1. sd619guy says

    Umm – that’s not a very original concept. The guys doing the Miley song were the first, they were a lot hotter & their video rocked. These Whitney wannabes are imitators and they are not that great.

  2. jay says

    re: they’re kind of old for this, no?

    why do people have to be bitter and use bb’s to get out their own pent up anger/insecurities? it’s fun and they all look great! age is but a number and you, oh jaded one, are a zero.

  3. Bobby says

    Yeah, don’t be so bitter!
    the miley video was adorable and all of my friends asked “now, why haven’t we thought of that?”… so it doesn’t surprise me that another cute video is out there. and there will probably be more!
    These are the kinds of guys i love to know (rather than the bitter and jaded commenters here who resort to age and dance-ability to criticize totally harmless fun videos).

  4. crispy says

    All I did over Labor Day weekend was drink Stoli Blueberry and Lemonade until I blacked out and woke up in a puddle of my own vomit. I coulda been doing this?

  5. Joey Cumley says

    Nah, the first boys were WAY cuter… They also just seemed like carefree boys having a fun weekend on fire island, this one was very contrived. The first video came across as cute, and made everyone smile, this one comes off as annoying. No comparison

  6. says

    where the hell do all these wealthy gays come from who have the free time to drive around in convertible audis doing this kind of shit for amusement?

    i think the “wealthy gay” is the stuff of urban legend… they are ocassionally sighted on youtube to fuel the belief of their existence – not too unlike loch ness/bigfoot sightings

    such sightings offer proof of the age old adage “those gays have money”

    all my gay friends are busted ass broke… wtf


    that said, whilst trapped in my cubicle in hell as penance for uttering such bitter words, i’ll take listening Whitney over Miley any day (if purgatory offers a choice)

  7. paul c says

    This song is about 1000X better than the other one and these guys had choreography….so sorry, but this was better than the other video.(I won’t even say “first” because the Fire Island girls didn’t invent the fucking idea of music videos)

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “All I did over Labor Day weekend was drink Stoli Blueberry and Lemonade until I blacked out and woke up in a puddle of my own vomit. I coulda been doing this?”

    Well, I can hold my liquor, CRISPY. And because of that fact a city coroner will be holding my liver and pancreas pretty soon–just before he dumps them in the trash.

    The video was fun. Somebody once told me that alcohol cleans the digestive tract. I guess booze is good for “bottoms”….I guess.

  9. jay says

    you young gays need to be reminded video parody was not invented by the FIP boys although theirs were great. we gays have been queens of the send up since the dawn of time. so, while that FIP vid was brilliant, let’s not act as if they did anything new.

    and, yes, please stop the personal attacks on these whitney boys. they were exhibiting that gay spirit of having fun that used to be endearing and now evidently is something people are bitter about.

    get a life, all you bitter peeps and just enjoy. laugh a little. i feel sorry for ya.

  10. says

    I’m thinking this is less obnoxious than the first one. The little one in the striped bikini bottoms could so be the next ex Mrs. Washington.

    I’m assuming when a bunch of broke Dominican Queens from J Heights send theirs in we’ll have the pleasure of evaluating it?

  11. Mike says

    I’m gonna hurl.
    A) This makes me understand homophobia.
    B) This is why I live in CA. Guys here don’t wear those nuthuggers.
    C)I’m all for goofing around, but this is just embarrassing. How do they hold their heads up?

  12. GQuinn says

    A red neck, homophobic pig will punch you.

    On here, the haters will destroy your creativity and your self confidence.

    The gays on here cut with words past personal. Mean, catty and bitchy.

    If you have something constructive to say, like weak shots, cheesy song, then thats cool.

    But attacking their ages, the way they look, their dancing skills, is childish. The comments on here are like from the mouths of catty cheerleaders in HS.

    No wonder advertising execs think gay men and High School girls have so much in common. Look at what comes out of your mouths.

    This video if fun, light and it is what it is. For 3 mins, I was somewhere else, like the boys of FIP. I like it. Good work. Very creative. Be yourselves.

  13. says

    Well Darlings I loved it and I am not hater..LOL I love it when people get together and have some fun then share it with the rest of us that are HUmm Drumming at home. Keep it up guys. I hope more will do the same this is fun.

  14. Xxlove-n-suicdexX says

    Most of the guys in this video were in the other one too…so people need to stop being mad haters it is so totally ridiculous! If you had not noticed that at the end their names are posted and most of the names seem to be right other then a few drops and some adds… STOP HATING

  15. Chris O. says

    Hi!! This is cute and I love the FIP Party in the USA…but can you give a shout to me and Jerry doing Breaking Dishes by Rihanna? Hellllo, we had it in ’07! These guys have improved on a good thing for sure…but we had it before them!

  16. Andy says

    I thought It was better than the Miley Cyrus video… It was cute, the funny part I thought was, the fact that the lead was taller than everyone else….lmao

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