Poll: Gays More Optimistic Than Straights About Nation’s Direction

Also: "Four out of
five (82%) GLBT adults said they trust in President Barack Obama to do what is
right for the American economy, compared with 60% of heterosexual adults. Nearly
seven out of ten (69%) GLBT adults said they are confident that the White House
and the Administration will produce policies to help fix the economic crisis,
while a slender majority (51%) of heterosexual adults agree. Also, a majority
(64%) of GLBT adults said they think the stimulus plan passed earlier this year
has been successful, compared with 39% heterosexual adults. More than half (53%)
of GLBT adults, contrasted with 30% of heterosexuals adults, rate the overall
job President Barack Obama is doing in handling employment/unemployment as
excellent or pretty good.

In contrast – when critical of the President`s leadership, one-third (35%) of
heterosexuals adults said they blame President Barack Obama for the country's
economic problems, yet only 13% of GLBT adults agree. Also, one-fourth (27%) of
heterosexual adults said they have no trust at all in President Barack Obama to
do what is right for the American economy; only 7% of GLBT adults agree."


  1. Grimmlok says

    Seriously? Why, we’re getting fucked over worse than our breeding counterparts. At least they enjoy all their rights while we still wallow in the equality backwater, while Obama and his douche brigade put fairness on the backburner indefinitely.

  2. David B. 2 says

    We are just more liberal and optimistic than most straights … and Obama has to be careful that he plays to us not away from us or those stats will fall.

  3. Paul R says

    I wonder how they found a sample where more than 13% self-identified as LGBT to a stranger on the phone. Seems hard to imagine that was a random sample, which obviously influences the results. (Even if you believe the 10% claim, which I never have, many people won’t tell a stranger they’re LGBT.)

    Coincidentally, I received a call from a (supposedly independent) political polling firm yesterday, and one question was about my three greatest concerns for California. When I mentioned marriage equality, the woman said she’d never heard the term before. GREAT!

    Me: “On your form, it probably says same-sex or gay marriage.”

    Her: “Oh yes, there it is.”

    Then later, I was asked whether I agree with comments like, “Some critics say that Gavin Newsom has been solely focused on gay marriage and…” (To the firm’s credit, they also said lots of nice things about him and asked if I agreed.)

  4. Mark says

    Like David B. said, aren’t gays more likely to be liberal or democrats than straights? This would account for the differences of increased optimism towards the government that was found.

  5. RB says

    Delusional! That is what we are. We accept the crumbs from the those that are “better for us”. Disgusting! WE are no better off and we facilitated Obama’s win, received nothing in return and yet we are more optimistic. This is just a joke.

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