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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #538

GLENN BECK: Discusses Nancy Pelosi and Harvey Milk, never mentioning that Milk was gay.

AMUSING: MSNBC reporter harassed at Values Voter Summit.

SNEEZE: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius scolds Chuck Todd for sneezing improperly.

IOWA FAMILY POLICY CENTER: Anti-gay IFPC John Stewart spokesman questions why elderly, infertile, or childless couples want to marry.

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  1. That Value Voters Summit is pretty deplorable, but I thought they were being extremely polite to the reporter given the horribly rude and disruptive reporting that was going on. I would have thrown something at him and told him to shut the fuck up.

    Its pretty horrible how MSNBC is turning into a warped mirror of Fox news. I don't want news with an agenda, I just want the fucking news.

    Posted by: Scott | Sep 18, 2009 8:59:33 PM

  2. So, Scott, could you explain how this was rude and disrupting? I guess you're one of the people expecting deference.

    Posted by: ahem | Sep 18, 2009 10:08:12 PM

  3. There is no such thing as news without agenda. The major networks dont/wont/cant say anything about this lousy president and his corrupt administration. Fox leans to the right and tells everything. Its your choice you can be misinformed or you can be up on what is going on in Washington. BTW Michael Jackson is sill dead.

    Posted by: rodger | Sep 18, 2009 10:10:32 PM

  4. Rodger, you have serious issues if you think one word of Fox News is true.

    Obama is certainly better than anyone the Republicans and Libertarians can offer.

    Posted by: ahem | Sep 18, 2009 10:18:05 PM

  5. I agree with Scott on the PMS-NBC reporter--don't be rude--move to the back of the room and do the reporting without being disrurptive. The report instead turned into a scene of how rude and out of touch that reporter/MSNBC is. The Beck story on Milk was spinning--never mentions why Milk was murdered---um fear of gays---fear of change. Just like now. He had some points in there about the other groups and blame game that parties do when ever the other is in power but, it doesn't change that there are people intentionally fanning the flames to create confusion and fear to get people so afraid of what might happen if we try something new. Or allow people some rights. And lastly, the family center spokesguy---marriage is only for fertile couples--yep that's what he said. I guess if you're fertile and don't have kids immediately your marriage should either be ended by law or you should be forced to have kids against your will. Idiot nutjob---he's the type of nut Pelosi was talking about who Beck should be able to tell is spreading the fear. Grrrrrrrrr. :)

    Posted by: Mr. Avenjer | Sep 18, 2009 10:39:48 PM

  6. @ahem

    It was rude because there was a speech going on and they were in the middle of the hall with their lights turned on, and speaking in the middle of it in, quite frankly, rather mocking tones.

    They are clearly nut jobs, but that doesn't mean they can't be extended some common courtesy.

    Posted by: Scott | Sep 18, 2009 11:33:36 PM

  7. The problem with FOX and NBC stems from their lack of hospitality. Most of the anchors and commentators on these networks don't treat their guests respectfully. I say "most" because Shepard Smith, Rachel Maddow, and the late Tony Snow are clear exceptions.

    It certainly has nothing to do with their biases. All news is biased to some extent or another. And journalists always have an agenda. Bill Moyers, Dan Rather, and the "old school" news personalities might be impeccably polite to all their guests. That doesn't mean they don't have an agenda. Moyers worked in the White House for heaven's sake. And Rather only campaigned for Democrats.

    But they are still respected because they know how to do interviews without being condescending or rude.

    Posted by: John | Sep 19, 2009 1:30:17 AM

  8. You're wrong here. Even the FRC guys apologized to the reporters (of both MSNBC and Fox). These people didn't attack the reporters because they were rude or they couldn't hear the speech. The only reporters they accept are the people from CBN, because Fox News is still to liberal (and the other Fox channels are in no way conservative) and anti-Christian for them. Remember, even Megyn Kelly defends us, the plague that's destroying their 'merica, from time to time.

    Furthermore it is wrong for a journalist to be deferent if your guest is lying or misrepresenting facts. You have to call that out. Some conservatives and liberturdians think they are victims of the evil media, but they are not: They are really worse and often the facts are against them. Of course, it is better to call them out in a polite and calm way and not start shouting them down.
    But I want to see you arguing pure BS with people like Orly Taitz. You can't argue with stupidity.

    If you support the "game" of your guest, you're not a journalist.

