Arizona Governor Takes Away State Domestic Partner Benefits
Says ‘God Has Placed Me in This Powerful Position’

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has eliminated state domestic partner benefits a year after they were implemented, the Arizona Daily Star reports:

Brewer "A bill signed by Gov. Jan Brewer redefined a 'dependent,'
canceling the rule change made by Gov. Janet Napolitano that allowed
domestic partners to receive benefits. Also eliminated are children of domestic partners, full-time
students ages 23-24 and disabled adult dependents. The legislation is
in legal review. About 800 state employees are affected, according to the state's administration department…Liz Sawyer, a UA staff member, said the exclusion is 'deplorable and it's tragic.' Sawyer is a spokeswoman for OUTReach, a staff group that lobbies for domestic-partner benefits at UA. Last year 170 UA employees signed up for domestic-partner
benefits, she said. Forty were same-sex couples and the remainder were
unmarried, opposite-sex couples, she said."

Did God tell Brewer to do it?

"Gov. Jan Brewer said Wednesday that she believes 'God has placed
me in this powerful position as Arizona's governor' to help the state
weather its troubles. In a wide-ranging speech on the role of religion in politics and
in her life, Brewer detailed to a group of pastors of the Missouri
Synod of the Lutheran Church how she relies on her faith and in prayer
to deal with many of the issues she faces as the state's chief
executive. Brewer also said there are times when, during a meeting with
staffers, one will suggest praying about an issue. … But Brewer also said she recognizes the difference between bringing her faith to the office and having an 'agenda.' … 'The problem with having a political agenda is that we give the impression that we have God's truth,' the governor said. 'We think we can convert God's truth into a political platform, a
set of political issues, and that there is 'God's way' in our
politics,' Brewer continued. 'I don't believe that for a moment, any
more than you believe that God's way is exclusively the Lutheran way.' The governor said, though, she believes it is right — if not
inevitable — that elected officials bring their faith to their offices."



  1. says

    Disgusting in every way. Has she never read the 1st Amendment? So, her ‘god’ put her in this ‘powerful position’, not the voters of Arizona? Hopefully, the will be in the position to take her out of it.

  2. says







  3. Darren says

    Yes it was God, not the voters…

    Like GOD has time to worry about who the hell is running Arizona???? Jeez.. The arrogance of that comment alone makes my blood boil.

  4. Rowing_Canada says

    I can’t believe what I just read. I live in Canada and sometimes take for granted that I have the opportunity to get married.

    I was suppose to plan a trip to AZ this winter… if she’s still in office, I throw her a Canadian snowball.

  5. Jeff says

    This is SO very frighteningly disturbing. It actually put chills down my spine. At least she is OVERTLY a bigot, and not COVERTLY one; we know what we are up against.

  6. Eric says

    I just hope that for these self righteous conservative religious fanatics (who are not spiritual by the way because to be spiritual you need to be a peaceful person not a person who promotes hate) time is running out because there will soon come a day when the more progressive people of this nation and the world, will get fed up with these nutheads ruining it for the rest of us. I think you can only get away with preaching hate and intolerance for so long until the rest of the population with common sense gets tired of this religious crusade. It didn’t work in the 17th Century and it wont work now.

  7. Eric says

    Google Arizona governer and e mail her. Say you live in maricopa county and put in zip code 85023. Let her know she’s not a Christian. She’s an opportunist. Let her know god is watching and he thinks she’s a moron.
    These bible beaters need to be called out not as unamerican, that means nothing to them- they think they own America, but as un Christian. In the middle east, where they have the same religious nuts trying to drag us back to the dark ages, the only thing that works is calling out thier behavior as anti-Muslim. We have to be relentless in pointing out that war, discrimination, and bigotry are anti-Christian.
    There are millions of people who think Jesus would support the NRA. Who think Jesus would ride with soldiers in humvees in Iraq. And who think Jesus would let children rot in foster care rather than be adopted by a loving gay couple. I’m not religious but it’s time we take Jesus back from these assholes. Religion has historically been the only means for an ideology based minority to exert power over the masses. If we want to change the world we have to start there.

  8. AED says

    I’m actually more offended that she reneged the rights of children and disabled dependents. If God is telling her that disabled offspring are not worthy of healthcare, when they typically need more of it than anyone else in the family, then her God is not a just one.

  9. MikeMick says

    She has a point. During the feudal age, monarchs claimed that God made them a ruler because they were born into their position. Brewer is obviously descended from Marie Antoinette, so to bring her historical arc full circle, does anyone have a guillotine they want to rent me for an afternoon?

