Movies: The Oscar Contenders Are Coming

On September 18th, several hopefuls emerge. Bright Star is the "Most Likely to Succeed". This tragic love story, told by the brilliant Jane Campion (The Piano), details the romance of poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and his headstrong fashionable girlfriend Fanny Brawn (Abbie Cornish) . The Academy really likes Charlize Theron (hell, they even nominated her for North Country) and her latest drama The Burning Plain is finally opening. You can also cross your fingers for Matt Damon in The Informant! While the voters don't often go for comedic performances, can they really resist this popular and reliably committed actor when he's having this much fun onscreen. He gained a ton of weight like a new DeNiro or a reverse Bale. And he did it for Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh which adds automatic cred. Another big contender that weekend? Best Actress hopeful Megan Fox from Jennifer's Bo— kidding!

Picture 23 Even if those performances and films don't pan out Oscar-wise, more info on the presumed big guns –like the musical Nine which has been test screening –  will be arriving with increasing fervor and the holiday months will be crowded with prestigious contenders as per usual. September also brings up the Toronto International Film Festival (10th – 19th) which is likely to cause minor quakes on Oscar's own richter scale.

How soon do you start anticipating the Oscar field each year? Are you already planning your party? Is September 3rd too early, too late, or jusssssst right?


  1. Wayne B. says

    I usually wait til the critic awards start getting handed out in December before I start trying to predict the nominees. But I’m starting earlier this year and September 3rd feels just about right. :)

  2. Larry says

    My favorite time of year, really. Love the critics awards and all of the excitement as the nominations get announced for the Globes, SAG Awards and Oscars. I really hope to see “The Hurt Locker” up there!

  3. crispy says


    So anyone going to see Gamer? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that same movie like 14 times. But Gerard Butler sure is pretty.

    And Extract might be wait for DVD… though I am curious to see Mike Judge’s next foray into the workplace. Office Space is one of the best cult movies ever… wear your flair!

  4. says

    i hate movies, especially movies with highly overpaid and highly immature hollywood ‘actors’ in them. i’ve been known to enjoy Indie movies from time to time, with no names in them, and a budget of about 10 dollars, but i couldn’t tell you the last time i gave any of MY tiny bit of money to hollywood. fuck ’em. they’re all pigs.

  5. scar2 says

    I agree The Hurt Locker & Up are both shoo-ins for Best Picture nods. I’m also rooting for (500)Days of Summer it’s probably too lightweight to get a nod. At the very least, it should get an Original Screenplay recognition. I really related to it even though there were no gay characters in the movie (though the girl does mention she had a same-sex fling in the past). Also enjoyed Star Trek for pure entertainment value. I really hope Nine & The Lovely Bones live up to the hypes.

  6. Rodney Wollam says

    Katherine Hepburn went 35 years before winning her second Oscar … and she is considered to be one of the best actresses of all time. Meryl Streep has nothing to hang her head about. History will remember her.

  7. Rodney Wollam says

    Oh … and I love Jeremy Renner (I have since his debut in “Dahmer”). I’m crossing my fingers that he gets a best actor/ supporting actor nomination.

  8. Dback says

    The wins for Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black were nice last year, but the 2006 race sealed the deal for me as far as how incontrovertibly corrupt and fixed the Oscars are. I watch ’em–at least parts of ’em–but they mean very little anymore. (At least with every passing year, “Brokeback” looks like more and more of a time-proof masterpiece.)

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