Utah Governor Herbert: Discrimination Against Gays Should Be Legal

Utah Governor Gary Herbert, who took over for moderate Governor Jon Huntsman after Huntsman resigned to become Ambassador to China, has spoken out against anti-discrimination laws which include sexual orientation:

Herbert "In his most definitive comments yet on gay rights, Herbert told
reporters he doesn't believe sexual orientation should be a protected
class in the way that race, gender and religion are. 'We don't
have to have a rule for everybody to do the right thing. We ought to
just do the right thing because it's the right thing to do and we don't
have to have a law that punishes us if we don't,'Herbert said in his
first monthly KUED news conference. In Utah, it is legal to fire
someone for being gay or transgender. The gay rights advocacy group
Equality Utah has been trying to change state law for several years but
has always been rebuffed by the Republican-controlled Legislature. Last
year, the group got Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman's support for
extending some rights to gay people, although none of the bills it
backed became law."

Unfortunately, that's why we have anti-bias laws. Because people don't do the right thing.


  1. roger ramjet says


    This is a man who defendas the equal rights and protections of people who CHOOSE to believe in invisible magical sky fairies…But tells us our ‘CHOICE’ is not legitimate.

    What’s the difference if we ‘CHOOSE’ to be LGBTQI (his view, not mine) or he ‘CHOOSES’ to believe in impotent deities???

    Oh. that’s right; His choice is legitimate because Joseph Smith found Magical Glasses that let him interpret Magical Gold plates…

    Heck, as a Moron…oops…Mormon, he’s probably wearing his Magical Underwear while he’s bashing LGBTQI’S

    It’s Nutbags like this that reinforce my revulsion to religion and strengthen my Atheism.

    Hey Herbert: Put down your goddamn bible and step away from the religion. Your beliefs end in tragedy for LGBTQI’s on a daily basis – worldwide!

    Mine don’t!

  2. JH says

    “We ought to just do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do and we don’t have to have a law that punishes us if we don’t.”

    So does this apply to theft and murder as well? Let’s have the highest executive in the state be anti-law. That’s a great idea. Great job, Utah.

  3. gayalltheway says

    I don’t believe in heaven and hell, but if hell does exist, I’m pretty sure that he’ll be in it. Along with his wife and his gazillion children.

  4. DairyQueen says

    Are fucking kidding me? WTF? I was already boycotting Utah because of Prop 8,now I will never step foot into that state. I will purposely not fly into SLC for a connecting flight. I don’t want that state or it’s companies getting one dime of my money.

    Sidenote: Can you guys get rid of those annoying pop up quizes. I am starting to not come to your site because they are so annoying.

  5. Donovan says

    See? Now this is how hatemongering should be done: you act like anti-discrimination laws are just a silly – nay, insulting – trifle, and “We’re all such great friends, all my gaybashing pals LOVE the gays, and it’s so VULGAR that you think there should be a law TELLING us not to bash the gays – we’d never DREAM of doing that, so how DARE you insinuate that such a law is NECESSARY…” Creepsville, USA. I prefer the batshit crazy ones like that gayface pastor.

  6. SFshawn says

    This man is sad and pathetic.
    I hope whatever gay men are fucking his closeted ass out him sooner than later. Fuck you and all your intolerant asshole Mormon pals Gary.

  7. James says

    This is good to know. I think we should take Mormons out of the anti-discrimination laws because we’ll all by nice to them all the time right? And if I do, say, beat up a Mormon just because of their magic undies, then I shouldn’t be punished.

    I’ll be out the back sharpening my lynching tools.

  8. John says

    Sure, I can see why things like marriage laws and such can confuse and cloud the issue for people but I find it very hard to believe that advocating the right to discriminate in employment and housing is going to sit well with many people.

    In a way I kind of welcome these statements, they’ve been hiding behind things like “the definition of marriage” and “kids being taught about homosexuality in school” for to long, it was only a matter of time before their true beliefs and agenda became known and I doubt it the majority of people they can trick into being against gay marriage will feel the same way about just outright discrimination for the sake of discrimination.