  10. Dennis says

    Did this cunt also ban ALL Red Lobsters (as eating shellfish is also an abomination in the bible) and is she instating a policy of stoning adulterers?..doubtful.

    CUNT! Goddamn holier-than-thou Jeebus freak brainwashed CUNT!

  11. jimmyboyo says

    the voters didn’t pick her for governor

    She was sec of state (AZ has no lt gov) and the 1st in line to replace Napolitano when obama tapped her for an administration job.

    The repub replaced the DEM and at least was not voted in as governor by the people

  12. crispy says

    She is up for re-election next year, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be busting my ass to get her outta office.

    Best-case scenario: Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon (who is Democrat and pro-gay, though a bit of an alcoholic) runs for governor and wins. Vice Mayor Tom Semplot (who is gay and my neighbor) becomes mayor of Phoenix.

  13. Name: says

    As if God would really want Jan. I wonder if he spoke to her. We should ask her if there was anything else he said. Does he want Obama’s health care? Did he say how to fix the economy? Good grief.

  14. David says

    One of my good friends just lost her health insurance because of this woman. (She had insurance through her wife/partner who works at a state university.)

    She has a “pre-existing condition” (had cancer), so not so easy to get insurance again. I hope Jan Brewer realizes the devastating effects her “beliefs” will have on the lives of others.

  15. 'mo boy says

    I just moved back to AZ, from liberal WA, and I really regret having to live in such a backward-ass state as this. Especially after having lived in such a great place as Seattle (which has dom partner rights now).
    I was at the fundraising dinner a few years ago when Janet Napolitano signed the bill granting domestic partner rights to state employees, and I remember tearing up over it. It was really moving.

    But this offense by Gov Brewer makes my blood boil.

  16. says

    @ Eric : Thanks for the contact info.

    This is God speaking:

    I’ve just contacted the office of that smug self satisfied delusional arrogant unchristian homophobic piece of homophobic shit….and I’ve told her that she doesn’t speak for me ! I don’t know who she spoke to up here but we don’t take calls from the clinically insane we refer them for treatment to their local mental health facilities.
    Peace to all my gentle friends;

  17. B says

    With those white clothes, soft filter and back lighting, it’s hard to argue with her. In fact if you squint your eyes and tilt your head she almost looks like Jesus.

  18. Bayley says

    Arizona homos….GET READY TO FIGHT!
    Protest….get out there….yell…scream (and not on these blogs!)…write…call….orchestrate…demonstrate. This is COMPLETE bull sh*t!
    Us gays need to start getting more forceful, don’t we? I think the nice guy role isn’t working so well.
    I expect EVERY single gay person in AZ to hold their own, and not crawl under a rock. The country is watching you.

  19. SFshawn says

    Good luck with your bullshit justifications for destroying people’s lives Gov Brewer and all in the name of GOD? Wow…just WOW. Is it 2009?
    You are one seriously mean spirited CUNT and no matter how much white you wear and how innocent you claim to be…your actions WILL have consequences!
    FUCK YOU and I hope your life becomes a living hell. I hope those who live in Arizona don’t accept this hateful woman as their representative.

  20. Ricster says

    Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.

    “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between church and State. “

  21. Bklynbryan says

    Cutting benefits for domestic partners is awful, and it’s too bad she believes her faith requires that.

    Interesting though when she says that “God’s truth” can’t be converted into a political platform. It shows slightly more humility and introspection than you see from most religious conservatives.

  22. crispy says

    “One of my good friends just lost her health insurance because of this woman. (She had insurance through her wife/partner who works at a state university.)”

    We need to dress her up in a hospital gown, put her in a hospital bed, and wheel her into the lobby of the State Capital. Along with about 800 other people who will lose their health insurance. See if Gov. Brewer gets the point.

  23. Kristina says

    I am disgusting to have to call her Governor! On the bright side, we didn’t elect her-she was forced upon our state when Janet Napolitano took the Sec of Defense position in Obama’s cabinet. I can’t wait for our next election to get rid of her…

  24. Rev. Donna Tara Lee says

    This is what happens when a religious faith person is in office. They forget the constitution is the law of the land, not the bible. It should read, ” one nation, under the constitution, ” not under god. Until it is changed and all have equal rights in America I will not stand for it. Until then it’s a lie.

