1. sparks says

    He has some of the most exquisite facial features. It’s almost unfair that he also has a naturally lean physique. Would love to see what he looks like after a few months off from chest shaving. 😉

  2. JerzeeMike says

    Oh, stop it already! The man is a model and gets paid to look like that. Don’t hate him for it. More Americans should strive to be a bit leaner rather than hitting the drive-thru on the way home to sit on their couches and watch reality TV. Grow up.

  3. ggreen says

    Wonderful bone structure usually reserved for female exploitation by photographers. That said his hair is too short and makes the whole shape of his head look severe and his natural looking eyebrows look very Crawford-esque.

  4. says

    Yeah girls. I *so totally* agree. He’s got a weird head and needs to get fatter. Eew eew eew.

    Reality check time… everybody’s got their own tastes and all that, but clearly this boy is prettier than a summer day. Just fucking enjoy the pictures and be thankful that this kind of beauty exists in the world.

  5. says

    LMFAO at the comments on this guy. He’s probably the first of the Towleroad models in a while who doesn’t reek underfed Eastern Euro porn boy, and yet, he’s got a “weird head”. My God, I hope my pic never gets published anywhere! Yikes! I’ll tell you guys right now, I’m no beauty queen, please, if you ever see my pic, be nice!

    I will watch my comments on peoples looks from now on ’cause God forbid I’m ever up for judging here! 😉

    I do have to say, the comment that left me truly laughing out loud was, ”
    Bravecat, you’re fat, aren’t you?” Oh My Gawd Chandler Bing! That was FUNNEE!

  6. Kristoffer says

    Beautiful body, face, head and all! I personally love the short/shaved head. Buzz cut and shaved close hair cuts have always been a turn on for me. Luckily I work in a police department and get to see hot guys in uniforms with short hair all day long.

  7. Kevin says

    As an Ex-model (from the mid 1980s) the current crop are so busy trying to define a “unique look” (tattoos, moles, aquiline noses or more horsey features) that most look the same. In my day we all had to look a certain way, which believe it or not, accentuated the subtle differences enormously. Current photographers are to blame also most only can shoot women so the guys have to be skeletal too. Trying to live up to Herb Ritts’ standards was impossible as well but at least he knew how to shoot men. (Herb was short and muscular and that’s the kind of men he always featured). Me being over 6 feet I never fit in.

  8. robert says

    Good looking boy-wish he would gain a few pounds.What is this idea that in order for fashion models to work they need to look as though they haven’t had a decent meal in years? When you peel back the bacon, you want to see some meat there!

  9. says

    wow, interesting comments! I shot this story as a project to build my book, but I’m happy now to say that some of these images will be available for purchase! Details to come as Im building a website for some of my work with limited availability. Also includes other heavy hitters from Major Models; Kerry Degman will be in the mix too. Cheers, and thanks for the support!

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