American Family Association Warns Its Minions About DOMA Repeal

The American Family Association sent out a warning to its 2.6 million supporters after the DOMA repeal bill was introduced yesterday.

Vitagliano "Said AFA spokesman Ed Vitagliano, 'If DOMA falls, the door will be wide
open for activist judges to order one state after another to recognize
same-sex marriages performed in other states. In all 30 states where natural marriage has been put to a vote,
American citizens have voted decisively to protect the institution of
marriage as it has been understood since the dawn of time. This is no
time for Congress to trample on the will of the people and create the
likelihood that they will be forced to accept values they have rejected
at the ballot box.'

"Added Bryan Fischer, AFA’s Director of Issues Analysis, 'People in
state after state have made it clear that they do not want either
Congress or activist judges tampering with the time-honored institution
of marriage. People who care about the institution of marriage and care about their
own state’s Tenth Amendment right to decide this issue for themselves
should be outraged at this frontal assault on the cornerstone of
American society and on the democratic process itself.' Fischer pointed out that even Rep. Barney Frank, the most prominent
homosexual member of Congress, thinks the current ploy is a bad idea. 'For perhaps the first time in history, the AFA is urging members of
Congress to listen to Barney Frank.'"

Idiots. Barney Frank still wants DOMA repealed. He just feels legal challenges stand a better chance than a legislative measure.

Posted September 16, 2009 at 10:10am ETC by Andy Towle
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