  9. Rocky says

    @ Ted

    Its that bitter middle-aged white gay male “Obama threw us under the bus” log cabin mentality.So typical,its to be expected.Especially since thats most of the demographic of towleroad readers

  10. says

    “Folks, Barack Obama also believes that discrimination against gays should be legal, so Mr. Magic Underpants here is hardly alone.”

    No, he isn’t alone. It takes some particularly magic underpants to equate Obama’s positions to this inarticulate dimwit’s.

  11. sarah says

    The most effective way for there to be less gay people is to scare them right back into the closet! Good job, Utah. She’s just a really good friend of mine.

  12. says

    Here’s where a little Old Testament justice (“eye for an eye”) could make a salient point to the Governor Herberts out there…

    Some LGBT employer should FIRE a self-declared heterosexual employee in Utah. Seriously. The employee would be told they’re being fired not for their race, gender, or religion–but simply because they’re straight-identified. Only then will the coin possibly drop inside Herbert’s pointed little head: Anti-discrimination laws which include sexual orientation protect ALL citizens.

  13. willie says

    Why are you people acting surprised?

    That is a bigger WTF to me than his comments.

    I assume he may be a Republican Mormon.

    He belongs to a make-believe religion.
    A corporation that teaches it’s members they are so special they are going to be GODS when they die. They will have celestial sex and produce MORE GOD CHILDREN.

    He and they are made (much like most FUNDAMENTALIST religious types).

    Now as for his comments — this is why we need a federal law protecting gay people from workplace discrimination…. to begin with.

    And I really do not think this is religious — he is a STRAIGHT SUPREMIST.

    More for him and his kind by keeping others down.

  14. Jersey Girl says


    It’s funny cause it’s magic underwear! Keep it up guys’n’gals I’m lovin’ it…

    …which reminds me; I am celebrating my one year boycott of McDonalds’ cave-in to the AFA and McDonald’s dismatling of it’s G&L Chamber of Commerce liason….

    Wonder how he’s doing in Canada?

  15. Joseph says

    I give him a tiny smidgen of credit for implying that discriminating against gay people is “wrong.” That puts him on higher moral ground than Peter LaBarbera or Fred Phelps. Apart from that, the Utah’s governor’s comments are simply vile. This slimy fool is likely to listen to something that affects his state economically. Does anyone have a list of companies that have their headquarters in Utah? Would be happy to boycott them. What about getting film festivals, Shakespeare festivals, ski events, etc. out of Utah?

  16. Wheezy says

    @ Sarah,

    Why doesn’t your ‘really good friend’ leave Utah? Wouldn’t that make more sense. Tell her to get her butt to a (equality-providing) blue state or Canada.

  17. Attmay says

    “Some LGBT employer should FIRE a self-declared heterosexual employee in Utah. Seriously. The employee would be told they’re being fired not for their race, gender, or religion–but simply because they’re straight-identified. Only then will the coin possibly drop inside Herbert’s pointed little head: Anti-discrimination laws which include sexual orientation protect ALL citizens.”

    I’ve been advocating that for years, but it seems LGBT business owners are too smart to stoop to the level of heteros.

  18. Ted says

    Why don’t we stop asking for protections and instead ask for a different standard of humanity when we do something in the name of the “lifestyle” we “choose”. For example, rather than ask for hate crimes legislation & other protections, how about we get off easy when we commit a “love crime” like beating the crap out of a certain governor? After all, we’re less than human so human punishments should not be applied to us, right? Then we can truly beat the crap out of all these assholes, and once we’re done we won’t need the protections anymore.

  19. George Towlering says

    The only reason Towle includes this is because the Gov ain’t Brandon Flowers / Ryan Gosling cute. Otherwise Andy’d be wetting himself over the Gov.

  20. jexer says

    Of course, we don’t need a law telling people to “do the right thing.”

    We have laws telling people “NOT to do the WRONG thing.”

    For the honor system to work… every one has to have honor in the first place. This is America, where being the biggest idiot gets yucks and makes people popular… this isn’t a country were saving face being true to your word is important. Unfortunately.

  21. Jeff Dunivant says

    Mormonism is nothing more than a cult; so what can you say other than you can take that as a grain of salt. They do have “pull” around election time unfortunately; we as gay people have to band together to defeat any further propositions on the ballot in 2010. The Church is a powerful force with unlimited funds; we have to work smart to target those areas first.

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