQueen says

    7 million loss from the boycott and now a nasty divorce? Hmmm Karma’s a bitch. Since he such a defender of traditonal marriage and catholic, how come he is getting a divorce? Can’t he go to a priest and get counciling? Hmmm Hypocrite?

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