  25. Contrarian says

    Queens in high agitation mode never read important details. The article says “signed a bill”, meaning the Legislature was at fault. This is not some religious fiat, and as much as I think Mr. Towle deserved that award he needs to write more carefully. It is also a cheap shot at a Lutheran whose denomination is NOT comparable to Mormons or the evangelical far-right.

    If some in the LGB community want to lam bast all persons of faith, without drawing distinctions, do you plan to confront all those guys/gals in clerical garb at next month’s march in D.C?

  26. walter says

    This bitch is playing to fear when is the next election for governor of arizona . if this the thinking of the people of the state let mexico have it back. It is time for a total boycott of all this tourist that hates gays but not our money New England ecept for Rhode Island is beautiful this time of year to hell with calif ariz and florida let them eat sand and die

  27. sandy says

    Ok. So take away domestic partner benefits and the children of domestic partners that is bad enough almost unbelievable in this day and age but on top of that take away benefits of adult disabled children and you have really done GOD proud.

    True believers know do on to others as you would do on to yourself.

    WOW is all I can say.

  28. Angry Fag says

    The year is 2010. in a startling revelation, God tells the xtian community to start aiming their rifles at homos. Millions die.

    Considering the precedents set during the years 2007-2009, the majority of the US population turns their head. Between gay panic defense, and fear of their neighbors calling the xtian reich hotline and turning them in as a fag, even the most liberal of hets is afraid to walk the streets without a cross, a bible and a Praise Be To Jesus.

    It is war people.
    There is no question.
    These people will NOT stop until we are wiped off the face of the planet or beaten into submission and shoved back into our closets, grateful to have mere air to breathe without the right to walk the streets.

  29. Angry Fag says

    RE: John McCain

    Didn’t he, in a speech, say that gay marriage was a threat to national security?

    Doesn’t sound like a sane person to me. That’s a little dramatic, even for a republitard

  30. steve satlow says

    With the temporary exception of Janet Napolitano,Arizona has always had bat-shit crazy governors. The history of the criminal activity & psychiatriac instability in the state house would make a great HBO series.
    Once again, it might befall a gay man to clean it up.

  31. Anne Geren says

    Uh, what happened to separation of church and state, and ummmmm, I thought He lived in Crawford, Texas…surely there will be a recall group forming in the immediate future. Just because we inherited her doesn’t mean we have to keep her. This is truly horrifying.

  32. mike says

    Dear Rev. Lee: FYI, the phrase “one nation, under G*D” is from the Pledge of Allegiance and up until 1954, it went like this: “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. Then, at the height of the McCarthy Witch Hunts, our dear Republicon friends introduced a bill in congress that would change the wording of the Pledge of Allegiance to what it is now: “one nation, under G*d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Even then, 55 years ago, the Republicons were playing the “G*d card”. In 1954, the Republicons had taken control of Congress for the first time since the early 1930’s or so, and no Democrat wanted to be seen as anti-G*d, so the bill passed easily and with very little debate. I believe that is also when Congress authorized “In God We Trust” to be put on our money (paper and coin). Disgusting!

  33. Ted says

    Appears that Obama’s folks could have done a better job understanding who was slotted to replace the people he offered positions to. Seems to be we’re worse off in Utah for the same reason [like we had anything our way there!]

  34. Christopher Rees says

    Well all I got to say is she is an uneducated bigot that needs to be removed from office……someone there needs to start a petion to remove her from office.

  35. Jake says

    It’s not just this sad woman Gov., Jan Brewer that needs to be confronted. Those denied health coverage need to be parked in front of her LCMS church every sunday.

    Those pastors need to be confronted daily with the misery their bigotry causes.

  36. Philip Wester says

    I love it how these hypocrites and wingnuts who think it’s right to bring their faith into politics scream bloody murder whenever anything “anti-religious” is even discussed. Remember 10 Commandmentsgate?

  37. BMF says

    This action is shameful. However, I cannot help but note that all women or white people aren’t being held accountable for her actions unlike when anti-gay behavior is seen in people of color.

  38. Coemgen in the UK says

    Hell’s bells, you’ve got some real nutters ruling your country!

    Don’t you have a Constitution or something that promises you all equal treatment (or has that been cancelled for non-Christians?)

  39. says

    Really? My ghost said BOO, so there. Why, after reading the Constitution, is this shit tolerated at all, ever?! This country isn’t legally suppose to run on the ghost whispers.
    Gays need to form a religion, a church that will push back against this idiocy with the same force of faith as the allegedly “Christian” right. Fight them on their own flaky ground.

