Activist Bears Sustain Boycott of Prop 8-Supporting Cinema Chain


A group of movie-going bears in San Francisco is keeping the boycott of Cinemark theaters alive:

"Bears sat in the audience at Wednesday night’s screening of 'Where the
Wild Things Are' at the Metreon center in San Francisco. Not grizzlies
from the actual wild, but a group of hirsute, large gay men called the
SF Movie Bears…The Bears are social, not political, and with a mailing list of
1,500 names can amass a jovial group of hundreds for a single
screening. But when Alan Stock, the Cinemark chief executive, gave
$9,999 before last year’s referendum election in support of stripping
gay couples of the right to wed, the claws came out. Since then, the members have adopted an ABC approach to moviegoing: Anywhere But Cinemark…"

It was almost a year ago that Cinemark theaters were seeing boycotts like these.


  1. stephen says

    Is there a site that informs which co’s are good citizens? I have a Cinemark in my ‘hood & haven’t been back since… but my friends now think I’m annoying.

  2. says

    This is a great article, but I disagree with EQCA marriage director Marc Solomon’s attempt to portray a waning passion on the part of the LGBT public. Perhaps Solomon should consider that many individual boycotts are still in effect, and that it is a failure of all LGBT organizational leadership that there was no organized effort that emerged and harnessed the energy in the wake of Prop. 8’s passage in a sustainable way.

    Just like HRC director Joe Solmonese’s “more aware” statements after Obama’s HRC dinner speech exemplifies, these organizational leaders continue to point fingers at the LGBT public while failing to have the grace to admit their own failings. The large orgs fail to “expand their market” by reaching out to the public, speaking their language and inspiring the public into long-term action. And inspiration is part of leadership, right?

    I invite all of you to expect more from your leaders. The onus is on THEM to keep us active and inspired, and perpetuate the notion that the LGBT everyman can make a difference through their own personal activism. Hold them accountable with your voice and your checkbook.

  3. Ryan says

    Although I don’t make it out to all of their screenings… I’m still happy to say I’m a member of SF Movie Bears and a boycotter of Cinemark.
    Dave & Drew rock!

  4. David says

    I’m boycotting SF Moviebears because the leader of that group is an obnoxious, egotistical prick who needs to be shut down. Dave Hayes is a total megalomaniac and takes credit for all the good things that the City’s gays do. And Drew? Don’t get me started on that shallow little bitch.

    I continue to boycott Cinemark (and I miss their kettle corn like nothing else), but my husband and I will continue to support the smaller theaters in town, including the rad Sundance (né Kabuki) theater, which lets you drink beer and wine while you watch your movie. :)

  5. Drew says

    Hmm, maybe GOING to a children’s movie at Cinemark would be better?

    You’d have 10 big bears in the middle of Toy Story behaving themselves, but making people uncomfortable. This would make Cinemark MUCH more uncomfortable than a couple of bears NOT showing up.

  6. Bill in SoCal says

    I did not know that Cinemark had done this. I have been seeing almost all theatrical releases at one of their theaters in Huntington Beach.
    Not any more. Kiss my money goodbye, Cinemark. And since you are already puckered-up,……

  7. says


    I don’t know who you are but obviously you don’t know me. Why don’t you call me and lets discuss whatever it is I did to offend you. You can find my number on the website.

    There are great things that happen in San Francisco that have nothing to do with me, and the only thing I take credit for is helping people save a little money to go to the movies.

    I highly doubt that I will hear from you, which will say more about you, then you said about me.

  8. Scott says

    To David who b*tched about David Hayes… You need some serious therapy dude. Anger and bitterness like that comes from somewhere awful, and shouldn’t go unchecked.

  9. John Hoffman says

    I’m very supportive of the boycott. To the SF Movie Bears, I say Keep Up the Good Work. Dave Hayes and Drew Galleni are both to be commended for this work and for building community! SF Movie Bears is a great and friendly group. Also I’ll mention that both Dave and Drew are hard-working volunteers with San Francisco’s country-western dance community. You guys put a lot of time and energy into our community. Thank you!

  10. says

    To the David ranting against the SF MovieBears: I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, but I can only think you’re confused on who Dave Hayes is. Honestly. He’s such a kind and gentle soul I cannot imagine anyone sharing your impression. I really do think you must have him confused with someone else. Come back and have a good time.

  11. SargeBear says

    If every city small and large had a Dave Hayes in their gay community I think we’d be a much happier and better organized community. Obnoxious? Egotistical? Nothing could be further from the truth…

  12. says

    Wow, I certainly can’t imagine someone dumping on Dave and Drew like that. And yes, being a founder and webmaster of the Minneapolis Movie Bears, I’ve been there. Just one disgruntled movie goers, with a bitch torch under him. Shame, shame, shame.

    When it comes to Cimimark, we have one in the state on MN. Mankato, a small town south of the twin cities. We wouldn’t even think about going that far out. My neck isn’t red enough.

    I fully support the boycott and for sure, if there was a Cimimark in the cites, we wouldn’t be going.

    Thank you Dave and Drew.

    Minneapolis Movie Bears

  13. Ted says

    Stephen, at a minimum look at the annual HRC Buying Guide for information on companies to avoid and companies to spend your money with. Even if you don’t agree with some of HRC’s strategies, this is good information they produce.

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