1. Jon says

    Lil Mama was completely out of line in her comments. Leiomy had been having a tough week last week because of homesickness, stress, and a passing of a close friend and mentor. Not to mention her hormones. With that said, their performance was fabulous. I love these guys and even if they dont win, I have a feeling will we see more from them in the future.

  2. soulbrotha says

    I’m trying to figure out what make Lil Mama such an authority on transgender feelings/emotions/etiquette. Was SHE once a man or something? If not, she needs to drop the fucking psychobabble and just judge the performance.

  3. Eric says

    Leiomy was totally acting like a diva. She needed to be put in her place because when you are on a team or in a group you put the team ahead of yourself. She wasn’t doing that and she needed somebody to tell her that.

  4. wetcnt says

    I’m confused by all the hubbub over Lil’ Mama’s comments. She was only repeating what Leiomy said herself – that she was a face for the transgendered community. And everything she added was TRUE – if you want to be a woman, act like one, not like a f*ing baby. Why should Leiomy be treated any differently than any other contestant? If you want to be in the competition, suck it up and do the work. Otherwise go home.

  5. Kian says

    Getting called out for being a diva is one thing. To have your surgical status used against you on national television is a whole sack of bullshit.

  6. Hank says

    If Leyomi was being unprofessional then she needs to be called on it. Nothing was said with Lil Mama said that it took a trans woman to bring out the femininity in Beyonce. But when she calls on Leyomi to act like a lady and team player instead of a entitled ball queen, pearls are clutched.

    If gay performers want to be taken seriously, they have to be serious and be able to take the spotlight. It looks like Leyomi may be wilting.

  7. Jesse says

    Not all females act like ladies, lil mama.
    Some act like bitches, which Layomi was doing a fine job of. Tens across the board!

  8. sparks says

    Honestly I thought Lil Mama’s comments would have been wildly inappropriate, EVEN if she hadn’t made the dig about Leyomi being transgendered. And while the other judges’ comments were more encouragements and less like reprimands, they too were out of line. I just don’t think it’s AT ALL appropriate for judges — during a performance critique — to make remarks about what happened off-stage during rehearsals. If they felt it necessary to counsel a group for behavior or cohesion trouble, that should have been done behind-the-scenes.

    After all, the show is America’s BEST Dance Crew … not America’s HAPPIEST Dance Crew. And “best” doesn’t mean there are never any conflicts or disagreements.

    By the way, I haven’t liked Mario Lopez’s antics either. When introducing the group on previous weeks he has made it a point to lisp and use words like “fabulous” in his best little “gay” voice. Not appreciated in the least. He needs to understand, that’s not the same as including a few words in Spanish for the Brazilian group; it’s stereotyping and it’s wrong.

    There. Glad I got all that off my chest.

  9. Rodney Wollam says

    Hmmm .. I don’t watch this show, so I didn’t know JC Chasez is a judge on it. I’ve been missing out! He’s still HOT.

  10. Trent says

    Lil Mama’s comment in this video was wayyyy out of line. Yes, we all agree that Leiomy had an issue she needed to work on, which was being a team player. But what the fuck does it have to do with her being transgender? We tend to ALL mess up in situations as this one. Everyone has to learn and everyone has hit this issue at least once. Its a human nature thing, not because Leiomy is transgender. Even as a man she shouldn’t be judged based off her gender. Watch the next episode, I’m glad what Leiomy had to say about Lil Mama.