News: Gavin Newsom, Jupiter, LaToya Jackson, Newlywed Game

RoadGeorge Takei and Brad Altman to be first gay couple on revamped Newlywed Game.

Corot RoadScientists spot planet with life-harboring potential.

RoadLaToya Jackson fights AIDS with milkshake.

RoadGays in Serbia say they're "confident" police will protect them during a Gay Pride parade scheduled for this coming Sunday.

RoadGays to get lashes, fines, and prison terms under new law in Indonesia's Aceh province.

RoadManhunt conducts study of nation's biggest liars (warning – site NSFW).

RoadLady Gaga disses OUT magazine party thrown for her: "until she finally showed up at the Box at around midnight, about an hour after Out's
party technically ended. By then most of the crowd — die-hard Gaga
fans, who showed up mostly just to see her — had cleared. Gaga took a
seat in a booth in the back of the balcony, ordered French fries, and
refused to speak to reporters. She didn't even let Out magazine take her picture so they could, you know, say she actually attended the party they threw for her."

RoadClive Owen does Details.

Promisekeeper RoadPromise keeper: UK man honors fallen friend. "Private Kevin Elliott and his friend, Barry Delaney, had agreed that whoever
survived the other should wear a dress to the dead man’s funeral. Mr Delaney
duly fulfilled the pledge as a tribute to Private Elliott, who was killed
aged 24 while on foot patrol in the southern province of Helmand on August

RoadJesus Luz: underwear model.

RoadGirls hockey team in Woodstock, New Brunswick wins award from Human Rights Commission: "The Woodstock High School Lady Thunder hockey team has won the 2009
New Brunswick Human Rights Award for refusing to let rival teams taunt
their teammates about their sexual orientation. The Human Rights Commission says it wanted to reward the team for its action in standing up against homophobia."

RoadJupiter captured comet for 12 years, then let it go.

RoadBuju Banton concert canceled in Salt Lake City: "Banton's record label, the
New York-based Gargamel Music, immediately denounced the cancellation,
issuing a news release with the title 'The Voice of Jamaica Will Not Be

RoadL.A. gays raise money for Maine's marriage equality battle at fundraiser.

RoadHarry Potter theme park to open in Orlando.

Inception RoadInspection on Inception.

RoadWhich movie star is looking for a good gay time in Vancouver?

RoadSeattle Police Officer's Guild joins Coalition to Approve Referendum 71 in Washington: "This is a very important issue that affects many of our members. We at
the Seattle Police Officers Guild are proud to join the coalition and
hope other law enforcement organizations around the state will join us
in support for this referendum."

RoadRep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) speaks out in favor of DOMA repeal.

RoadIs Gavin Newsom planning on dropping out of the California gubernatorial race?

RoadSecond 'gay porn twin' sentenced for Philadelphia burglaries: "Twenty-seven-year-old Keyontyli Goffney, of Arlington, N.J., pleaded
guilty to burglary and criminal conspiracy on Thursday and was
sentenced to time served. Goffney's twin brother Taleon pleaded
guilty to the same crimes in July but was sentenced to at least three
years in prison because of previous arrests."


  1. peterparker says

    Andy, did you let someone from GayPatriot write this part of towleroad today? I ask because A) there is a link to Manhunt which, thanks to one Andy Towle, we now know is half-owned by a McCain/Palin supporting Republican and B) there is link to a pretty outlandish rumor on Valleywag that alleges that Gavin Newsom is withdrawing from the CA Governor’s race when in fact the big news from the Newsom campaign today is that Bill Clinton endorsed Newsom ( I’d say that is a pretty strong indication that Newsom will remain in the race.

  2. Bud says

    Why publish hearsay articles about possible gay actors looking for hookups on Craigslist? Anyone who doesn’t like these actors or have it out for them could have written that. You’re just helping them.

  3. 24play says

    Manhunt banner ad? Check.
    Editorial link to mindless survey/publicity stunt that leads to ManHunt site? Check.

    You keep it classy, Towleroad!

    Reminds me: When are we getting the follow-up post on Manhattan’s Ace Hotel, the one where, instead of just fawning over the hotel’s design and directors, we hear about the long-term residents of the building—including people with HIV—who are being harassed by Ace management?

    Oh never mind. Here it is at Gay City News:

  4. nic says

    the article on the dead soldier and his friend made me cry. the look of anguish on the young man’s face while keeping his promise to his dead friend is at once heart-breaking and inspiriting.

  5. Rocky says

    Towleroad SUCKS!

    Aside from the fact much of the blogs demographic of readers are bitter old white queens,who are racist toward people of color.

    The site has lost direction.I barely read it anymore

    hmmm maybe ill go to JMG and see what thats all about

  6. bobbyjoe says

    Wow. Even Salt Lake City has managed to get some effective action about a Buju “There is no end to the war between me and f*ggots” Banton concert.

    Here in Rochester, NY, when I sent a polite email to the Water Street Music Hall where Banton is scheduled to play on Saturday not calling for a boycott or even asking them to cancel the concert but simply asking them if they were aware of Banton’s violently anti-gay reputation, they sent me back that in-your-face “THE VOICE OF JAMAICA WILL NOT BE SILENCED” diatribe that ends with defensive accusations against “a gay lobby hell bent on destroying the livelihood of a man who has spent an entire career making amends — his way.”

    First of all, unless we’ve suddenly gained tremndous power, my partner and I are not a “gay Lobby” (but if so, can we maybe get some sort of tax exemption? :-)) Do you wonder what those amends they’re claiming Banton has made “on his own terms” have been exactly? I sure do. Banton supposedly doesn’t play the song “Boom Boom Bye Bye” (in U.S. and Eurpoean concerts at least) where he calls for gays to be executed and tortured with acid, but he’s never disowned that song either. And that video of Banton proclaiming “there is no end to the war between me and f*ggots” sure doesn’t look like it comes from when this guy was fifteen years old, the excuse given about “Boom Boom Bye Bye.”

    Banton supposedly signed the Reggae Compassionate Act that was supposed to condemn violence and violent lyrics against gays, but his management then denied he’d signed it. Why, exactly? Is simply not playing a song calling for the murder and torture of gay people– one that reportedly has still been chanted during anti-gay murders there– “making amends” with no other action to back it up?

    If it bothers you that a Rochester concert promoter at Water Street Music Hall apparently feels that trying to open a discussion about Banton’s troubling history is somehow joining some sort of awful gay conspiracy, you might drop ’em a line and let ’em know. Their contact info can be found here:,+NY

  7. JeffRob says

    Towleroad is hands-down my favorite blog. I’m an out proud gay man, but I’m no bitter old racist queen, hell I’m not even a one-issue voter. This blog is consistently diverse and interesting in its scope, and human and humorous in its evaluations, and it has been among the best for years now. Thanks, Andy. You definitely can not judge a blog by its commenters, I’ll just say that.

    The UK funeral pic is just so difficult to look at. The genuine agony overflowing from him while knelt in a lime green miniskirt, very uncomfortably hiding his junk, is just so moving.

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