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Hundreds Dead in Samoa, Indonesia Following Earthquakes, Tsunami


Dozens remain missing following a powerful tsunami caused by an earthquake on the ocean floor struck the South Pacific island of Samoa yesterday. And then devasatation in Indonesia:

"Seventeen hours after the magnitude 8.0 temblor struck, another massive ocean earthquake off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island early today killed at least 75 people and trapping thousands under rubble. A tsunami warning was issued in the region but was later lifted. The earlier quake was centered about 120 miles south of the islands of Samoa and American Samoa. It sent four waves, each 15 to 20 feet high, crashing up to a mile inland, according to the Associated Press."

The toll in Samoa was at 99 this morning, a figure likely to increase. Relief has been dispatched to the islands.

Some video from Samoa, AFTER THE JUMP...

CNN report:

Raw footage:

The aftermath:

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  1. I believe thy this tsunami is god's punishment on the Samoa for passing homophobic laws. We should all hold rallies in front of the samoa ambassy waving signs saying "you are going to hell" and "God hate bigots".

    Posted by: Esurnir | Sep 30, 2009 6:16:57 PM

  2. That is terrible news, I hope they can get rescue to them quickly.

    Posted by: Lisa | Sep 30, 2009 9:18:59 PM

  3. I've seen a lot of unintelligent comments on this site, but yours, Esurnir, may just take the cake...

    Posted by: TheNiebur | Oct 1, 2009 7:40:23 AM

  4. @the neibur: I believe Esurnir was probably having an ironic laugh at the behavior of evangelicals.

    But I have wondered why Xian moralists, who are so zealous to pronounce/interpret natural disasters as God's punishment on New Orleans and California, haven't issued similar proclamations about the inhabitants and culture of the South Pacific.

    But even this I mean jokingly. Obviously Xian wingnuts will never admit to their own relativism in picking and choosing what to condemn and condone. Clearly social policy in the South Pacific affords them no purchase with which to advance their political agenda.

    Posted by: Latebrosus | Oct 1, 2009 9:00:10 AM

  5. Yes, Latebrosus. I kinda got that ;) But to even joke about such things, when children have been swept away and killed by those waves, is beyond stupid to me. I really don't think this is the time or place to drag politics or religion into it, even to prove some gay rights point. People have been killed here, people who might think being gay is totally natural, and would support us in any way? It's just disrespectful in my opinion. There are plenty of other stories where you can prove such a point anyway... It's trying to do so here, I think is unintelligent.

    Posted by: TheNiebur | Oct 1, 2009 4:16:11 PM

  6. ESURNIR, you have stooped to the level of our enemies which sets you back to square ONE

    Posted by: DeeVee | Oct 1, 2009 4:56:25 PM

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