1. ggreen says

    Those hideous tattoos and the Pippi Longstocking underwear is hilarious. “Look at your clothes Irma you can’t even get a guy!”-Sorority Girls From Hell

  2. otterpop says

    Actually – silly or no, Westwood is totally ripping off Walter Pfeiffer in this photo (per his film KAWASKI CUT from 85). Guess twinks are her thing now.

  3. nic says

    yeah, andy. i will never depreciate a mans nutleys. them things is sacred. i would’ve spelled out sacrosanct but i was too lazy. oh wait, i just did. testosterone plays havoc with one’s brain.

  4. crispy says

    That haircut with the shaved sides and long on top is so friggin hot right now. See also: David Beckham.

    I took a picture of it to my stylist and asked her to give me that look. Now I look like the “slow” soldier from a bad WWII movie.

    This is why I drink.

  5. Rad says

    No one ever listens. The absolute BEST advice I was ever given: DON’T EVER GO TO A HAIR STYLIST whose “GOOD” HAIR IS WORSE THAN YOURS WHEN YOU WALK IN THE DOOR.

  6. Paul R says

    Several stylists have told me they loathe when people bring photos in and say, Do this. I originally thought it was some touchy, “I’m an artist” mentality, but the simpler reason is that everyone’s hair and facial structure differ, and even if you get the exact same haircut it might look awful on you.

    That said, I too would love to have that haircut. And the guy attached to it.

  7. smeejay says

    Props for giving the stylists their props. You never see this in the blogs.
    And on a side note, GAGGREEN, if people ever stop making fun of Pippi Longstocking underwear and the like we’re all doomed to banality. It IS the fuel that stokes the fires that keeps creativity alive, so DO keep hating. Vivienne’s then maligned corsets entered into the mainstream some 15 years ago and are still considered “trendy” by the masses.
    And don’t even get me started on the cultural influences on the mainstream of her ex, Malcolm Mclaren.
    Let your freak flags fly freely!

  8. Paul R says

    I don’t know, sweetie. Maybe you look better.

    I do know that your recent comment about Stoli blueberry and lemonade has been oddly lodged in my brain. Maybe I need to pay a visit to the bartender I’m dating. (And yes, that setup IS convenient.)

  9. kody says

    a few weeks ago there was a cool video of a guy getting a haircut and having sex at the butt magazine site.

    we all know how the fashion elite “borrow”.