1. Joe says

    I’ve been to this area a couple of times – “Coming Out” is the main gay bar on San Giovanni in Laterano. Sad to see.

  2. John says

    Ah, Italy.

    Still fighting with Greece and Poland over the coveted title of “most racist and homophobic country in Europe” I see. Don’t worry Italians, with Berlusconi and his cadre of fascists in charge, you’re not losing your spot in the top three anytime soon.

  3. says

    Hi there, this is Fabio from Rome.
    I’ve read your post and there is something that must be changed because it is not correct.

    The Friday night torchlight marches are not connected to Arcigay in any way; the Friday night torchlight marches are a spontaneous mini pride of ordinary glbt people who do not belong to any glbt association.

    Tochlight marches started August 28th when about 150 glbt friends got toghether and marched from rome gay street to capitol, then we decided to repeat the march evry friday.

    We have a blog ( which is also written in english, and a facebook group (we have a dream) where you can find correct informations.


  4. Guido Allegrezza says

    Please, make the required modification to the post.

    The phrase “The gay rights group Arcigay plans to hold torchlight marches every Friday night calling for stricter laws against anti-gay violence.” is not true.

    Weekly torchlights are a self managed and spontaneous, not against associations, but separated. People marches without no symbols but the rainbow flag, unique international colors of the whole lgbt world.