Boy George Celebrates Release from Prison Ankle Bracelet


Boy George celebrated the removal of his ankle bracelet yesterday by dancing with his mother and sister and friends in his kitchen. George had been wearing since his release from prison in May on good behavior after serving four months of a 15 month sentence for chaining up escort/model Auden Carlsen.

Images via Twitter.

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  1. says

    Culture Club was very important in the ’80s, to the music biz, and to those of us that didn’t seem to fit in with the then-current gay stereotypes, ie leathermen, indian, cop or construction worker drags. Boy George gave us CRAZY to work with, and for that i’ll forever be indebted to him. i hope he finds some real happiness in this life.

  2. Jake says

    George was VERY lucky (celebrity justice?)on what he got for a sentence! I worked with a guy a few years ago who was charged for false imprisonment for not letting his ex-girlfriend leave his house. He didn’t tie or chain her up, he just wouldn’t let her go for a few hours. He is about four years into his 8-15 years sentence. He was a creep though!

  3. excy says

    Good for him. Looks like he has the support of his family and friends. We have all had our ups and downs….nobody in here is perfect. I have always appreciated Boy George, his candid remarks and observations. So, I hope he can shine now. I wish him all the best!

  4. Mike says

    Like so many other gay dudes (George Michael) they are in denial about thier DRUG ADDICTION problem. Maybe just MAYBE if they got help for thier ADDICTION they might have a second chance at life. Right now the two of them are NOTHING but a laughing stalk for the entire gay community/ Thery are BOTH A MESS! Good looking men still are addicted to drugs and booze. Oh by the way most men who follow them (groopies and follow thier music) are addicts themselves. Time to get a Frickin Clue!

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