1. ProfessorVP says

    If he wants to pass as straight– although it’s a bit late for that– he might try saying three consecutive words without flapping his hands around, and also not folding them primly while listening to a question.

    I don’t have any compassion for him, nor empathy. He is choosing the low road, and speaking of the low road, he shouldn’t be surprised Sanford raised the gay issue, he should have expected it.

  2. Midland says

    I’m chuckling here. This is an almost identical response to the question that many hypocritical Tory politicians gave during the 80s and 90s, all of whom later turned out to be raving queens.

    On the balance of probabilities, I’m going to say, ‘yes, he is’.

  3. says

    These guys just can’t *stop* themselves from continuing to build glass houses, can they? They never learn! The so-called Christian Right has become a caricature and these guys are their poster-boys. It’s interesting that the MSM doesn’t really call them on that, though.

  4. Bart says

    Hilarious. Has this man ever denied being gay? Can anyone post a piece of video where he denies it? Because he certainly didn’t deny it in this piece of tape. He talked around it and said it was a silly question (“silly”? Really? That’s the best defense you have if it’s not true?)

    I have to say, if someone isn’t gay. A simple, “I’m not gay” will do. Unless he has said this over and over and over and is sick of saying it, then I would imagine he can’t confirm or deny because he’s in the political closet.

    And could we get a politician without politician hair? What’s with these anacronistic haircuts from 1985?

  5. Donovan says

    Yeah, “It’s so silly and improper to ask whether I’m gay or not – when all I’m saying is gay people should be discriminated against.” I swear, these filthy closet political scumbags learnt all their lessons from Roy Cohn as depicted in “Angels in America”: “I’M NOT GAY BECAUSE I HAVE POWER AND GAYS DON’T! I HATE GAYS – BUT THEIR COCKS TASTE GOOD.”

  6. NYSmike says

    “But if somebody had a question I don’t have a problem with going ahead and airing it and getting it out of the way because I don’t want that to linger, much like this other problem is lingering.”

    Did it stop lingering with that response?

  7. rick says

    evidently having sex with men no longer qualifies one for being gay. for qualifying as gay you evidently need a sense of taste and style a large show tunes collection and have sex with men.

  8. says

    “It’s just a silly question” : “I want to nip it in the bud”: …….for a guy who wants to answer the question he sure makes a song and dance around it, without answering it.
    But I do believe he is entitled to stay in the closet, if he finds it comfortable…..but if he acts, preaches,votes or supports any anti gay interests then he is fair-game.

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