1. jakeinlove says

    Hm mm. This is the first picture in which I find him remotely sexy. My perverted mind tells me it would be even more sexy if the water flow were in reverse!

    Evil Grin!

  2. Jonathan says

    When I was in elementary school I had a poster of Doogie Howser on my bedroom wall, yet somehow my parents still never suspected I liked boys. Even I never expected Doogie to grow into such a stud!

  3. Molotov says

    sorry to burst your bubble here.
    whowever photoshops his pictures should get an award. he works out at my gym sometimes and his body (although in reasonable shape) looks nothing like that in person…and he is not aging well at all in the face…here they make him look much younger and cuter than he actually is in person.

  4. Robin says


    That’s funny – I’ve met him in the gym several times and thought that he looks even better in real life.

    One of us needs to get himself a new pair of glasses.

  5. Gen-a girl says

    I remember many years ago, way after Doogie but before anything else, I saw him at a bar & tried my darndest to flirt with him but got no where (so hot). His boyfriend is a lucky, lucky guy.

  6. gr8guyca says

    I saw him – and talked briefly – at the theater recently. He may not be quite that overtly studly, but he’s one cute guy. (Taken, of course.) Why are all the good ones either taken or straight?

  7. M says

    Knowing he’s praised and said he visits Towleroad frequently in multiple interviews, this is making me laugh a little bit.

    But, uhm, yeah. Hot.

    (And the Naked Man-episode of HIMYM pretty much confirms that the great body isn’t photoshopped.)

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