1. Billy says

    “It’s the same person, but I find myself attracted to the guy he is now … and repelled by the guy he was then.”

    Ick, total opposite for me. He’s shlumpy at first, but about halfway through the year he’s already an odd-looking caricature.

  2. Aaron says

    There’s a gigantic transformation between :08-:12. I have a hard time believing that change happened over a month or so. It’s not just the bad fake tan, look how much his stomach changes over 15 pictures.

  3. Henry says

    Hmm, my last post didn’t show up. This video is doing the rounds again (it’s pretty old), but without attribution. The dude is John Stone, and you can follow him over at where he runs a “blog” that catalogues his daily workout, food, and life. Very interesting, very useful, and he is a genuine guy.

  4. Henry says

    @aaron He’s cutting – carb depleting pretty aggressively during that part of the video. The tan pretty much helps to show it off, and like any advert for the latest supplements, he’s flexing everything he can. The guy does cardio every day, and weights 3 times a week. You can work wonders if you try hard enough (and no, I haven’t tried hard enough myself).

  5. Charles says

    His boxers are waaay too baggy. I prefer tighter Calvins.
    So is it John Stone in the video? And if so, did he do this over the course of a year or a few months? To be honest, it looks a bit doctored, but his website seems very honest.

  6. James says

    Dude looks way better to begin with. Why you ask? Because he looks like if you went out for a dinner he wouldn’t order the salad and then have to leave at 9 to get enough sleep before his 6AM workout. Life is for living. Don’t buy into the body image bullshit.

  7. Charles says

    Yes! I preferred him just under half way though, as well. It seems that some people get addicted to the lifestyle/workout and fall in love with their self image (under the guise of “healthy living”). Some of the “food” these people eat is as scary as the stuff they gave up. But hey, whatever makes you happy. I just don’t think that his “After” image is any kind an ideal goal.

  8. Rich says

    I think he looks best at :06, blue trunks. A very natural looking body, like someone who cares about his health, but doesn’t obsess about his body. Keep the tan, smooth muscled look, and give me natural, huggable and happy.

  9. walter says

    Steven — find a nice man (and there are lots) who will like you for the way you are — and take lots of walks.

    You are young — that itself is a huge thing — just ignore the young shallow fools and stop lusting after THEM and find a nice man.

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