  40. says

    Where are the “moderate” Christians when “lunatic fringe” Christian pull this bull shit. Oh, right, the same place “moderate” Republicans hang out whenever Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh do their dirty work for them, Quietly off in the corner. Will their silence protect them or is our population ever going to call them out?

  41. Xman says

    I live in this state and have first hand knowledge that this is far from over. The hate that comes from the state senators and house is wacked. Prop 102 back in 2008 put discrimination into the state constitution and ended marriage equality. She ends domestic benifits and calls it balancing the budget. This is but a taste of what we can look forward to come NOV’s election if they get into power on a national level.

  42. Zack Wilde says

    Bring back feeding “Christians” to the lions!
    Or implement our law of separation of church and state!
    Or at least ban from cultist zealots like her from our government!

  43. R L Pete Housman says

    Well isn’t SHE just peeing in the WELCOME BASKET……And I thought that we were going to have to figure out how to carve out Texas and Okalahoma while leaving Arizonia attached.
    Nope just lope it all off and give it back to Mexico….I am so sure that the good Native Population of that country will just love to have Her as their guest.

  44. says

    Really? Really? GOD put you in a position where you can disseminate hate to your constituents? This is the message you’re sending? So sad. Quit hiding behind god- if that’s what you believe, you’re ignorant but fine. But to use god as your justification for creating inequality….is deplorable. I thought god said something about loving EVERYONE. Perhaps I was mistaken, seeing as how this is the message most often lost. So pathetic.

  45. Chris says

    Seems like people who have no logical explanation tend to use God as an excuse. They think if they include god in every sentence,it will justify their action and behavior. Such a Shame!

  46. Todd l Knight says

    This lady should step down and let her husband run the state! This is the type of thinking that puts woman barefoot,pregnant and cooking over a stove. I am not gay, I have two boys and a girl on the way and I will never teach this type of backwards thinking to my kids. She should go and hang out with the hillbillies from Kentucky. If anyone wants me to run Arizona Governor just let me know and I know I would do a hell of a lot better job than her. What gives her the right to send the state backwards?

  47. KarenT says

    How many more civil rights will need to be taken away by these Republicans before people realize we cannot let them take more seats in the November election? Arizona, VA and NJ have Republican governors within the past year and look at what has happened. Are we really going to let these kinds of decisions occur in the rest of the country? That’s what will happen in November if we don’t vote and work to get dems to the polls. Please go to and sign up to volunteer to get the vote out, even if it’s just a couple of hours a week!

  48. Jorge E Rivero says

    I thought we were no longer in a time where religion ruled over government. What’s next… the Salem Witch Hunt revisited? Instead of progressing we’re regressing… Sad, very sad. One thing is to have a spiritual/religious belief, but another is to bring it into the office. Can she actually reverse what’s already been put in place? I mean so let’s cut off our nose to spite our face, basically because more than just LGBTQs are being affected.

  49. RogueLesbian says

    I can’t believe this woman is there any end to her HATE!!!! First the anti Immigration law and now this. Who does she think she is. Come on now, God didn’t place her there… The people of Arizona did. What an abuse of power she definatly needs to be IMPEACHED!!!!!

  50. Nyah says

    I never knew God was a racist, homophobic cunt. This bitch needs to be fired. And she needs to stop using God has an excuse for her bigotry.

    When she says God is a reason for her actions, it discourages people to actually believe in him. Shameful.

  51. CRiley1970 says


  52. Rob says

    I cannot find a single other news story about this, and it appears the story you linked to on the The Star’s website has been removed. What gives?

  53. Karen says

    Am I the only one who is reading this and seeing the words? She did not change anyone’s ability to marry or not marry. I read that all she did was change domestic-partner benefits. More than 76% of the people who took advantage of the law were OPPOSITE-SEX PARTNERS — people who could legally marry but who chose to co-habitat.

    Sounds to me like people who don’t believe in marriage at all and who also don’t believe in God are the one’s with the agenda.

    I’m not a Christian, so please don’t bore me with anti or pro-Christian remarks.

  54. Ed says

    WOW…What kind of drugs is this bitch doing? Will the whole state of AZ have to become Lutheran?
    I guess she will make every decision after getting a replied from God…Or from a OIJA BOARD!!!

  55. E says

    “Also eliminated are children of domestic partners, full-time students ages 23-24 and disabled adult dependents.”

    Does that mean all students and disabled adults or only ones of domestic partners, and either way, why is she punishing these people?

