1. DR says

    I think the big difference was the fact that these two guys were much better than last season’s couple. Better credentials, stronger choreography, and a better presence. I was a bit miffed that they had to do the choreography round “to see if they could dance with girls”, but I guess getting them to Vegas and maybe into the Top 20 is more important than the judges making sure they can partner with the ladies as strong male leads. And having seen the choreography round, these guys were FANTASTIC both times. I’m glad the show didn’t treat them like a joke this season.

  2. Rick says

    “these guys knew how to dance..unlike last years “gaycard” players….”

    True, but I wouldn’t surprise me if the guys last year were put forward BECAUSE they couldn’t dance. It made it much easier to make fun of them and, eventually, send them home. Does anyone really believe they were the only ss dancers to try out?

    The guys this year were most likley specifically recruited to make amends because the backlash was so ferocious. This is reality television. Nothing happens by chance.

  3. matttnyc says

    Bullshit, I love the show, but they were completely pandering and condescending. I don’t believe Nigel believed one word of what he said last night. They produce every part of these shows and that was a total set up for them to try and fix his ignorance from last season. It’s totally fine not to like two guys dancing together but than don’t put them on the show for clear comedy which is what they were trying to do last year.

  4. Strepsi says

    @MATTNYC – While I totally agree it was manufactured, I appreciate the fact that they DID manufacture something — and the fact that he DID try to fix his ignorance is what counts! Also, both of these guys can dance, have looks, and look like they have real potential amid this season’s Tap-a-palooza.

  5. Matteo says

    One of the nicest performances I have seen on that show ever! This is the kind of dance that I want to learn one day. The music is “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele.

  6. B says

    For non-viewers, when people say “last year” or “last season”, it was just 4 months ago. the summer season ran from May-August. So, what happened? Did they make it to Las Vegas? If not, this was all for pandering and make-up purposes and nothing more. I keep forgetting the show is on.

  7. daws says

    Yeah this felt staged for sure. Mia’s reaction felt sincere but I lost respect for Nigel awhile ago. He constantly chastises the male dancers for dancing too effeminate.

    It’s like snatching a doll from a boy and telling him he should be playing with trucks and toy guns instead. Dance is a form of self expression. If dancing more effeminate feels natural/comfortable for them, it’s a horrible act to tell them it’s wrong.

    But whatever, I do enjoy the show because of the dancers and choreography. I just zone out when Nigel starts talking. Willem and Jacob put on a great performance. And yes, they made it to Vegas!

  8. Warmsunshine says

    Did everyone see how “serious” the faces of the judges were? It was like they were terrified of looking like bigots or expressing the “wrong” emotion. It was sooo fake. Compare that to how happy they were of some of the other performances of a similar nature. Ugh, I’ll never watch this pathetic show again.

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