Pete Wentz Has a Man on Hand to Handle His Underpants


Fall Out Boy singer Pete Wentz has an underwear assistant, according to TFL Scandalist:

"The singer had a slippage issue in the clothing department while
on-stage at the Leeds festival in the UK — and on came an accommodating
roadie to pull up little Petie’s jeans for him."


  1. elissa says

    seesh. Its not like we havnt seen pete’s peen anyway. which brings back horrible nightmares & memories. Who takes a shot of their woo hoo soft?!
    FOB is desperate for some attention.

  2. OttoErotica says

    OMG – if a celeb says anything bad about gays we attack them, they say something good about gays – we tolerate them until we have a reason to kick them.

    –“Wow. This is the grey area where “poseur” meets “mongoloid”.– “Tool!” – “What a tool!” – Etc….

    His drawers fell. it’s funny and cute. Relax.

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