  56. Nick says

    As I read this article and focus on the words out of the corner of my eye I see Governor Brewer’s photo, which eerily starts to appear as a skeleton. Is this a sign from God? Try it yourself, don’t stare directly at it. Just stare at the words.


  57. says

    She’s trying to out-Michelle-Bachman Michelle Bachman… and succeeding. Wow.

    It makes me really, really sad to think this woman’s in office because of Obama’s massive ego… in having to try to appoint every democratic governor and their mother.

  58. says

    Who in Arizona will lead the impeachment hearings? They should begin TOMORROW. She has overstepped, and I hope this is ruled unconstitutional, but even if it is, she should be removed from office immediately.

  59. Steve Azzopardi says

    What lack of compassion? And, she claim to be a Christian? or whatever? There is no compassion nor does she have the wisdom of Solomon from the Old Testament. She is just plain pompous and arrogant too. How can she even identify with God’s law? She might as well be a self proclaimed “God”…and that is against the first commandment. God have mercy on her.

  60. israel luna says

    Think of it this way:

    She may be setting herself up for a scandalous sex tape, past prostitution, marital cheating, vag-photo op (a la Britney, Lohan), naked photo/text to a politician, past or current lesbian relationship or other deliciously juicy happenings from her present or past. Cause you know it’s coming.

    israel luna

  61. Patti says

    I don’t even live in AZ and I am totally outraged.Jan Brewer, if you are reading what these people are saying about you godly powers you need to know that the people voted you in office and they have the power to vote you out as well! We need another dictator like we need a hole in the head.You have no right in picking sexual preference for anyone.The God I know is a forgiving God anyway, what God are you referring to?? Your political days is going to be short lived if you don’t wake up and give them the freedom we worked so hard to get as Americans.I am so ashamed of our government right now!

  62. Mike Reid says

    I went to the University of Arizona back in the 1980s. It’s a beautiful state and Tucson is a beautiful city.
    But between this and the state’s approach to foreign nationals i’m not going back anytime soon.
    I find it fascinating that she was addressing the Missouri Lutheran Synod. These folks don’t ordain women or allow them to “speak in church”. What a pathetic excuse for a Christian.

  63. Sheri says

    What a stupid ignorant bitch! How dare you pass judgement & delete the rights of other human beings!If God had “stepped in” he would have told you to love & help your neighbors & to leave the judging to him! If you ever need life support or CPR, I hope the only people around to offer it are the ones you shit on.

  64. says

    This is the same racist ignoramus that is racially profiling Latinos in AZ. If one of them doesn’t slap her in the face, I hope one of us gays or lesbos can get to her!

  65. Francisco says

    Do not use the word of God as water to rinse your dirty, ugly heart. God is merciful and loves all of us regardless of our skin color , sexual orientation, or immigration status. Have you given any thought to the “Americans” that cross the boarder towns to buy drugs, get drunk and kill the women of Juarez for their personal enjoyment? Has Mexico bannned US citizens from traveling into a country where their only objective is to cause harm? Have you thought about the reprecussions your actions will have on those American citizens living in Mexico and South America?

  66. deborah says

    well the ones who say that this is ignornant your the one is ignornant you better remember whos in control god is in control and always will be god tells us to fight for our country and our rights this is not there country they are not ciztens here they have no rights its time us americans stand up and fight and take back america

  67. JD says

    Man… no wonder folks vilify my faith. This is exactly why I stay at home with my bible instead of going to the church house.

    I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to presume what God or Christ would do, but something tells me Jesus wouldn’t cut off benefits to the needy, the sick, the disabled, or to children. You know, he kind of followed that whole “do unto others” shtick pretty seriously.

  68. Robert says

    OK. I find this extremely disturbing. If we FOLLOW God’s teaching, then he is the ONE and ONLY who will make decisions on judgement day. It is not OUR place to judge in the meantime. I’m sorry Governor Brewer but I think you need to take a good look around you and never judge a book by its cover. I don’t care WHO anyone is, EVERYONE on this earth has something to offer. I hope you will open your eyes and not miss some of the beauty around you just because it maybe doesn’t come in a package you understand. God Bless.

  69. OTRDriver1 says

    Deborah; you might want to go back to high school and learn the proper use of “their” “there” and “they’re”,-Their-and-They're “well the ones who say that this is ignornant your the one is ignornant you better remember whos in control god is in control and always will be god tells us to fight for our country and our rights this is not there country they are not ciztens here they have no rights its time us americans stand up and fight and take back america

  70. ForGod says

    Way to go Governor Jan! Keep up the great work, although the only thing I question is those who are disabled. They still need assistance.
    Keep your focus on God!
    The United States is a Christian nation founded by God!

