Activist Bears Sustain Boycott of Prop 8-Supporting Cinema Chain


A group of movie-going bears in San Francisco is keeping the boycott of Cinemark theaters alive:

"Bears sat in the audience at Wednesday night’s screening of 'Where the
Wild Things Are' at the Metreon center in San Francisco. Not grizzlies
from the actual wild, but a group of hirsute, large gay men called the
SF Movie Bears…The Bears are social, not political, and with a mailing list of
1,500 names can amass a jovial group of hundreds for a single
screening. But when Alan Stock, the Cinemark chief executive, gave
$9,999 before last year’s referendum election in support of stripping
gay couples of the right to wed, the claws came out. Since then, the members have adopted an ABC approach to moviegoing: Anywhere But Cinemark…"

It was almost a year ago that Cinemark theaters were seeing boycotts like these.