1. says

    Ok, I just fought with a floaty ad that kept moving as I tried to close it so I would click on it. Are you making $ every time I click on it? Someone is and if it aint Towleroad , you oughta be pissed. If that’s the price to pay to read my fave site, ok, but if you’re not making bank on it, you might want to reconsider whoever just bought ad space on your site. This is a very recent and annoying development.

  2. Jordan says

    A simple solution to everyone’s ad problems.


    Adblock Plus.

    Problem solved. I’ve never once had an issue with ads on this, or any, site since installing firefox and getting the Adblock Plus add-on.

  3. willie says

    Right … so we should all change browsers so Andy T can make some money … how about he not over sell his site …. ever page update takes forever …. hey whey you are an Elitist … things cost to run with the big DOGS.

    Remember when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

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