1. mike says

    I could watch Don Lemon all day. I don’t think he’s one of us though. Doesn’t matter. He’s just a very handsome, hot, talking-head who does the job very, very well. One of the best newscasters on cable right now.

  2. anon says

    I’m not sure this whole thing deserves the attention it’s getting. Certainly every president gets death “wishes” and is called a liar, and it certainly wells up from a lot of hatred. Bill Clinton got heckled a lot from the left when he gave speeches, particularly on Bosnia. It comes with the job.

  3. Craig says

    As a minister, he should understand that to say he “hates” someone is equal to killing that person, according to the bible. Besides, God would never preach or condone hate being preached in his name. Law enforcement needs to be watching these type of people closely and take what they say from their pulpits seriously. They have gone way beyond the bounds of freedom of speech and there is a special place in hell waiting for the likes of them.

  4. Jeff R. says

    What bothers me MOST are Steven Anderson’s followers! Did ANY of them, while watching and listening to this sermon, get up and walk out? Fred Phelps, Steven Anderson… These are speeches of HATE. No one should be allowed freedom of speech when it’s filled with hate and violence.

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