1. Whatever says

    Imagine how the wingers would have reacted had liberals held such a large anti-Bush rally. Look at the posters about trading liberty for security. Weren’t these the same people who happily supported the Patriot Act and torture?

  2. Terry says

    Wingnuts? Hate rally? You know, people are still allowed to dissent and oppose your Dear Leader. Boy, you really are a partisan Democrat. BTW if you cherry-picked the worst signs from any antiwar or anti-Bush rally, you’d find horrific candidates as well.

    PS I wonder if you’ll be as happy with Obama when he fails to repeal DADT and DOMA…

  3. stephen says

    looks like the rest of the country is learning how it feels to have a debate shaped by fanatics & religious zealots…
    Welcome to our (gay) world!

  4. Sean Collindridge says

    I don’t get the US Right. They’re always banging on about Freedom but seem to be the most Oppressive part of American society today.

    They want Freedom but only on their terms.

  5. Ed says

    Is there really a guy holding a sign that has (a rough paraphrase of) Ben Franklin’s quote — “Trade freedom for security and you will have neither” — at this event????

    Was he asleep during the last 8 years with the Patriot act and the Department of Homeland Security?

    It makes my head hurt.

  6. Rad says

    …and where are the minorities? Isn’t it fascinating that all you see are angry white people? About all that was missing were the sheets and burning crosses.

    Racist assholes.

  7. walter says

    grotesque —- and how many of them do you want to bet would make us being openly gay ILLEGAL as it was just a few years ago in many states

  8. Glenn says

    Does anyone get that Nancy Pelosi poster, with the “Nazis” thoughtbubble and “ASTROTURF!!!!” at the bottom? It’s very stream-of-consciousness.

  9. Drake says

    I live in Washington, D.C. and didn’t remember that there was this protest until many of them flooded into coffee shops in the Dupont Circle area around 4 pm. I saw lots of racist signs, whole families with placards bearing lots of hate filled slogans. There was not civil political discourse at all. Some people were talking nothing but hate filled banter, others looking scared, talking about the end times, and that their minister was right about all the rampant homosexuality in our nations’ capital. It was really scary to see so much hatred directed against Obama personally. These folks were all talking to each other about Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck. Many years ago, these kind of political movements were known as “know nothings”. Today, they are all getting their moments of fame in all the various media.

  10. MikeMick says

    @ Terry
    Yeah, that’s right HATE rally. Read the signs and the t-shirts and listen to what they’re saying. What do you call it, spirited mainstream disagreement? Buffalo shit. And don’t whine then crawl behind some quasi-principled First Amendment fig leaf because free speech can be hateful. The First Amendment lets them be hateful and it lets us CALL THEM ON IT. Not everyone who objects to this kind of lunatic fringe filth is an Obama ass puppet or even a Democrat, either.

  11. says

    I know this is pointless to even say, but these people need to pick up and read two things: a history book and a dictionary. They can easily begin with: fascism, Marxism, communism, impeach, Lenin, Stalin, Muslim. After they’ve studied up on those…well, I doubt anything will change.

    It’s interesting to note how when a democrat is in the White House, the Republicans can’t do anything except demonize him (or her–maybe in the future).

  12. jethro says

    I’m not American and I just don’t get these people. Does America have a social conscience? Are you happy to live in a country that allows people who have cancer to die just because they don’t have any money? Does America have a social conscience? Do these people even understand what freedom, marxism and communism mean? Reality check on definitions required.

  13. jerry says

    what is aklso frightening is how these ignorant bigots are indoctrinating their children at such an early age to hate for no reason. What also amazes me is how the Republicans and conseravtives are so adept at getting people to vote against their own self-interest and to hate and disparage people and programs that they (the haters and disparagers) will benefit from in the long run. I understand why Limbaugh, hannity, Beck etc are opposed and why they hate, they make fortunes off of their hate and are laughing all the way to the bank at the mindless minions that make that possible.

  14. DC Guy says

    I work in the Capitol complex and was in the office on Saturday….the turnout for this thing was probably 20-30K at best. It was a lilly white hodgepoge of various right-wing fringe people (e.g., birthers, anti-tax activists, anti-abortionists, etc.)

    What I can’t believe about these people is how strongly the subtext of violence against the government (or Obama personally) comes through in their protests. At least with the anti-war protests (in which I didn’t particpate, either) the crowd seemed pissed at Bush but were not making as if they would personally attack him.

    @Drake hit it right on the head….these are the heirs to the knownothings, the Larouchies, all the uneducated fringe that can be so simply manipulated by fear and xenophobia….

  15. says

    @Jerry I totally agree. It is amazing that the party that hates the average guy seems to be able to mesmerize their inner racists against their own good and that of theri families. Scary too.

  16. Kyle says

    I sadly admit that I am now of an age when I can remember the “good ole days,” so let me share some of those memories. Back then, if you were crazy as a loon you at least still retained enough sense to stay at home and out of sight so as to not shame your family and friends.

    Nowadays, the crazies just gather together in front of god and everybody and create enough shame for an entire country.

  17. Timothy says

    I had the misfortune to be on the Metro when the event ended and all of these wingnuts flooded the DC public transport system. My favorites were the ones planning to go their hotel, change, and then go to the Smithsonian.

  18. Freddy says

    If you believe the rally was full of morons and racists and fringe folk, you are going to be in for the biggest surprise of your life come the midterm elections. Practice your slack-jawed, disbelieving stares now, because the GOP will rebound big time, and Carter — I mean Obama — will be a one-term president.

