1. Paul R says

    I am really excited about this, though I think Burroughs was responsible for more people doing more heroin than anyone else in popular culture.

    Now I want to go shoot some guns.

    Anyone else ever seen parallels between him and Trent Reznor, who both inherited fortunes based on office equipment they never had to touch?

  2. says

    There was already an excellent documentary on Burroughs, which interviewed him as well as his son before either died. It was called “Burroughs”. I saw it in the cinema in the 80’s and have a copy at home, but it wasn’t exactly well known when it was released. (Except among my friends who were Burroughs readers). I’ll look for this one as well… be interesting to watch both in a row.

  3. ricardo says

    hey andy….
    love that quote at the top. much as, burroughs is an amusingly genuine character in an age of filling in the cobble stones of the meat packing district with caricature skeletons hobbling in a state that makes that quote beautiful. perhaps, in recognizing the manner by which some have involved themselves in something removed from the rasberry gallery — in observance of many people producing on-line for quite awhile removed from ghostly and ghastly entities that are limited in stepping forward or merely prefer the shadows intrinsic to some contemporary programs that induce inertia — apart from being showcases for the lag to what i believe some call — equality. cheap happy hour takes precedence.

  4. coolbearinmd says

    Andy, please note that Howard Brookner’s 1983 documentary “Burroughs” is widely considered a classic of queer-themed cinema. Howard, who was the partner of writer Brad Gooch, died of complications associated with HIV infection in 1989, and was also the director of “Bloodhounds of Broadway,” featuring Madonna as well as a documentary on avant-garde theater artist Robert Wilson.

  5. Karl says

    I have to agree with previous comments here. The 1983 documentary, Burroughs, by Howard Brookner is excellent. It offers a very intimate and honest view of the man and is full of original footage of him in his home, with friends, and with his very troubled son. Although I’m excited to see this new documentary, I doubt it will surpass the 1983 one.

  6. kansastock says

    I met Burroughs and his longtime companion, James, about 15 years ago. Unique… lets just say. I can claim to have swam nekid (as can several hundred others) in his east Lawrence compound’s pool. Unfortunately, I didn’t share in the party drugs, which would have been necessary to read any of his works.

  7. Severin von Kusiemski says

    I am waiting for someone to make a film of The Wild Boys. For me, it is the most cinematic and visual of all of Burroughs work. And when finally someone makes it, I want to see real honest-to-god teenage boys, not shaved twinks.

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