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Baby Survives Getting Run Over By a Train


This happened in Ashburton Station in Melbourne, Australia. A doctor says the child likely survived because it was strapped in.


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  1. Ah Australia, if the dingos aren't eating the babies, it's the damned trains, I tell ya.

    Posted by: The Stumbling Block | Oct 16, 2009 12:39:47 PM

  2. The carriage was actually empty--they found the baby at home, hiding in a box in the attic.

    Posted by: Feral | Oct 16, 2009 12:55:59 PM

  3. Absolutely terrifying. It's actually surprising it doesn't happen more. She stopped paying attention for about 2.5 seconds.

    Posted by: JeffRob | Oct 16, 2009 1:01:50 PM

  4. I don't think I'll ever be the same. Was the mother nodding off? Hello! A train is coming!

    Posted by: David R. | Oct 16, 2009 1:03:50 PM

  5. This mother's children should be taken away from her, her tubes should be tied and her womb should be cemented shut. Irresponsible people like this shouldn't be allowed to breed.

    Posted by: JCMS | Oct 16, 2009 1:52:45 PM

  6. @JCMS: Seriously? She was looking away for a second. She reacted to stroller rolling away, but couldn't reach it fast enough. It sucks that it happened. But seriously, you've just gone WAY overboard.

    Posted by: Jon B | Oct 16, 2009 1:59:08 PM

  7. Wow - now that's a miracle! Despite the outcome that poor woman will never be the same. Can you imagine the nightmares? God help her.

    Posted by: Giovanni | Oct 16, 2009 2:38:39 PM

  8. ah the hazards of using your stroller as a shopping cart -- all that weight took it over the edge.

    Use the stroller for the child only and this won't happen!

    Posted by: David B. 2 | Oct 16, 2009 2:43:20 PM

  9. Mother of The Year.

    Posted by: Kevin | Oct 16, 2009 4:33:16 PM

  10. Even though I knew the outcome of the video prior to watching it, it still scared the hell out of me. I imagine that being there and actually seeing it happen must have been absolutely unbearable, and not just for the (distracted) mother.

    Posted by: John | Oct 16, 2009 11:22:03 PM

  11. Why don't strollers have a safety brake? (or do they?)

    Posted by: TikiHead | Oct 17, 2009 12:58:17 PM

  12. This was a freak accident - the mother does not deserve to have her child taken away. I am sure she will NEVER forgive herself for this, even though the child was ok.

    Posted by: Kristoffer | Oct 17, 2009 10:07:38 PM

  13. It's probably a miracle that any of us survive to adulthood.

    Posted by: D May | Oct 18, 2009 12:09:15 AM

  14. She was hitching up her pants for crying out loud. Gawd, as if the people saying her tubes should be tied would be any better at parenting.

    Posted by: Glenn | Oct 19, 2009 2:58:12 AM

  15. It looks like she tried to push the brake down.

    Watch her foot.

    Posted by: the crustybastard | Oct 20, 2009 1:30:17 PM

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