Gay Iraq Vet Anthony Woods Defeated in Bid for Tauscher Seat

Anthony Woods, the gay Iraq war veteran who hoped to take Ellen Tauscher's seat in a special Democratic primary election, did not prevail, unfortunately.

Politico: Woods "With all precincts reporting, Garamendi won 26 percent of the all-party special election vote, leading all candidates. Democratic state senator Mark DeSaulnier finished second among Democrats with 17 percent, state Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan tallied 12 percent and Iraq war veteran Anthony Woods won eight percent.' I have represented every part of this district for the past 10-1/2 years,' Garamendi told the Contra Costa Times. 'The people of this district understood that I knew the issues that they cared about and that I could be a good and forceful representative.'

Garamendi will be the heavy favorite in a November 3 special election runoff against Republican attorney David Harmer, who finished with 21 percent of the vote in the 14-candidate field. All the Democratic candidates combined for 65 percent of the vote – the same vote total President Obama received in last year’s presidential election – while Republicans only comprised 35 percent of the electorate."


  1. Paul says

    Few people win their first time. I hope he keeps trying. It takes a few election cycles to get sufficient name recognition. The fact that he actually conducted a campaign makes him a better candidate in future elections.
    And how old is he? He looks 12! He’ll have plenty of other chances.

  2. mike says

    I donated to Mr. Woods campaign. Even if he didn’t win, it was money well spent. I’ve seen him on various news programs and I have appreciate his clarity and eloquence on the issues. Don’t give up, Anthony. Your day, your time will come. You’re young, dynamic and a much better candidate than that sow, Ellen Tauscher. And much more honest, too.

  3. Michael @ says

    Woods’s showing in his very first election, against three other Dem candidates, one of whom is the Lt. Gov. and a “household name” in CA after 35 yrs. in politics [and also pro marriage equality], is a virtual miracle.

    He is not just extremely smart and photogenic, he is a gifted speaker and natural politician in the best sense of the word.

    Woods is going to go far, and LGBT and progressive causes generally will benefit because of it.

    BRAVO ANTHONY!!!!!!!!!

  4. says

    YEA ANTHONY!!!!!!!

    I’ve interviewed him and came away hugely impressed. His showing against Garamendi , who has been a name in Cali since I was a kid, is amazing! I think it showed that voters looked at him and didn’t see color or orientation. He lost fair and square and did so with a really good showing for the next election.

    He’ll be back!