Anti-Gay Birmingham Mayor Blames Racism for Bribery Conviction

Birmingham, Alabama Mayor Larry Langford, who in May 2008 refused to sign a Gay Pride proclamation, allow Pride banners on city property, or sign a parade permit because, he said, it was inappropriate for governent to endorse a lifestyle ("If I
were to sign the permit to put up banners on city right of ways I would
be condoning that which I don't condone.") has been convicted on 60 counts of taking bribes:

Langford "A federal jury convicted Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford on
Wednesday on all charges of accepting bribes in exchange for funneling
$7.1 million in bond business to a prominent investment banker. As a convicted felon, Langford was automatically removed from the office that he won in a landslide in 2007. The
jury deliberated less than two hours before returning its sweeping
verdict on all 60 counts after hearing six days of testimony.
Prosecutors claimed Langford accepted cash and luxury items worth some
$236,000 while serving as president of the Jefferson County Commission.
In exchange, they claimed, Langford sent lucrative bond business to
investment banker Bill Blount. Langford, 63, showed no emotion
when the verdict was read. He was allowed to remain free on bond until
his sentencing and he agreed to forfeit $241,843. Outside the
courtroom, Langford and his wife, Melva, blamed the conviction on race. 'They struck as many blacks off that jury as they could,' he said. Three of the 12 jurors were black."

Langford has been involved in controversial scandals in the past, including one involving a charity, and, strangely enough, gay porn star Ryan Idol.


  1. RJP3 says

    There is nothing worse than a Straight Supremist black person — esp one who is the Mayor of Birmingham Alabama.

    The man would still be shitting in a blacks only box and sitting in the back of the bus and not being mayor if it were not for a Gay Man who orgranized the March on Washington for Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. Rob says

    And, the comments the Mayor’s wife made to the news media following his conviction being racist in nature just prove how low some politicians and their families will stoop to proclaim their “innocence”! I agree with Chris’s commment. While I’ve heard few black politicians cry “racisim” under similar circumstances, the Langford family of Birmingham is screaming it to anyone who’ll listen. Karma can be a bitch, eh Mr. Mayor?

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    Yes, and what’s the cry of corrupt gay officials of anything? Homophobia? Anti-Gay Hatred? Gay-Bashing? Your kind and my kind aint so innocent. Some homosexuals can be just as corrupt, dishonest and greedy.


    don’t even bother today….or maybe ever.

    Let the racist bitches use these anti-gay, ingnorant black idiots (on this thread and the one preceeding it) to have their feeding frenzy against black people in general. They live for shit like this. Their hatred of black people was in them long before they knew anything of black homophobia. That means that these particular white homosexuals’ hatred also extends to black gay people. Black gay people have no choice but to return it. I’m learning to do that.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “There is nothing worse than a Straight Supremist black person”

    Oh, really? What about a White Supremist white homosexual? The kind who would tell the employees of his gay bar, “…don’t let too many of ‘them’ in tonight…ask for three forms of photo ID.”

    Black folks owe you nothing.

    Lately, I’ve been fantasizing that this President hadn’t won the election of 2008, so he could tell you and your kind to take your filthy votes and sick ’em up your stinkin’ racist asses.

  5. Mike says

    Former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick also attempted to make his prosecution about racism. Unfortunately for him he was being prosecuted by an African American County Prosecutor – so it didn’t gain much ground – THANK GOD.

  6. RJP3 says

    I stand by my comment “There is nothing worse than a Straight Supremist black person”

    A black person should know the history of bigotry and life under White Supremacy.

    I do not expect a White Supremist to have that cultural knowledge…. so yes I find Straight Supremist Black People much worse than an ignorant White Supremist Gay Person.

    “Black folks” do humans what all humans owe each other.

    “Lately, I’ve been fantasizing that this President hadn’t won the election of 2008, so he could tell you and your kind to take your filthy votes and sick ’em up your stinkin’ racist asses.”

    Sounds like you have issue mister — when you spout off like this because of the FACT that there is nothing worse than a Black Straight Supremist.

    Posted by: Derrick

  7. RJP3 says

    Let the racist bitches use these anti-gay, ingnorant black idiots (on this thread and the one preceeding it) to have their feeding frenzy against black people in general. They live for shit like this. Their hatred of black people was in them long before they knew anything of black homophobia.

    HOW SAD FOR YOU DERRICK — life has twisted your perception. Get some help.

