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Ed Westwick Sports Some Major New Ink


Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick went out and got some big tattoos to celebrate his masculinity. One more (which, unfortunately, does not resemble Chace Crawford), AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. He's just gross now.

    Posted by: Mike | Sep 15, 2009 10:12:23 AM

  2. He was always gross. Now he's gross AND trashy. The feather looks nice and professionally done but the others scattered across his right arm look like homemade tats when he was either in the Navy or prison. THIS is a TV star and heart throb?

    Posted by: Don | Sep 15, 2009 10:52:34 AM

  3. you put a blur-box over cartoon breasts on a tattoo? really?

    Posted by: boxerdude | Sep 15, 2009 10:56:55 AM

  4. They look well done. I like them. He's hot as shit.

    Posted by: JeffRob | Sep 15, 2009 10:57:05 AM

  5. http://horribletattoos.blogspot.com/

    Posted by: steve | Sep 15, 2009 10:57:13 AM

  6. Who gets two fucking tattoo's done at the same time? Oh yeah, fags trying to butch it up.

    Posted by: Scott | Sep 15, 2009 11:57:54 AM

  7. idiot

    Posted by: john | Sep 15, 2009 12:15:27 PM

  8. I'm presuming that he ran this by his employer and that this wasn't just some spontaneous dick move. Actors are bound by their contracts not to alter their appearances in any extreme manner, and since the series he's starring is concerned mainly with bed-hopping, wealthy sluts, this could land him in a bit of hot water with the studio.

    Posted by: Gry | Sep 15, 2009 12:30:54 PM

  9. Not a fan of tattoos, but he's still cute.

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Sep 15, 2009 12:51:37 PM

  10. If he didn't disgust me so much I'd be embarrassed for him.

    Girl please! Just because you put some cartoon tits on your should it doesn't make you any less gay!

    Posted by: Jake | Sep 15, 2009 1:19:00 PM

  11. Actually, I always thought it was an extreme masochist who got two tattoos at once.

    Posted by: mike | Sep 15, 2009 2:23:02 PM

  12. OMG! So edgy! These slebs are so relevant to my life that want to run out and get one RIGHT NOW!

    Posted by: Latebrosus | Sep 15, 2009 2:47:14 PM

  13. Trash, just pure trash.
    Looks like the latest trailer trash tats.

    The only thing I can think of is what Diana Vreeland used to say..."Never ink your body". And a more chic person than her never existed, so there.

    Posted by: Brad | Sep 15, 2009 3:03:49 PM

  14. Is it just me, or do you see a cock in that feather?

    I really looks like a cock.

    -- What an ugly tattoo

    Posted by: Nathan | Sep 15, 2009 3:28:53 PM

  15. Not a fan of his or the ugly tattoos.

    Posted by: jakeinlove | Sep 15, 2009 4:14:44 PM

  16. Is he trying to convince the world he is a tough sailor ?!

    Posted by: jaragon | Sep 15, 2009 9:37:40 PM

  17. I never noticed him before, but now I'm curious.

    He's hot.

    Sad twats.

    Posted by: Rey | Sep 15, 2009 9:43:43 PM

  18. Tattoos = Masculine? I know a lot of gays with tattoos, and they weren't done to be butch.

    Posted by: Ryan | Sep 30, 2009 11:42:58 PM

  19. I think his cute but his soo not hot when his wearing like that. I like it better in Gossip Girl and with some powder on the cheeks,

    Posted by: Amirawwks | Oct 30, 2009 8:58:57 AM

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