1. Rann says

    Cases like this one that happen all too often make me positive that our community should be covered by hate crimes laws in this entire country. It boggles my mind that this week a 20 something gay guy argued with me about that on FB! He says by doing that we as asking for special treatment. I think that is crazy. That is not asking for special treatment. He said by pointing out the 15 year old boy in Michigan was gay and beaten that is setting us apart and not treating us all as equals. He thinks it should have just said “teen beaten”. Why would a gay person think like that? And yes he confirmed he is gay which was how it appeared on Facebook.

  2. Rocky says

    @ Rann

    Because the FB roach you were having that argument with is the definition of what a “self-loathing faggot” is.He is gay “Allegedly!” but doesnt feel that gay people should be protected under the law.Very uneducated and suffers from “Acute Naivety”.He’ll be singing a different tune,when he gets gay-bashed.He’s no different from the sick queens who go out and use other gay men for their own personal gain (sex,money,appearances,social status,etc…).For the queens who so tactlessly use the term “self-loathing gay” out of context,thats the real definition of it.

  3. mendy holcomb says

    bobby is my cousin and i would like to apologize to everyone who is hurt by his actions.i didnt even know he was capable of such a thing im sorry.i have several gay and lesbian friends who are outraged.and i completely agree give him the max.a hate crime is a hate crime.and the punishment should fit as long as the justice system doesnt fail us

  4. bobbys lil sister says

    bobby is my brother and he did not set out to beat the crap out of a gay guy. it could have been any body that day. He is sorry for what hes done and doing his time. my brother made a mistake. When we killed jesus god forgave us. This guys ok now I think all you haters need to learn forgiveness,get right with god and learn to forgive and move on with life.

  5. Ninong says

    Dear Bobby’s Lil Sister,

    Is that what it’s called in your family, “a mistake?” Is that what your brother typically does on a night out, “beat the crap out of” whoever he comes across?

    Repeatedly kicking and stomping on the head of an unconscious man is what is known as “a mistake” and “beating the crap out of” someone?

    Where I come from it’s called the act of a cowardly, homocidal maniac. It’s certainly not what passes for a “fair fight.” What part of Texas did you say your family is from?