  8. Froggy says

    As an Alabama resident I can tell you that Langford is just another cocky, arrogant, power-mad prick regardless of the color of his skin. This state is full of politicians just like him, both black and white.It was kind of nice to see him looking very humbled after watching him strut around so long with a ‘you can’t touch me, I’m the king’ attitude for so long

    Birmingham is basically in financial ruin at this point because of sleezy self-serving politics and yet, Langford has been pushing a multi million dollar Domed Stadium for ages.

  9. Chickie says

    We had 2 Boston city councilors, both African Americans, removed from office for taking bribes, Chuck Turner and Dianne Wilkerson. They both cried racism. They were both caught on video and Wilkerson was stuffing the money in her bra. They’re all crooks, black white, Asian, gay, straight, blue, green, pink, yellow…..

  10. Thomas says

    Maybe that mayor (and some others like him) just don’t want us to “pass them” on the way up. Every other new group seems to rise above them after a while, and now we’re starting to. They don’t like it, often being left behind. Certainly can’t blame them, but instead of trying to hold others back, maybe focus more on what can be done within the community to better their own position, not hold back others. I don’t mean to offend here, but does this seem reasonable? Or am I way off? I could be wrong, it’s just an opinion.

  11. Davey says


    I doubt that is a concern, especially given that the first minority president and his family are Black. The reality is that no matter how you cut it, racial bigotry in this country is enormous (despite a black president). Regarding other minorities, as is often the case (and gays fall in the same pattern) other minorities feign solidarity with the African American community until they get where they want to go and then become just like the ones they claimed were oppressing them. If you’ve paid any attention to this blog you’ll how extreme the racism is within the gay community, yet is not noticed at all by the commentator of the blog nor hardly any of the white gays. I believe most gays of color have realized this is what’s happening and are, in their own way, are letting their communities of color know what the intentions of the gay community really are.

  12. Bobeau says

    Langford did unbelievable damage here. He took a quarter million in bribes, and the incompetent bond consultants who bribed him made seven million, but they placed the county’s debt into a series of bonds with balloon interest provisions creating several billion in unnecessary additional debt…. here in a locality with several of the very poorest zip codes in the country.

    When he became mayor he wrecked employee insurance programs by switching to Blue Cross where his political cronies had connections – and has worked to bring high stakes bingo gambling into unbelievably poor neighborhoods.

    Held prayer meetings in the Council Chambers for city employees, while he was picking their pockets.

  13. Thomas says

    Well let’s be honest, the truth is, Barack is half-white, raised by his white mother and white grandparents. He only met his father once – at age ten.

  14. Davey says

    And yet, married a black woman nothing like his white mother, had black children and moved to a state with an enormous african american population. Clearly, he realized the realities of race in this country, wouldn’t you say?

  15. John in Boston says

    FUCKING LITTLE CUNT with his 70’s porn mustache.

    Hey, there are corrupt, ahole politicians of all races,creeds,genders,ethnicities.

    Boston city councilors Chuckie Turner and Diane Wilkerson.

    SHE was in her time in office as state senator and city councilor NOTORIOUSLY corrupt. SHE screwed over her own constituents. Like many black, white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever, they continually re-elected her. HERE’S THE CAVEAT: She
    ALWAYS used race as an issue.

    FUNNY SHIT: The FBI have video and audio of her taking bribes, and stuffing cash into her bra.

    Turner is a smart guy. Harvard grad. WHY is he a city councilor? The FBI also have video and audio of him taking a bribe for a liquor license. HE ALSO USED THE RACE CARD. Picked up the nickname ‘Superfly’ after giving an impromptu media interview in front of his home with his fly down.

  16. John in Boston says

    Here’s my take on some of what happened in the south in the aftermath of the ‘Progressives’ taking out corrupt, usually racist white politicians, L.E., et al:

    THEY replaced one form of corruption, racism and bigotry with another. Many corrupt, racist, black politicians, L.E., et al took the place of the white ones. Unfortunately, ‘Progressives’ squirm and shy away from attacking non-white corruption because they’re petrified of being called racist and also losing at least nominal usually political allies.

  17. Donald says

    The race card is worn out and the glass ceiling has been smashed. Using race as any excuse for failure, corruption, ignorance, etc. is no longer acceptable. He’s a crook because he is a crook, not because he is black and he is a homophobe because he needs an enemy to blame, not because he’s black.

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