Uruguay Makes it Official: Adoption by Gays and Lesbians Approved

The Senate in Uruguay yesterday approved a bill passed by the Chamber of Representatives in late August legalizing adoption by gays and lesbians:

Uruguay "Members of Congress said the law made Uruguay the first Latin
American country to permit gay couples to adopt. The measure, which
will now go to President Tabaré Vázquez for his signature, will also
for the first time allow unmarried couples to adopt….Gay people are allowed
to adopt under Uruguayan law, but only as individuals rather than
jointly as a couple. Gay marriage remains illegal. The Parliament
in Uruguay, a small South American nation with a secular state
structure, passed a law in late 2007 to permit gay couples to have
civil unions, which grant similar rights as marriage. Earlier this year the center-left government also lifted a ban on gay people serving in the armed forces."

Church leaders in the mostly Roman Catholic nation spewed the usual bigoted crap about families and society being destroyed.