  19. Let'sFaceIt says

    Call them “wingnuts” if you wish, by picking out the biggest extremists there. They’ll be doing the same to us when we march in October. The media will focus on those guys from San Fran who dress as nuns instead of the thousands of less-dramatic types.

  20. Let'sFaceIt says

    And Timothy, I’m planning to visit the Smithsonian too while I’m there. What’s so strange about that?

  21. says

    Up to two million people marched to the U.S. Capitol today, carrying signs with slogans such as “Obamacare makes me sick” as they protested the president’s health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending.

    The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.

    People were chanting “enough, enough” and “We the People.” Others yelled “You lie, you lie!” and “Pelosi has to go,” referring to California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

    Read more: P7

    Make your own judgment. Who is trying to mislead here?

  22. ahem says

    CBT1, the Hate Mail isn’t very credible. Various US media (all except Fox News) have put the numbers much lower. And I think even Fox News doesn’t use the two million figure.

    And even if there were so many stupid people, they would still be stupid people or lunatics.

  23. says

    “Carter — I mean Obama — will be a one-term president”

    Right, because the Republican party has so many stellar presidential candidates in the wings: Jindal, Palin, Gingrich, Hannity, Beck . . . the list goes on. The midterm elections will depend on the economy; if it’s not looking good, the Republicans may well gain, so now is the time to push to get things done. Obama’s political skills are far more Reaganesque than Carteresque, which is one more reason why the haters are getter nuttier by the day.

    The people on the Mall this weekend were wingnuts. I have no problem calling them that. And racists and homophobes. So defend them if you will, but DC was full of people who think you deserve nothing. They had every right to be there, but I really don’t get the gay people who continually suck up to those who despise you.

  24. JT says

    If you gays want equality, you have to give it. Whether you agree with the issues raised by these people or not, how can you criticize them when we’re in the midst of planning our own march, when others will be calling our own issues stupid and idiotic?

  25. says

    JT/LFI, every single person (give or take a handful if we’re lucky) at the wingnut march this weekend–and their FOX News cheerleaders and instigators–will in fact be calling our gay issues stupid and idiotic. So what? They’re wrong, we’re right, and they’re never going to be on our side no matter what we do. But we’re not trying to reach the wingnuts. We’re trying to reach Obama and the people in power who are actually on our side, or profess to be and need prodding to make them turn empty rhetoric into action. Our struggle for civil rights isn’t equivalent to their fears that America is becoming socialist with Hitler as president, so why should we bow down to the wingnuts? Defend their right to free speech but don’t think for a minute they’ll reward you for withholding criticism of their craziness.

  26. says

    OK, they say it’s not about race, but there’s a sign saying “Obama’s plan: White slavery.” Yeah, that’s not about race at all.

    And the only non-white face I see in ANY photo is a mask!

    70,000 angry white folks talking about guns and revolution. Imagine if they were black!

  27. JT says

    Spoken like true Vermonters, Kevin and Ernie. THESE protestors are wrong, but our protest is right. THESE protestors are racists, but ours won’t be.

  28. JT says

    And Kevin, if it was 70,000 black people in a crowd talking about guns and revolution…? Any gay person, black or white, would be wise to stay far away if he values his life.

  29. says

    Shameful “reporting.” When drag queens and naked men dancing at a pride parade are pushed by Christian nutters as the typical participant everyone screams that such selective representations is proof of bias and bigotry — and it is. So you do the same thing with this rally, going so far as to call it a hate rally. Is it hate to want a balanced budget? Hate to oppose government control of medical care? Hate to oppose corporate bail outs?

    There is no control, at a demonstration, about who comes to it. At Pride Parades we get wacko radicals of all stripes who wan to use the parade for their own purposes. Similarly people do that at other demonstrations as well.

    You are welcome to your opinions. Free speech, even when its wrong. Obama has screwed over the gay community but my lord, you act as if you married the guy.

  30. says

    Yes, JT, I’m from VT and proud of it, so what? You seem perpetually fixated on this.

    I invite you or CLS to take a male date to the next teabagger rally, hold hands, and see what kind of response you get. I guarantee that the people there will like you about as much as they like Obama. These rallies ARE full of aimlessly angry, hateful people who don’t believe that Obama is legitimately our president and who will never want you to have a single right. Their rage–as at the town meetings–has little to do with balanced budgets, health care, or corporate bail outs.

    The difference with the so-called “wacko radicals” you find so offensive at our demonstrations is that they’re basically on your side. They believe you deserve rights. They aren’t going to beat you up. It takes a certain amount of self-loathing to go out of your way to defend those who hate you, while, at the same time, going out of your way to demonize gay people who wear outfits you disapprove of. The drag queens don’t hate you, the teabaggers do. And we all agree that Obama can do better on gay rights. That’s why we’re going to DC in Oct. There may be a few drag queens there; there won’t be any teabaggers, unless they’re there protesting against us.

  31. tone def says

    Ever watch a Mike Judge movie called “Idiocracy”? It’s about the descendants of all those protesters.

  32. NG says

    Here is the problem. You people are willing to jump on board any political movement that supports the gay agenda. Even if that means a rampant and obvious push towards American Socialism. I know it is not a big deal to you because most gays are financially above average. Heck, no kids to pay for. But when this administration starts taxing you at 45% 50% 55% you may be changing your tune.

  33. AmericanPatriot says

    You fags are so hateful. Why don’t you calm your bigoted views and take a look at the big picture for a moment.

    No wonder the Patriotic Americans hate you lefties so much. You just want to destroy what’s left of America.

    Without America, THERE IS NO FREEDOM. Now take the dick outta your ass and do a little reading, you fool-aid drinkers. before it’s too late.