1. says

    I’ll never understand as to why these kind of things get coverage.

    For a site that won best LGBT Blog (An award I’m assuming would be for those who appeal to EVERYONE), this blog seems to be made just for men.

    A post on how Domestic Partner Rights are being taken away, oh look, a post about a half naked man above that.

    Sure I could go to some other gay oriented news site, unfortunately I’d probably find the same kind of crap there.

    This blog covers some great bits of news, but I just wish these kind of posts would stop. This isn’t news. It’s overly sexualized garbage.

    And on a side note, maybe someone could rethink the whole white text on a black background. Come on, you have to know at least one person who has taken a basic design and color class.

    It’s an eyesore going from this site to another.

  2. naiset says

    As someone who works in the film industry, I often end up defending actors for what they have to put up with and how they’re treated. I assume most of the arrogant, “spoiled” stars got that way because this is the sort of crap they’re subjected to while on the way up. Private trailer with protective entourage anyone?

  3. Jeff In Boston says

    Mario, sweetums, you’re boring the rest of us with your personal issues. Start your own blog, honey. Call it, I don’t know, “Boring Ass Musings On My Sexual Hang-ups,” and I’m sure the world will beat a path to your internet door, soon eclipsing TR, JMG and other popular blogs that happen to present a bit of dessert with their meat and potatoes.

  4. ant says

    I like the mix of real news and eye candy, and based on the popularity of the site a lot of others do too. if I didn’t like the mix, I wouldn’t come here or I would start my own blog – both options available to you MMJ.

  5. rich says

    Thanks for posting this!

    I’m really glad you include some random beefcake along with the news of the day.

    Your mix keeps your blog interesting, because frankly just constant posts about domestic partner rights gets kind of boring and depressing after awhile.

    Oh, and on a side note, I LOVE your look and feel, looks great and is easy to read.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Drew says

    Mario’s right. We need more serious issues around here like updates regarding domestic partnership laws and LGBT civil issue concerns.

    Therefore, I request that Towleroad include Matt Dallas and Kellan Lutz doing some shirtless posing (in tight jeans, of course) while reading about the aforementioned serious issues I just can’t get enough of.

  7. Fenrox says

    I kinda agree with Mario, I would like to see a more serious site, but at the same time I enjoy fluffy fun content.

    However, there are a lot of things on this site that I always find myself asking “Why is this on here? Is it because he is shirtless?”

    I don’t know if a eye-candy-less towleroad would be better, I think it would have less posts and be creepier. The shirtless guys distract us from the agenda of the blog owner, I don’t know Andy’s stance on a lot of issues, but from a lot of the comments on the site, the readership scares the hell out of me. There is a lot of racism, sexism, hatred and conservative values in the comments and I don’t know how they reflect on the ownership.

    I really like the Guides to the tube and the music reviews (Even though i absolutely HATE the music that gets reviewed).

    And to crispy, Speak for yourself, I spend every physical second doing what gay people do, and I enjoy most of them, and most of them do not involve drooling over internet boys

  8. Mark says

    I love being gay. I love men’s bodies. I love being politically aware and active. I love literature, and humor and science and movies. Sounds a lot like Towleroad to me.

  9. sparks says

    Matt Dallas’s smile and eyes melt me every time. The fact that he might be gay only makes the fantasy a little bit better.

    I even bought the DVD for “Camp Slaughter” …. Okay now I’ve said too much. :)

  10. says

    @Mario – NEVER speak your own truth around here! Lol!

    I like the mix of fun and news. I really like the science geek pics. I do think an enterprising young Lesbian ought just up and copy this sight as a template for the ladies.

    Except for those damn floaty ads!

  11. JeffRob says

    You could complain about what you think is “overly-sexualized garbage”, as if pecs and abs are awful to look at;

    or you could complain about the awesome random scientific posts about strange new species, space exploration and medical breakthroughs;

    you might complain about all that dumb gay political stuff;

    or you could complain about the background, text, layout or ads;

    or you could conclude that Andy Towle must be a bitter old racist queen because bitter old racist queens know how and love to post a fucking comment;

    or you could stfu and appreciate the award-winning blog with multiple updates at least 5 days a week that you never paid a penny for and finally realize nobody wants to hear your ridiculous whining. I’m sure joe or kenneth would love to have you; please go whine to their readers instead.

    And PS- If you want to talk about eyesore websites, start by not making yours hot-salmon.

  12. TheNiebur says

    I just wanna say that Towleroad is the beat blog ever, in my humble opinion. Like others said already, it has something from every aspect of being gay. It’s not all about politics. Being gay is very much about being happy too 😉 If my own blog would grow up to be even half as awesome as this one, I would be more than proud. Kudos, and keep up the good work! xXx

  13. Jerrold Scott says

    Andy, ignore the whiners. I love your mix of serious issues, pop culture, and amusing stories. It’s a great blog. It’s not the Wall Street Journal. Keep up the good work, Towleroad.

  14. rhydderch says

    @Mario Maybe you should start reading Foreign Affairs or perhaps BBC, or better yet start your own blog that’s as serious as you want it to be with no pictures of cute guys.

  15. Anonymouse says

    The “Mystery Man” Matt has been seen with lately at Jerry’s deli and Katy Perry’s birthday party is an A&R guy for Warner / Chappel records named ” Blue Hamilton ” , They are GAY and they ARE a couple!

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