1. Dude says

    What is there to want about this goon ?

    I guess you guys have not had enough muscle slaves. I have … there is nothing there once you get over their looks…. and narcisstic quality.

  2. northshore says

    He’s from the town near me and worked out at the same gym. He’s actually a really nice guy and very gay friendly. Totally into his body, but hey, it takes a lot of work to look that. I’d show it off, too!

  3. Frank says

    I was a big fan of Real World: Brooklyn and Scott is a really nice guy and very gay-positive. he went way beyond saying “accepting” things but demonstrated an ability to have real intimate caring conversations with the queer people on the show. so everyone stop being so bitter!

  4. Kyle says

    Hot water “opens the pores and makes the follicle come out easier”?
    Dude, please…. you’re shaving, not waxing.
    Yeah he’s purdy, but not too smart.

  5. says

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