  71. Lugh says

    The voters of AZ did NOT elect this nut-job bitch! She got into office because AZ has a stupid system that puts whoever comes in second in the gubernatorial race into the office of Lt. Governor. When Janet Napolitano accepted her current position, that left a political vacuum that sucked Brewer into her current position. Interesting that President Obama selected Janet, thus creating the vacuum which put Brewer where she is. Does this mean she thinks Obama is God? After all, she DID say God put her in her current position! Almost as bad a twinkie as that “Dan Quayle in a wig” from Alaska!

  72. Nicola says

    Well, good on her I say. Jesus promoted marraige between one man and one womam. Homosexuality is wrong, look in the bible it is a sin, as is living together before you get married. she is not promoting ‘hate’ as some people have said, she is simply going by what it says in the bible. The reason why God does not want people to do these things is because he wants every person to live a satisfied, victorious life, and he knows that if people do those things, those things will hurt them, and their life wont be what its supposed to be. Quite frankly I dont care who disagrees with me, or who doesnt, this is the truth. If you dont like it , tough.It is sad that the children and disabled people have been caught up in this, but God will find some other way of helping them, I beleive she has done the right thing! Well done, Janet!

  73. Ashley says

    There should be a law or it should be in the oath when you swear in (if it isn’t already) that you must abide by seperation of church and state. If you cannot handle that then your ass should be thrown out of office.

  74. dutch girl says

    We have such a lack of understanding about gays. My very religous family in Holland where my grandparents had 11 children, 5 of which were lesbians or gays. Don’t they know yet in this country, that you don’t become a homosexual, but are born that way?
    Do you think, that any gay person in this country wanted to be one, knowing how they are murdered, beaten, and can be fired for being one?
    I am glad that my Calvinist grandparents never saw anything different amongst their children and neither does the Dutch nation, where gays openly serve in the military and enjoy a normal life. I hope and pray that one day this nation will wake up and discover that the old writings of 2000 years ago, don’t hold truth in this age. We know more about the human body these days.
    Wake up America, your children need you!

  75. Kyle Sullivan says

    Calling names won’t work. It’s time to fight back against these people with their own arguments. Start reminding them what it says in the Bible, all in Matthew, Chapter 7.

    Verses 15-16: “Beware false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

    Verses 21-23: “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father, who is in heaven. Many will say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out demons? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    And what is the main teaching all Christians are supposed to follow?

    Verse 12: “Therefore, all things whatever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

    And if people like this…this female person…who claim to be Christian ain’t doin’ this, they ain’t Christian and need to be called on their hypocrisy.

  76. Olivia says

    Oh HELL no.

    It is absolutely despicable when somebody gets on a moral high ground using their faith, not to mention the added sting of patronizing.

  77. MichaelB says

    Thank GOD for Jan Brewer. The posts on this board are from a bunch of people who have no moral compass. They think they can do whatever they want without any consequences from the God of Abraham.

    Most don’t believe in this God. Let me say something else… ALL knees will bow before Him and at that time if He says, “I don’t know you”, enjoy eternity in a lot of heat hotter than AZ. Enjoy your pitiful lives now. If you haven’t noticed the U.S. is in hell and the heat is getting hotter.

    I am sick of stupid, ignorant people. Wake up, smell the coffee and act like you resemble some sort of human form with moral.

  78. says

    Queers should move to the middle east. This is the land of God, you want evil, move to the middle east. Let them cut your head off, lol. Queers living together is child abuse in my mind. You’re allowing children to watch you and is contributing to the delinquency of that child. Boys don’t put penis in anuses. Watch animals breed. What normal human would condone this behavior? Be an example for children, not an evil monster. I suppose children should be allowed to do heroin too ehh? Why not give them gas cans and lighters too? If it was up to me it would be legal to whip out a pistol and pop queers off at the drop of a hat. Sorry, but I’m a man of law and righteousness and I don’t need a Bible to tell me that

  79. Ervs says

    She needs to be challenged under Article 6 of the US Constitution that says there will be no religious test for the public trust i.e. the laws and statutes.

    When Jan Brewhaha said she could do it because of her interptation of God, then she violated the US Constitution. SHe needs to be removed and she needs to be take to court for her willful violation of separation of Church and State as stated in Article 6.

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