1. Paul R says

    Because everyone knows that being a homo is WAY worse than being a lying, hypocritical, cheating, untrustworthy governor who falsifies claims and overcharges his state so that he can sleep around.

  2. Mike says

    Spin, spin, spin…

    I’m really sick of the media these days, why can’t they just do factual reporting rather than being mouthpieces for right wing zealots. Of course, it’s not that he’s gay, it’s that he’s a fricken’ hypocrite. What’s with all these closeted gay freaks anyway? Can they be any more self loathing?

  3. Shavis F says

    Things are already ugly here, but apparently most of the state already knew Andre was gay before this story broke. On top of that it’s rarely spoken of here. Luckily most of the attention lately has been on the numerous failings of our “Governor” and how to get him out of office. With all this being said however I still agree with Paul and find it sad that being gay is an assassination of character.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Southern Gothic, baby! Wait till they find out that Gov. Sandford’s wife has been “passing” for white, and is secretly the grand-daughter of Strom Thurmond.

    Faulkner, Williams, Hellman, Cauldwell & Gaines all rolled into one.

  5. Michael says

    SC citizens would rather have a lying, cheating Gov rather than a gay one.

    But, the point is moot. Andre is not gay and it is a smear campaign. Mike Rogers got played, hard. He has a very loose grasp on reality here. Go to his website and look at the third post down…he even got suckered by a parody of the outing.

  6. John says

    I’m sure Governor Sanford doesn’t think Bauer being outed as “tragic.” After all, it only strengthens the governor’s hand and mollifies a potential rival. But whether he actually had anything to do with it or not is an open question. I can’t see Mike Rogers and Mark Sanford working together on anything.

  7. roger ramjet says

    Hey! Marc Sanford is a precious member of the C-street ‘FAMILY’.

    How dare all of us queers or ANYONE ELSE think he should be removed fromoffice. First of all, he’s the modern day King David. And Second of all, the ‘Family’ told Marc that Jesus doesnt care about cheating, lying, stealing and fucking to keep power. Jesus just wants the Totalitarian Jesus World at any cost. Hands get dirty!

    So don’t bash Marc, or he’ll steal your husbands and kill your wives. Or is that steal your wives and kill your husbands?

    Either way, there’s Stealing and Killing and…

    Oh for fuck’s sake:

    Drop your bibles and step away from the religion!

  8. elg says

    “Southern Gothic, baby! Wait till they find out that Gov. Sandford’s wife has been “passing” for white, and is secretly the grand-daughter of Strom Thurmond.”

    If true, no wonder Sanford’s wife had the backbone to move out of the governor’s mansion. lol

  9. John says

    Sanford had designs on the White House in 2012. That wasn’t exactly a huge secret. This makes him a national politician and subject to all the fun that comes with it.

    Besides, South Carolinians don’t seem have any qualms about commenting on the life of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. Usually with none too kind words.

  10. says

    Even if South Carolinians were as enlightened and sophisticated as to ignore Bauer’s sexual orientation and focus on his qualifications, they would still have to take into account the possibility of him being open to blackmail if he maintains a closeted lifestyle. That is a large risk for someone opting for governor of a state.

    Bauer needs to clear the air by either admitting he is gay or confronting allegations head on until they are resolved. South Carolinians deserve to have this matter settled.

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