    Posted by: ahem | Sep 19, 2009 9:29:51 AM

  9. More twisted "Conservative" Gays heard from here at Towleroad --- so much hatred for eveyone who is not "them".

    It is an age ol' tactic to play to the peasants to protect the manor -- value voters by definition as religious radicals intent on theocracy are peasants - hatred of the press another ol' tactic.

    Nothing new here - same ol scum caught on tape.

    And for the Scott and Rodger --- my all that is good open your eyes. But I suspect you are too far gone.

    Posted by: willie | Sep 19, 2009 9:36:28 AM

  10. Scott - IF you are gay - I would think you would want media that mocks STRAIGHT SUPREMACY.... if you are not.... that explains it.

    Posted by: willie | Sep 19, 2009 9:37:57 AM

  11. Who at NBC does not treat their guests with respect on the same level as Bill O and Glenn B or Sean H .........

    Please --- I really hope this tools are not gay men writing this stuff .... but given the rampant elilitism (childish stupidity)in the gay community I would not be surprised.

    Posted by: willie | Sep 19, 2009 9:40:18 AM

  12. Andy - this is what you get when you play to the elitist consumer edge of gay people - comments like the dolts here.

    Gay men who want us to be nice to those who would throw us in jail -- lets be considerate to them.

    Over all the comments on Towleroad lead to the obnoxious Ptown / Fire Island / Manhatten crowd that lord their money and "style" over everyone else as it is.

    Sickening bunch.

    Posted by: RJP3 | Sep 19, 2009 9:48:42 AM

  13. torn on the MSNBC issue.

    If I pay good money to show up to a summit, I really don't want to hear the reporters going on in the background and being disruptive (although he handled himself well).

    On the other hand, why didn't the summit better organize a press box or something? He was speaking in hushed tones at several points and it seemed like he knew he was in a lousy position by having to broadcast from the venue where the speech was taking place.

    Posted by: DR | Sep 19, 2009 9:51:56 AM

  14. Beck "overlooks" the fact that he ORDERED his followers to murder Nancy Pelosi

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Sep 19, 2009 10:08:04 AM

  15. @willie

    I don't want the media to mock anyone, that is what Jon Stewart is for.

    I'm not sure why my gay credentials are being called into question over this. I'm not a homo because I happen to beleive that the media should not be mocking anyone? I'd be just as annoyed if Fox News was doing the same thing at a liberal function.

    Posted by: Scott | Sep 19, 2009 11:45:10 AM

  16. it's all just one great big sinking ship!

    Posted by: Joe | Sep 19, 2009 11:52:50 AM

  17. Did he mention that Pelosi was straight?

    Posted by: ousslander | Sep 19, 2009 12:50:23 PM

  18. Sorry Scott, but you are wrong. The Family Research Council set up the reporters to do their live shots from the back of the hall.

    The organizers were at fault, not the news organizations.

    Posted by: Chrissypoo | Sep 19, 2009 2:26:53 PM

  19. @Chris

    Sigh. And the mocking tone? Did the FRC ask them to do that?

    I'm sure there is plenty of blame to go around, I just commented that they were being rude and the crazies were being uncharacteristically polite and reasonable.

    I guess that makes me a Nazi now...

    Posted by: Scott | Sep 19, 2009 5:28:35 PM

  20. Also happend to Fox

    Posted by: me too | Sep 19, 2009 5:30:57 PM

  21. I'm with Scott. The people attending have no idea the reporters were given permission to be there and frankly, I'm sure they did not care. If it were me in attendance, and lord knows I never would go to that, I would have felt the same way. All in all, they were polite in requesting that dick from MSNBC to pipe down. And Norah O'Donnell's reaction was ridiculous. Don't they want the attention!? Um, no they want to hear the speakers, like they said.

    Posted by: Erick | Sep 19, 2009 6:40:04 PM

  22. Erick, these people weren't sitting next to him and I doubt that you could hear him on a long range.

    Posted by: ahem | Sep 19, 2009 9:08:20 PM

  23. AHEM, a woman halfway between the stage and where the man was standing shouted about him being there. Or did you miss that? The news should have no mocking tone because it is news and not comedy. regardless if it was FRC mistake about not planning on where to put the reporters, they were about to cut away and let the people listen but instead chose to make a deal about it. And the female reporter then went on to skew it. so yes msnbc was being very much like fox news. They could have taken a moment to regroup and go outside.

    Posted by: Matthew | Sep 20, 2009 2:15:29 AM

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